Mid-South Wrestling – June 17th, 1982

June 17, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bob Roop

This week, The Junkyard Dog will defend the Louisiana Heavyweight Title against The Grappler

Roop is on commentary as he talks about being the man because he holds the North American Heavyweight Title. He also calls out those who say he cheats and brings up how he will be defending next week against Ted DiBiase, who wears a glove, as Roop wants DiBiase’s hand x-rayed to see if he needs to wear it as Roop himself does not have anything on his hands. Roop was just a great heel.


Mike Bond vs. “Dr. Death” Steve Williams

Williams places Bond on the top rope as Roop puts over his power. Williams now works the leg as Roop points out how he is tentative due to inexperience. Bond fights back and gets a crossbody for two but Williams overpowers him and hits a powerslam for the win (2:50).

Thoughts: Williams got to look strong here but I also liked how on commentary they would stress his inexperience as to let everyone know he still has a lot to learn, despite his huge stature.


Roop talks about how he is the smartest wrestler that used Orndorff’s muscles to his advantage as we see how he beat DiBiase for the North American Heavyweight Title. We then hear from DiBiase, who says he is not on a big ego trip but that he was unjustly robbed from an opportunity to reclaim the North American Title as he thanks the company for giving him a rematch. DiBiase says if he loses, he will leave the company without any hard feelings. DiBiase says his hand is hurt due to Roop and that he would never use his glove to gain an advantage. DiBiase clearly explained why he wants this rematch and just how pissed off he is over getting screwed over.


Billy Starr vs. Ted DiBiase

Roop puts over DiBiase’s credentials as he catches Starr with a dropkick. Starr bails then DiBiase slingshots him back inside and hits a slam. Roop says that DiBiase would “sell his mother’s china” to get a title shot and how he knows DiBiase cannot stop thinking about him. Roop says if DiBiase’s hand was hurt he would not be able to wrestle as DiBiase hits another dropkick then gets the win with a powerslam (1:59).

Thoughts: DiBiase remains aggressive in the ring as Roop was taunting him on commentary, saying that DiBiase could not stop thinking about him. They’ve done a tremendous job building up to next week’s title match between the two.


Killer Khan w/ Skandor Akbar vs. King Cobra

Khan takes Cobra down and grounds him for a bit. Khan stomps away then works a chinlock before using an armbar while grinding his forearm across Cobra’s face. He hits a backbreaker then stomps on the back as Roop talks about how he is going after the entire body and its not how you win but whether you win or not. Cobra fights back but Khan cuts him off and hammers away. Cobra hits a dropkick after a leapfrog but Khan blocks a flying headscissors and hits a leg sweep before getting the win with a middle rope knee drop (4:20).

Thoughts: Khan could still go in the ring here and I loved Roop’s line on commentary about how its whether you win or not instead of how you win.


Louisiana Heavyweight Title Match: The Grappler vs. Junkyard Dog (c)

JYD tosses Grappler with a back suplex as Pierce mentions there are two standby matches if this does not reach the time-limit. JYD gets two with a crossbody then hits a clothesline for another nearfall as The Grappler ducks outside. JYD beats on The Grappler again then works a chinlock as he is moving much quicker than usual. The Grappler lands a cheap shot from the apron then starts stomping away. He gets two with a backbreaker then starts punching away. Vertical suplex gets two. JYD fights back and hits a leg sweep that only gets one but the referee gets knocked outside by accident during a back suplex attempt. The Assassin runs out into the ring but JYD starts beating on him as Roop believes JYD might not realize its not The Grappler. JYD knocks him outside and hits the Grappler with a powerslam but the One Man Gang runs out and tries to destroy JYD’s leg against the post. The ref rings the bell for the DQ as DiBiase runs out with a chain and clears the ring (5:19) **3/4.

Thoughts: The match was all action and the post-match stuff was great too. JYD moved as fast as I’ve ever seen him in the ring here and The Grappler was always good in the ring.


“Hangman” Rick Harris vs. Jesse Barr

Pierce lets us know there are no two more standby matches left as both guys go back-and-forth. Harris starts overpowering Barr then works a chinlock. Barr fights back and hits a clothesline and tries for a victory roll but Harris drops him throat-first on the ropes then finishes him off with a corkscrew neckbreaker (4:10) *.

Thoughts: Dull stuff. Barr was a solid worker but Harris, the future Black Bart, was slow and lumbering. Seems like Harris is getting a midcard push here since debuting a few weeks ago.


Randy Base is in the ring as we are waiting for Ernie Ladd to appear. Another referee runs out and says Ladd refuses to wrestle tonight as Barr comes back to wrestle again.


Randy Base vs. Jesse Barr

Barr works the arm as Roop says he would never refuse to wrestle anyone. Barr ducks his head and gets hit with a knee smash as Base targets the injured neck. Barr fights back and gets a nearfall with a slam. Small package gets two then Barr gets the win with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex (2:12). That landing looked rough.

Thoughts: Barr gets a win tonight immediately after losing but the real story is the news that Ladd refused to wrestle.


The Assassin, One Man Gang, and Skandor Akbar are in the ring. Their scheduled opponents, Tony Torres & Mike Hudspeth, have not shown up. They wait for them to show up but the fans go nuts as Junkyard Dog’s music hits and he comes out with Ernie Ladd. However, Akbar and his men bail then leave. JYD & Ladd said its about time they take control as JYD says he owes Ladd a favor as they shake hands and leave. Nice segment as last week, Ladd closed the show out talking about how he was going to have to play down to Akbar’s game and he know has a major ally in JYD.


Roop now talks about how he wants DiBiase to have his bags all packed and at ringside when they wrestle next week so he can see him leave as Pierce signs off with Roop holding up his North American Heavyweight Title.


Final Thoughts: A tremendous show. The hype for next week’s Roop vs. DiBiase North American Title match was superb and they had started an alliance between Ernie Ladd & JYD. Both of these storylines are fantastic and it makes this promotion must-see TV, just like next week’s show.


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