Which Version?

Hey Scott. As always, thanks for your insight.

One thing I love about the Network is the ability to see how wrestlers evolve and change in an effort to freshen their character up as time passes.

With that being said, which “version” of some guys do you like the most? Considering their entire body of work at the time. For instance:

1. ’92 Fighting Champ Bret Hart vs Anti-American

Fighting Champ was a cool character to make him a bigger star, but The Hart Foundation Leader Bret was an unreal character that carried the entire promotion for months. 


2. Dork/Nerd Kurt Angle vs Wrestling Machine


I guess it depends on which version of Wrestling Machine Angle, but typically that’s my pick.  The 2001 character was entertaining as hell, but it was the specific moment when he had Rock locked in the anklelock and would have broken it if needed that he went over the top into Hall of Fame-level guy for me. 

3. Reeks of Awesomeness Edge vs Rate R Superstar with Lita


Anything with Lita from that period wins hands down.  That was a money pair.  Plus her and Edge were pretty good, too. 


4. No Sell Dead Man UT vs Fat Biker UT vs Mid 00’s MMA Hybrid Taker


I can certainly watch MMA Hybrid much easier than the other two. 


5. Superhero 80’s Hulk Hogan vs NWO Hollywood


At least 80s superhero Hulk knew to keep the matches short and promos entertaining.


6. Heartbreak Kid HBK  vs  97 DX  vs  Early 00’s Comeback


Comeback Shawn is such a different person that it’s almost like a new wrestler, and I basically enjoyed everything he did without feeling like he was an asshole, so that one. 

7. Surfer Sting  vs  Crow Sting


Surfer Sting at least gave a shit.


8. 02/03 Brock Lesnar vs  Current Version


Current version if he was around more. 

9. Early Years ,Mobile Scott Steiner vs Big Poppa


I wish I could combine them with Mobile Scott’s body and Big Papa Pump’s personality, but given a choice I’ll go with the personality. 

10. Whatever version of Chris Jericho