Muted music

Watching an episode of Nitro from 1999, the West Texas Rednecks are on. Schiavone claims they have a new theme and "just take a listen." Announcers go silent, but there are no lyrics to the theme other than "I hate rap."

So, who owns the song since the Network isn’t able to play it?

​The WCW music situation is horribly complicated because Time-Warner was sticking their nose into the music end of things all over the place at that point, giving us nonsense like the Master P crossover and the WCW album that produced "Seek and Destroy" as Sting’s theme and Megadeth doing pop music in place of Goldberg’s classic theme. I would assume that "Rap is Crap" falls under those same nebulous copyrights where the parent company owns all the rights to the music, regardless of who actually wrote the song, and WWE just doesn’t want to bother buying the rights because what’s the point?