Which Version?

Hey Scott. As always, thanks for your insight.

One thing I love about the Network is the ability to see how wrestlers evolve and change in an effort to freshen their character up as time passes.

With that being said, which “version” of some guys do you like the most? Considering their entire body of work at the time. For instance:

1. ’92 Fighting Champ Bret Hart vs Anti-American

Fighting Champ was a cool character to make him a bigger star, but The Hart Foundation Leader Bret was an unreal character that carried the entire promotion for months. 


2. Dork/Nerd Kurt Angle vs Wrestling Machine


I guess it depends on which version of Wrestling Machine Angle, but typically that’s my pick.  The 2001 character was entertaining as hell, but it was the specific moment when he had Rock locked in the anklelock and would have broken it if needed that he went over the top into Hall of Fame-level guy for me. 

3. Reeks of Awesomeness Edge vs Rate R Superstar with Lita


Anything with Lita from that period wins hands down.  That was a money pair.  Plus her and Edge were pretty good, too. 


4. No Sell Dead Man UT vs Fat Biker UT vs Mid 00’s MMA Hybrid Taker


I can certainly watch MMA Hybrid much easier than the other two. 


5. Superhero 80’s Hulk Hogan vs NWO Hollywood


At least 80s superhero Hulk knew to keep the matches short and promos entertaining.


6. Heartbreak Kid HBK  vs  97 DX  vs  Early 00’s Comeback


Comeback Shawn is such a different person that it’s almost like a new wrestler, and I basically enjoyed everything he did without feeling like he was an asshole, so that one. 

7. Surfer Sting  vs  Crow Sting


Surfer Sting at least gave a shit.


8. 02/03 Brock Lesnar vs  Current Version


Current version if he was around more. 

9. Early Years ,Mobile Scott Steiner vs Big Poppa


I wish I could combine them with Mobile Scott’s body and Big Papa Pump’s personality, but given a choice I’ll go with the personality. 

10. Whatever version of Chris Jericho

  • itwastyped

    I can’t stand MMA wannabe Taker. The guy wants us to believe he suddenly became an MMA expert in his late 40s/50s. Not quite as bad as biker Taker AKA wannabe Stone Cold Taker but still pretty bad. No sell Dead Man I can appreciate as an overpowered legend

    • Greg Phillips

      Kinda like Stunning Steve wanted us to believe he suddenly became a street fighting badass in his mid-30s. Ugh!

      • itwastyped

        That is nowhere near as unbelievable as lanky ass Taker pretending to have developed MMA skills in his 50s! Austin is a natural badass and besides he didn’t suddenly make the transition from Stunning to Stone Cold, there was a fair bit of time between the two

        • Greg Phillips

          Taker is more of a natural badass than Austin, which Steve himself will say. Plus Taker actually did MMA training in his off time, because he loved the sport.

          And he didn’t develop this style “in his 50s,” he developed it in his 30s.

    • I’ll still defend Bikertaker, at least as a character. He may have been doing the shittiest in-ring work of his career and putting over absolutely no one, but after a decade as an Undead Wizard (TM Max Landis) it was refreshing to see him playing a Normal Guy for once. A Fat, Tobacco Chewing No Selling Piece of Shit (TM Scott Keith), but a Normal Guy nonetheless. MMA Taker had better matches, but an Undead Wizard suddenly learning MMA has never made sense to me.

  • y2j420

    I’m partial to 1990 Survivor Series – Survivor Series 1994 Undertaker…

    • taabr2

      Yeah MMA Taker may have been a better worker but if I want to watch a great match they are a lot of other stuff I would prefer to go rewatch. However few characters can make me suspend disbelief in the moment like early Undertaker

    • thejob111

      I agree. I think that was the best Taker The best look and aura about him.

    • Big D Wangston

      Im more into 96/97 quicker working still deadman Taker. Of course it helps that he was up against Bret, HBK, Austin, Mick, and Vader during those times but he was more than holding his own and changing his style.

      • brocore

        I don’t trust people who say this wasn’t Taker’s best era. He discovered himself as a worker, he could finally cut a coherent promo, he was able to do some character work and make Taker a sympathetic babyface instead of just a marauding badass, and he finally had good feuds instead of “Harvey Whippleman’s fat guy of the week attacks” formula they had been using for years. Everything after that was just diminishing returns.

    • Greg Phillips

      I’m a post-Angle Taker guy. I also liked Big Evil though, which I know isn’t popular around here.

    • nwa88

      I have never really enjoyed Taker in any variation, but he has a kind of gravitas from 1990 to 1991 that was interesting and make him compelling to watching. They went way too theatrical with it after that though and it just wasn’t as appealing to me.

  • taabr2

    1. Anti-American, fighting champ Bret was lame.
    2. I was always entertained by nerd Angle.
    3. Reek of Awesomeness Edge, Lita never did it for me..
    4. MMA Taker was the better worker, but no-sell Taker was the best character.
    5. I always mark out for “Real American” and I am not even an American!
    6. HBK’s comeback is probably my favourite run of a wrestler ever.
    7. Never liked Sting, going to go with Scott’s answer because Surfer was a better worker.
    8. Fuck lazy ass Lesnar, I’ll take 2002-2003 Lesnar every time.
    9. I can’t get enough of Big Poopa Pump.
    10. 2008 suit wearing Jericho.

    • The Polish Hammer

      Big Poopa Pump: the big bad doody daddy. Holla if your hemorrhoids flare.

  • npavlou22

    Hiyooooooooo with that Lita joke. But Rated R Edge w/ Lita were a great and unique combination that you don’t see anymore.

  • Anti-American Bret is one of the greatest runs of a character ever.
    Wrestling Machine. Kurt’s gonna kill you.
    Rated-R. I liked funny Edge ok, but it always seemed a little forced.
    Classic UT
    Babyface Hogan although this one is really close and I could waffle
    Comeback HBK is the only HBK that I liked in the moment. I can appreciate his older stuff now.
    Who cares about Sting? Surfer though because Crow was super lamesauce.
    Old school Lesnar
    Big Poppa Pump
    Jericho wearing suits on that part time run was good

    • radtke

      He was full-time in the suits from 08-10

      • Then that’s what I’m talking about!

        • radtke

          Jericho is never partime he works house shows. Just takes breaks. I just don’t want him to be confused with Rock, HHH, Lesnar and Taker. All great but Jericho is always there while he is there if that makes sense. 2015 Jericho was strictly house shows except Beast in the East and Night of Champions. Beast in the east was just a televised house anyway

    • Empian

      A lot of people care about Sting dude

  • RawisStoned

    Fighting Champ Hart just because it was cool to see the champion wrestle on TV
    Nerd/Dork Kurt angle because he could back it up in the ring
    Reeks of Awesomeness Edge. Because SODAS RULE!!!
    MMA Hybrid Undertaker. You can make the cast that he had the best match at Mania for 7 years, (23-29) in a row.
    Comeback Shawn. More evolved as a character
    Superhero Hogan.
    Surfer Sting. Crow Sting was cool but I have watched some of Surfer Sting matches on the Network and he was just SO much better
    Current Version of Brock
    Big Poppa Pump. He’s FAT!
    Whatever version of Jericho when was miss pronouncing names and calling Steph a trash bag ho.

    • Greg Phillips

      I’m with most of these.

  • “No Way Jose” Gomez

    Anti-American Bret as you have a heel in the US but is a huge babyface everywhere else on the planet
    “I’m just a sexy Kurt…I’ll make your ankle hurt”
    Rated R Supertar. Lita was the mssing ingredient he needed
    Comeback Shawn
    Surfer Sting
    Toss up between current Brock and first run Brock
    Old school Scott STeiner
    Jericho Bockwinkle

    • “The Angle Slam the Ankle lock, marty Jannetty still can’t walk”

  • JasonMK

    Some that are missing:

    Surfboard carrying Sandman vs. beer-swilling Sandman?

    5-count Bundy vs. Million-Dollar Corporation Bundy?
    Prison guard Boss Man vs. SWAT team Boss Man?
    Howdy Doody Backlund vs. insane psychopath Backlund vs. presidential candidate Backlund?
    Demolition Crush vs. Kona Crush vs. DOA Crush?
    Jarrett-lackey Road Dogg vs. DX Road Dogg?
    Whatever version of Billy Gunn?

    • Thebraziliankid

      5 count Bundy
      Prison Bossman
      Mr. Backlund
      Demolition Crush
      Road Dogg DX
      Billy in his bi curious phase.

    • Wharf Rat Fink

      Beer Sandman
      5 count Bundy
      SWAT Bossman, specifically during his Show and Snow feuds when he was like a cartoon supervillain
      Insane Backlund
      Kona Crush, although i have a soft spot for Jailbird Crush
      DX Road Dogg
      Smokin Gunns Billy

      • radtke

        Bossman was the top heel. What triple h wished he could have been. Bossman should have also drugged Steph and married her. Wrestling would be better. Bossman might still be alive. Had he gotten the steph deal to fuck with former cohort test added to show n snow it would have been the greatest heel ever.

    • brocore

      Prison guard Bossman was more entertaining in the ring but SWAT Bossman was more entertaining on the mic. I can’t decide.

      • James M. Fabiano

        How about Big Bossman vs. Big Bubba Rogers? (counting BBM in his prime vs. Bubba as Cornette’s bodyguard/UWF champ/back to bodyguard)

      • Yeah it’s tough. But all the stuff Big Show’s parents is amazing.

    • Chris Hirsch

      Beer Sandman
      5 count Bundy
      Prison guard Bossman
      insane Backlund
      Demolition Crush
      DX Road Dogg
      The ONE Billy Gunn

    • James M. Fabiano

      Neighbor Jim.
      5 count Bundy, aka Hulkamania era main eventer.
      Prison Guard. Good heel and face, better theme music.
      Insane Backlund/Pres Backlund
      Kona Crush actually, before they turned up the Hawaiian elements, brah. DOA, forget it. Demolition Crush = the Scrappy-Doo of the team.
      Actually non-DX affiliated Road Dogg from late 1997 to the day after Mania 14.
      Gunn, see Dogg.

    • The three seconds where you thought he could have been SandMcMahon
      SWAT team, just for the Big Show and Al Snow feuds
      Kona Crush
      DX Dogg
      Ass Man, just for the music

    • radtke

      5 count
      Face bossman music only already gets the nod
      The 1

  • Thebraziliankid

    My favorite version of Jericho is by far from 98 WCW, him provoking Goldberg after they’re hilarious shoot fight when he won was *****

  • Dino Bravo Sucks

    What about “Bloated, awful, terrible promo with a terrible manager, crappy moveset and shitty finisher Dino Bravo” vs…..uh….er….hmmm….

    Because Dino Bravo was the worst. The absolute worst.

    Dino Bravo Sucks.

  • Stan Ford

    How do you leave out Ministry of Darkness Era Taker as a choice? That was the BEST Taker.

    He wasn’t broken down yet, he wasn’t no-selling everything anymore, he was having a fairly varied range of matches within the confines of the Attitude Era Style, etc.

    • zahidf

      I can’t really think of one good match he had in that period.

      • Stan Ford

        Summerslam 99 with Austin and the triple threat between him, Austin and HHH jump to mind for me.

        • zahidf

          That wasn’t 99 was it? 99 was the triple threat with HHH and Mankind.
          The year before, he wasn’t ministry I don’t think. Ministry was stuff like the Bossman Hell in a Cell and those rubbish matches with Austin he had.

          • Stan Ford

            Yep, 98. My bad.

            And I don’t remember what dates the MoD started and ended, so maybe it’s not the best name for the period I’m thinking of, but I’m talking from 97 to 99. Attitude Era Taker, I guess?

            Sure, he had shitty matches and angles then, but every one of his “eras” had shitty matches and angles.

          • Chris Hirsch

            Ministry Taker was January 99-September 99. I only know this because i have been rewatching 99 RAWs.

          • Greg Phillips

            Man, I really don’t like that SummerSlam 98 match. The concussion kills the match and it operates in first or second gear the entire time.

            Character-wise, I agree that was Taker at his best … MOD Taker was SO cool.

          • radtke

            Damn that Austin for getting concussed

          • Greg Phillips

            I never said it’s his fault for getting concussed, I said the match kinda sucks as a result of it. Kind of like the WM14 main event, which I maintain is a solid, not great by any means, match that often gets overblown.

          • radtke

            Oh Michaels fake back injury. I mean he obviously had surgery but the grimmaces are so put on during that match. They treated his back like Beefcake’s face and 2002 to 2010 proved that simply wasn’t the case.

      • Chris Hirsch

        Best match as Ministry Taker was probably tag match with Big Show vs. Kane and XPac at SS 99.

        • Big D Wangston

          That match is astonishingly good.

    • taabr2

      Ministry Taker was Vince Russo at his worse, it COULD of work but not with that writing team which is funny since the whole thing was probably Russo’s idea in the first place.

      • Stan Ford

        You’re talking the storyline(s). I’m talking overall.

        Let’s be honest: Taker was never NOT goofy horseshit post 1992-ish.

  • thejob111

    I kind of liked 92-93 Bret. It was new and refreshing to have him when it was about a decade before that of superhero face champions. Bret was great at showing like he was an underdog.

  • Uncle Lovematic Grampa X

    1. I have a soft spot for Fighting Champ Bret.
    2. There was a sweet spot where Angle was both the Dork and the Wrestling Machine and it was great. He never quite got that back, though.
    3. Never a huge Edge fan, but the initial feud with Cena/MiTB cash-in was his peak.
    4. The pre-Attitude Era Taker who actually (*GASP*) sold and put people over and everything.
    5. Superhero Hulkster, duh.
    6. I’m one of the few around here who prefers Asshole Shawn as a performer, I guess.
    7. Surfer Sting.
    8. Early Lesnar was something else.
    9. Scott Steiner before the steroids took over was a force of nature and legit scary.
    10. The current version is probably my favorite.

    • Topher0820

      Taker ’96-’97 is definitely underrated.

  • Topher0820

    I was just talking to a coworker about how awesome ’97 heel Shawn was, and it was really only a 6-7 month run as a heel.

    • Empian

      Similar to jakes in 91. Two of the very best heel runs ever but so short.

  • Thesyckid

    Japan Owen. Blue Blazer 1 owen. High energy owen. Bret’s little brother Owen. King of hearts Owen. Slammy award winning Owen. Hart foundation Owen. Blackheart Owen. Enough is enough Owen. Or Blue Blazer 2 Owen.

    • Chris Hirsch

      Slammy award winning Owen.

      • James M. Fabiano

        The last one is a joke, right? Slammy/HF Owen for me too…

    • Wharf Rat Fink

      Slammy Owen

    • radtke

      Hart Foundation owen. Although anything from survivor series 93-nation turn is tremendous character from wrestling’s saddest tragedy

    • Jason Sensation Owen.

  • Chris Hirsch

    My favorite Stevie Richards version was the one that cosplayed other wrestlers. Wait, no one cares?

    • James M. Fabiano

      I liked the one who told us to prove him wrong, myself 😉

  • Chris Hirsch

    I’d go Ministry Era Taker just because that was easily the best version of his entrance music.

  • Wharf Rat Fink

    Scotty the Body, Flock Raven, Goth Raven, or Homeless Raven?

    Tie Dye Buh Buh, Camo woman beater Buh Buh, working class guy Bubba, or Bully Ray?

    Mortis, Flock Kanyon, Champagne Kanyon, or Positively Kanyon?

    Eliminator Saturn, Flock Saturn, Manson Saturn, or Moppy Saturn?

    Adam Bomb, Mortal Kombat Wrath, streak Wrath, or Kronik Bryan Clarke?

    Earthquake, The Shark, or Golga?

    • Thesyckid

      First Run in Ecw Raven

      Bully Ray


      Flock Saturn

      Streak Wrath


    • Greg Phillips

      Flock Raven
      Bully Ray
      Positively Kanyon
      Flock Saturn

    • radtke

      Johnny Polo
      Invasion era Kanyon when he loved Leta(his sp)

  • The Hollywood Ace

    Crow Sting drew money and was over but if you go back and watch joker sting around mid 2011 he put on the most entertaining segments of his career. Plus who could forget this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzmBUUSDDKM

  • Greg Phillips

    Scott, did you answer the Jericho question?

    Anyway, mine:

    Fighting Champ Bret
    Nerd Angle
    … Tough call, but Reeks of Awesomeness Edge
    Modern Taker
    nWo Hogan was a great character, but hard to pick against 80s Hogan
    Comeback HBK, easily
    … I love both, but Surfer Sting
    Brock right before he left in 04. Was turning into a legit top-tier worker, figured out how to do his own thing as a heel.
    Big Poppa Pump. Like Scott said, I wish I could merge 1992 Steiner with 2000 BPP.
    1998 Jericho, although I’ve honestly enjoyed all of his eras for the most part. Right now he’s the best thing on Raw.

    • Chris Hirsch

      He did, it just didn’t make the list!

    • Empian

      Scott Steiner merged version could have been the best ever imo.

  • James M. Fabiano

    OK how’s this:

    Which Stone Cold? (Stunning, Superstar, Ringmaster, DiBiase Stone Cold flunky, loner from mid 1996-Mania 13, antihero from Mania 13 to 1998-ish, redneck antihero, paranoid corporate champion, Sheriff Austin)
    Which Rock? (Rocky Maivia, Starscream Nation flunky aka Rock Mk. 1, Nation Ruler, face Rock Mk. 1, Corporate Champion, face Rock Mk. 2 1999-2002, Hollywood Rock, part timer face Mk. 1 (2004), part timer face Mk. 2 (host of WM going on to date, really)

    • Quake1028

      Stone Cold – antihero from Mania 13 to 1998-ish
      Rock – Corporate Champion

    • Crazy guitar playing Austin, Hollywood heel Rock.

      • FriendshipIsTheBest!

        Corporate Austin hugged Vince and bought Kurt Angle presents!

    • taabr2

      Antihero Austin in 1998 and Hollywood Rock

    • Chris

      Late-96 to WM13 psychopath Austin was amazing. This is the Austin that invaded Brian Pillman’s house and guns were involved and the viewer was left thinking they may have just witnessed at least one murder and it all felt completely in-character

  • RawisStoned

    I think it’s obvious that the best version of Jericho was “Doink the Clown” Jericho

    • Matt Johnson

      Stoned Shawn Michaels disagrees!

  • FriendshipIsTheBest!

    1. Anti-American Bret made the WWE revolve around friendship for months! He made up with Owen (and Bulldog and Anvil) after years of bad blood! This was maybe the greatest character ever in all of wrestling!!!

    2. Nerd Kurt Angle was friends with Vince and Austin! He bought them badges! In fact, if friendship like that is nerdy, then I don’t want to be cool.

    3. Reeks of Awesomeness Edge, and it’s not even close. He was friends with Christian and Kurt, and that’s exactly why he was awesome!

    4. Tough one, but probably No Sell UT. He was at least friends with Paul Bearer, which probably inspired him to form the Ministry later on.

    5. Tie. 80’s Hulk worked great programs that were all about friendship (Orndorff, Andre, Savage) thematically, and NWO Hulk made lots of new friends!

    6. Easy one. 97 DX Shawn. He brought the friendship that is the Kliq into WWE storylines, and even set the stage for secret member and best buddy Bret to go to WCW, increase Hall and Nash’s pay, and help tank the competition.

    7. Another easy one. Surfer Sting. He formed the Dudes with Attitudes!

    8. Geez, almost another tie. Brock is maybe the meanest wrestler who ever lived: throwing Zack Gowen down a stairwell, throwing Stephanie into a post, smearing Hulk’s blood on his chest, breaking HHH’s and HBK’s arms, etc. I guess 02-03 Brock, since he was at least on a Survivor Series team.

    9. Probably Big Poppa Pump. He made new friends in the NWO, made up with his brother in TNA, and later on invited them all to Shoney’s! That’s really cool, since they have good chicken nibbles.

    10. Chris Jericho as BEST FRIENDS with Kevin Owens!!!

  • Doug Frye

    Pink Cadillac DDP, Diamond Mine DDP, Millionaire DDP, Lord of the Ring DDP, anti-vWo DDP, Jersey Triad DDP, or Positively Page DDP?

    Chippendale Brutus Beefcake, Barber Brutus Beefcake, Man with No Face Brutus Beefcake, Brother Bruti, The Butcher, The Man with No Name, The Zodiac, The Booty Man, or The Disciple?

    Smoking Billy Gunn, Rockabilly, New Age Outlaw Billy Gunn, Mr. Ass, The One Billy Gunn, Chuck’s Husband Billy Gunn, or Tori Wilson’s Billy Gunn?

    The Roadie, The Real Double J Jesse James, New Age Outlaw Road Dogg, or DX Road Dogg?

    Papa Shango, Kama the Supreme Fighting Machine, Nation Kama Mustafa, Godfather, or Goodfather?

    • James M. Fabiano

      Is Diamond Mine DDP same as Diamond Exchange Badd Company manager DDP?

      • Doug Frye

        I never saw any of his AWA stuff, but the Diamond Mine was in WCW with the Diamond Studd (Scott Hall) and Vinnie Vegas (Kevin Nash), plus Kimberly and Max Muscle.

    • Crab_Botherer

      Outstanding. Loved Lord of the ring DDP. One night only!

    • Chris Hirsch

      None of the DDPs, never a fan
      Barber Brutus Beefcake
      New Age Outlaw Billy Gunn
      DX Road Dogg
      Papa Shango

      • LJFCAT

        “None of the DDPs, never a fan”

        >: (

    • Chris Hirsch

      Also great listing, but left out Stalker DDP

      • Doug Frye

        Forgot all about him!

    • LJFCAT

      Paraphrasing something I heard DDP say once in an interview: “I was told not to do the hand signal, no more ‘bang’, none of that stuff… they told me ‘you aren’t that guy anymore’…”

      I hate that when I think of DDP, see DDP, see his matches, all I can think about is how much they fucked him up in WWF/E. They could’ve at least hot shot some big matches with Triple H, Rock, Austin, on Raw and just given us them for posterity’s sake. He never wrestled any of those three that I know of (maybe Austin in WCW, but that’s clearly not what I mean)!

      He gave up tons of guaranteed money to be part of the Invasion… he’s since said he greatly regrets it, and I can’t blame him. Have never seen ‘Taker the same way since, either. He had to know how badly he was hurting his career. One of the worst burials EVER.

      I don’t want to hear that he wasn’t over, either! The crowd went nuts when he revealed himself, and you just know that he would’ve given it his all – he gave up who knows how much money to be there. Yeah, part of that excitement was that he was part of WCW, but so what? I’m not saying they should’ve given him the keys to the kingdom, but they could’ve treated him far better.

      …but these are just my opinions… 🙂

      • Doug Frye

        Yeah, keeping DDP a star would have been super simple. Just treat him like one, give him some wins. The stalker angle was stupid. Totally wrong for his character.

    • Starscreamlive

      DDP Yoga DDP wins for me.

  • nwa88

    WCW Rick Rude > WWF Rick Rude > NWA Rick Rude

    • Halloween Phantom Rude.

    • radtke

      No WWF is always the answer

  • radtke

    1 Fighting champion Bret. I have a total disdain for anyone who hated Bret at all in 97 as he was the number 1 babyface, but Bret was overall loved and appreciated in 92-93. Go get em champ.

    2. 2001 Angle is the perfect storm. He is funny and intense. His best overall year. I’m gonna break your ankle motherfucker – no way out 2001. Hugging and loving Austin and Vince.

    3. Ring work Edge was amazing from 06-09 but his work in 2000 with Christian. Sodas Rule! (Shout out to raw deal) and the faction or regime the facigeme was the best.

    4. No sell deadman. Gray gators gray gloves. Light scruff. No hillbilly accent.

    5. Immortal Hulk Hogan. Not even close

    6. Rockers . My favorite era.

    7. Surfer Sting. He should have returned to it after vanquishing nWo at Starrcade 97

    8 02-03 Lesnar athletic FULL-TIME freak

    9 Scotty again not even close like 5 or 7.

    10 You can’t go wrong but I will give 2001 the nod he held every belt WWF had.

    • LJFCAT

      Oh my god, no offense, if Sting vanquished the nWo and then went back to his 80s gimmick, that would’ve killed him deader than… well, then they did in real life. LoL I can appreciate the concept – the people that caused him to change are gone, he’s happy again, hence he reverts – but taking the character that just helped you draw your biggest buy rate ever and instantly reverting him after ONE MATCH?

      2001 was not a great year for Jericho, he was constantly pushed below his value, but I guess if you are going for pure kayfabe prestige, then yeah, he did get his title unification victory that year, so I guess I could understand based on that.

      • radtke

        I think you are thinking of 2002 Jericho. He had sloppy moments but he beat Benoit for the ic belt in a ladder classic at the Rumble. Retained in a 4 way against Eddie, Benoit and Pac at No Way Out. Opened Wrestlemania X-7 in a successful title defense against Regal. Backlash was the nonsense Queensbury rules. Judgement Day he and Benoit win the Tag team turmoil over Edge Christian, Hardyz, Dudleys, Radicalz, Acolytes and X-Factor. Main events KOR against Austin and Benoit. Does the job to Rhyno at Summerslam. Has a solid Van Dam match at Unforgiven. Beats the Rock at no mercy. One of the major players in the grand finale match of Survival at Survivor Series. Then beats The Rock and Stone Cold in the same night. I would argue that is quite the push.

        Yes I am going for Sting no longer having to live in darkness anymore.

  • radtke

    I realized reading this article and comments. The thing that is missing is the characters and humor from wrestling. There is none. I loved laughing at these characters. Edge, Christian, Jericho, Angle , Austin , and Saturn. I am not entertained by super serious worked real names fighting over who is going to get a distraction roll up on their opponent

    • Chris Hirsch

      I get your larger point but Jericho and KO were doing humor for months.

      • radtke

        Yeah but overall it just isn’t as fun. KO and Jericho’s best bit happened before they were best friends, before the draft on Smackdown. The one were Jericho is missing his scarf. He finds Owens with it and hilarity ensues.

    • Larry Huber Jr

      That’s what happens when everything is scripted WWE Humor and not allowing people to be themselves. Just compare Gallows and Anderson on TV vs them on Jericho’s podcast. Both of them are entertaining as hell on Jericho’s podcast, but hardly ever get a chance to shine on TV.

  • James M. Fabiano

    Which Doink and why is it Matt Borne?

  • CDN

    Heel WcW Jericho or when he was the 1st Undisputed Champion with the crazy hair & beard, all roided up.
    Jericho has always been money in my opinion. The only time I wasn’t a fan was the WcW babyface character, and I think I disliked him the most when he would lean back against the guardrail with the fans during his entrance.
    He always worked best as a tweener or the sarcastic obnoxious villain as he is now. I mean really, a fucking scarf? Light Bright jacket? But “The List” is fucking hilarious & who else pulls off Ralphous? Idk. He also has a great delivery with “Jackass”.
    Jericho has also invaded my subconscious unfortunately, and my girlfriend has no clue why I say “Never……Eee. eee….eeev……evvvverrrrrr…..a-gain!”, when said phrase is useful. And although not something from Jericho, I just have this compulsive bad habit, which shows how much of a loser I am, but when asked where I’m from, in any situation wether it be on paper or in person, I am from Parts Unknown.

  • Ray Rosini Jr.

    1.Drunk/Stoned Hawk LOD,Telling JR and Lawler he is going to some color dissentary asking JR if his wife still got the belt LMFAO!!

    2.Saturn/Moppy/Your Welcome.

    3.George Steele Cartòon Character/Mine.

    4.LOD/Rocco,Bob Backlund was going to be the REAL Rocco with Paul Ellering and LOD!!!

    5.The Zodiac,YES,NO,YES!!!!

    Evil Referee Danny Davis.

  • CDN

    Fresh go-to jobber, Young Stallion, Power & Glory, or Four Horsemen Paul Roma?

    Brunette WWF Canadian Champion, Blonde Canadian Strongman with Frenchy Martin, or New Dream Team Dino Bravo?

    • Power and Glory Roma.

      • radtke

        Yes but I love Horsemen DVD Roma for mic skills

  • CDN

    And obviously Sting lifted that Joker gimmick from The Dark Knight & Heath Ledger. But I also remember reading something around this time that there was some Indy wrestler basically doing the same gimmick. I saw a promo or two of this guy & he crushed Sting’s version, and in fact this guy was sending his promo’s to TnA, and they were interested, but Sting saw the promo’s and totally copied the guy & made sure he never made it to TnA. I even wanna say the guy tried to sue, for maybe “gimmick infringement”? Idk. Anybody?
    And the point of the article was that this Indy guy was totally ripping of Ledger’ character, then Sting ripped off the character of the character who was ripping off the original character. Only….in Pro Rasslin’.

    “I’m just a dude disguised as a dude playing another dude” RDJ Tropic Thunder. In Paradise.

    • LJFCAT

      Based on everything I’ve heard about Sting, this would surprise me a great deal. Well, by wrestling standards, anyway.

  • OZ, Vinnie Vegas, Bodyguard Diesel, World Champion Diesel, Heel Diesel, NWO Kevin Nash, Wolfpack Kevin Nash, Booker Kevin Nash, Kings of Wrestling Kevin Nash, Paparazzi Productions Kevin Nash, Main Event Mafia Kevin Nash, Chet Lemon Kevin Nash, The Band Kevin Nash, Magic Mike Kevin Nash, Text Message Kevin Nash, or Shoot Interview Kevin Nash?

    Clear Answer: Longest Yard Kevin Nash!

    • Doctor_Ew

      Super shredder.

    • JosephM

      You left out Grandma’s Boy Kevin Nash.

    • radtke

      I am a WWF Diesel mark but I actually ordered a TNA ppv because of paparazzi productions nash. TNA’S best storyline. Alex Shelley’s post match promo at Slammiversary 06 is legendary

  • Michael Kehm

    At least 02/03 Brock Lesnar showes some wrestling and not only suplex city.

    • LJFCAT

      Not sure what you mean by “some wrestling”. Almost every in ring great has like five moves to their name. Meanwhile, Cena has 4,306,499 moves and can’t catch a break with half the damn audience.

      • Michael Kehm

        I think his matches since his comeback are usually boring. It was cool when he destroyed John Cena in their match back in 2014 but after that it was usually punch, punch, suplex, punch, punch suplex, suplex, punch, punch… I wish he would face better wrestlers like AJ Styles where he has to show more.

        • Diamond Jim Lowe

          The CM Punk Summerslam match was pretty awesome but, yeah, you’re mostly right.

          • Michael Kehm

            I wish they could have made Lesnar vs Bryan – but there are still guys like Zayn or Joe which could Lesnar lead to a match which is actually exciting.

  • Empian

    The DX Shawn character was out of this world in terms of influence but I agree with Scott that 02 onwards Shawn was much easier to watch and just great in general.

  • radtke

    Wrestlemania 1 Edition

    1 Creepy mustached Buddy Rose, Slim Trim 217 pound Buddy Rose, Executioner, Blow Away Diet

    2 Tito Santana or El Matador
    Or Girls in Cars/Classic Tito Single theme or El Matador theme

    3 Bundy with Eyebrows or not

    4 S.D. Jones Philadelphia or Antigua

    5 Maniac Matt Borne, Big Josh, or Doink

    6 Trying to be tough bearded Steamboat, babyface Steamboat, The Dragon or Los Dos Hombres

    7 Brutus Beefcake, The Barber, The Man with no face, Protective Face Mask, Brother Bruti, The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker, Booty Man, Zodiac, Apocalypse or the Disciple

    8 Chubby David Sammartino, Herb Abrams UWF juiced David, WCW 1996 they really are hiring all the 80s WWF guys David

    9 The Hammer , Boxcar or Blue Knight

    10 Big Daddy Ritter, JYD, 1988-92 immovable glacier WCW version

    11 Hussein Arab, Iron Sheik, Colonel Mustafa

    12 Bepo Mongol, Nikolai Volkoff or Nickel N Dime Volkoff

    13 Barry Windham, Horseman, Widowmaker, Stalker, Blackjack or West Texas Redneck

    14 Mike Rotundo, Captain Mike, Wallstreet or IRS

    15 Executioner, Big John Studd or Harley Davidson aand the Marlboro Man

    16 Long hair Andre, Short Hair Andre, Giant Machine or truly immovable object 89-90 Andre

    17 Paul Orndorff WWF, UWF (Abrams) or WCW

    18 Piper, Piper Machine, WCW, Portland or WWF

    19 Hulk WWF, WCW, Technicolor Dream coat or Mr America

    20 Mr. T, B.A. Baracus, or Clubber Lang , Hall of Fame Momma Loving T.

    • Diamond Jim Lowe

      Why doesn’t this have all the upvotes?

      • radtke


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