Choice quote from Tony Schiavone

"First of all, thank you.

The entire Dungeon of Doom angle was OK for me. I went to Florida for the shoots. I always loved everything Kevin Sullivan came up with… but the Yeti really sucked. I didn’t know what he’d look like at first I thought it would be like a B-Horror. Then he came out and looked like he was butt fucking Hogan, that didn’t help. I’ve been asked why I called it the YETAY, but I figured that since I was in the middle of a bullshit angle, I’d do bullshit commentary. At least we all got something memorable out of it."



Recommended reading! :). Lots of interesting thoughts there, although I think that’s the top one…

‚ÄčI think it’s great that Tony’s a guy who has already burned his bridges and has a life outside the business, so he can be cool about stuff like this.