Choice quote from Tony Schiavone

"First of all, thank you.

The entire Dungeon of Doom angle was OK for me. I went to Florida for the shoots. I always loved everything Kevin Sullivan came up with… but the Yeti really sucked. I didn’t know what he’d look like at first I thought it would be like a B-Horror. Then he came out and looked like he was butt fucking Hogan, that didn’t help. I’ve been asked why I called it the YETAY, but I figured that since I was in the middle of a bullshit angle, I’d do bullshit commentary. At least we all got something memorable out of it."



Recommended reading! :). Lots of interesting thoughts there, although I think that’s the top one…

​I think it’s great that Tony’s a guy who has already burned his bridges and has a life outside the business, so he can be cool about stuff like this.

  • hansmoleman

    He works at Starbucks now? Interesting.

    I have absolutely no idea what he is like in real life, but his answers are not quite as I would have imagined! Not sure how many AMAs included the phrase ‘butt fucking’

    and his best Heenan story is Heenan knocking stuff over in a (sic) convenient store? Didn’t sound particularly funny.

    And he also used the phrase ‘fingerpoke of doom’ (which seemed to me to be something only IWC folks said)

    • tannerfamilyfun92

      If I recall correctly, Heenan was on the sauce for much of his WCW run and wasn’t very pleasant to work with

      • J. Frizz

        Go watch Superbrawl 5 for a prime example of that. Bobby was bent almost the whole show, and it was great.

      • GoodOldBoz

        The two clearly hated each other right off the bat, for whatever reason. Residual heat from when Tony was In WWF maybe?

      • Stan Ford

        Yup. If anything, I believe the stories that Heenan brought heat upon himself by being extremely difficult to gel with on commentary due to getting shithoused before and during shows.

        It’s funny. “Well, I mean, everyone was fucking wasted” not only explains a LOT about WCW, but it also was apparently TRUE.

  • thejob111

    Pretty good. I used to not like Tony during the WCW Nitro days, but know it wasn’t his fault. And goodness I would signup for Tony in a second over the clowns that announce now.

  • JJ

    If they trimmed the fat the Dungeon of Doom would have been more bearable. Sullivan, Meng, Barbarian and the Giant would have sufficed and looked like a bigger threat than having the Shark, Zodiac, Konnan – a Mexican gangbanger did not fit in so well with the DoD, same goes with Big Bubba.

  • MyronB

    I’m not so sure if it’s so much that Schiavone burned his bridges as much as he really doesn’t need the business since he has a life and career outside of the business.

    • Keldor King

      This ^^ Unlike Prichard in his podcast which, while still entertaining, still comes across that he’d still jump in a heartbeat to WWE if they came calling.

  • nwa88

    I think the whole Heenan/Tony hatred thing is overstated. It sounds like they were pretty good friends up till the point that the company started to fall apart in 1999.

    I think the on-screen ‘tension’ between them was just their attempt to recreate the Gorilla/Bobby chemistry to be honest, but Tony was too dry and sarcastic a personality to really play the role. There was a warmth between Heenan and Monsoon that punctuated all of their fighting that made it seem a lot more lighthearted.

    • Chris B

      i think the story is Tony was kind of a dick to Heenan when Gorilla died … or Bobby thought he was, and that started the straining of their relationship.

      • Stan Ford

        And he was, because Tony was, at the time, a shameless company man who still thought he could and would move up. That said, I don’t think there was any legit heat between them before that and I think any reports of heat that stemmed from it were exaggerated.

        I don’t doubt Bobby was pissed, but I don’t think he held it against Tony for any long period of time.

  • thatguyJMM

    I don’t know. “THE YETAY” has some serious competition from “The Yetta”

  • David C.

    Tony definitely gets too much of a bad wrap, IMO. No, he wasn’t a Jim Ross on commentary, obviously, but he more than held his own, especially at a time when the WCW product was headed, and eventually did, go into the trash bin.

    Also, as much as I love Heenan (he is one of my all time favorite personalities in the history of Wrestling), if the heat between him and Tony was legit; I think Bobby is just as much responsible for it as Tony is, if not more. As others have already mentioned; Bobby was sauced the majority of his time in WCW and was not exactly the same guy he was while he was in the WWF. I don’t think he ever truly wanted to leave the WWF, and due to that; I think he was miserable in WCW and it shined through on TV quite a bit.

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