WWF 93-94

Watching Wrestlemania X, got me thinking….1.kayfabe wise,why did Bret not get a title shot after Wrestlemania IX? Especially after Yokozuna took the belt back from Hogan. I don’t remember them ever really giving a reason. Just them going straight into hyping him as the first entry and “number 1 seed” in the KOTR. 2. Luger blasts Hart the morning before or morning of Wrestlemania IX, they advertise the match for a house show loop and then it never makes it to tv as a feud. Was it never planned to go anywhere or did it get scrapped once Luger tried to start saying the prayers and taking the vitamins? 3. So Perfect screws Luger at WMX and no follow up. Perfect not able to come back full time?

‚Äč1. I think the reasoning was basically “Bret wants revenge on Lex Luger” and they moved him away from the title for that storyline, but then they suddenly shifted gears radically with Lex and Bret got the King of the Ring deal instead.

2. It was definitely planned, but then Hulk left and they panicked.

3. Pretty much. He kind of promised them he’d return and then immediately went behind their back and took the offer to WCW as a bargaining tactic. Perfect was then supposed to be the guy who whacked Hogan’s knee with the pipe before that became Brutus Beefcake instead. Perfect was still making too much from Lloyd’s of London from his 1993 settlement to get into the ring for anything less than main eventer money at that point anyway.