Book Plug

Hey Scott,

You’re a very handsome fella, not like fatty fat fat Kevin Owens.

Okay, with that out of the way, I’m hoping you’ll do me a big solid and plug the wrestling book I wrote- HARDWAY- out now/

Hardway is the story of fifteen-year old Spencer and his older brother Billy, who love wrestling so much they start their own backyard fed. The fact it puts Spencer closer to Billy’s girlfriend, Tori doesn’t help either. It isn’t long before RBWL—The Royal Brooks Wrestling League—have a rival in Woodland Terrace, a nearby apartment complex with their own wrestling promotion run by Eddie Tornado, an unhinged teenager with a connection to Tori and a hard-on to see Spencer and Billy fail.

HARDWAY is a coming of age crime story about a kid who maybe loves wrestling too much it makes him do stupid things.

And it helps sway you to plug this, you and the board get a shout out in the acknowledgment section.

​Thank you, and best of luck on your publishing career.