Wrestling Observer Flashback–03.02.92

Hey, I picked up a Nintendo DSi XL for $60 (Canadian) from EBGames and it’s pretty rad.  I found Super Mario 64 and New Super Mario Bros for reasonable prices on Ebay but HOLY SHIT you’d think Mario Kart was printed on literal pieces of gold or something given how expensive it is compared to every other game on the system.  Given I love me some old school platformers, are they any solid recommendations for cheap games out there?  I know there’s like 3000 titles for it so that’s kind of a broad topic, but it’s a pretty overwhelming amount of choice at this point and it would be helpful to narrow it down to something that’s not fucking Pokemon.

So anyway, back to wrestling, and the business is quickly turning to shit for the WWF.  Like, big heaping piles of shit are showing up on Vince’s doorstep every week now and the more I read, the more I’m shocked the business even survived the year considering we got hit with the steroid scandals AND the gay sex allegations AND Sid Vicious in the main event of Wrestlemania all in the same calendar year.

BUT FIRST!  Kip Frey weighs in on the steroid controversy over in WCW…

– WCW finally issued their own steroid policy in our top story of the week, and Frey is a lawyer so you know this is gonna be good.  In one interesting twist on the WWF policy, WCW has a deal where new contracts have a clause that offer a 10% bonus if the wrestler agrees to voluntarily undergo steroid tests on a regular basis and passes them all for a year.  The testing is pretty much on a volunteer basis at this point, and if you do test positive, you’re offered appropriate medical counselling and rehab.  Dave it’s a fair deal for the wrestlers, as compared to the WWF one that’s the laughingstock of the industry, but really it’s only going to benefit guys who WANT to get off the juice.  Specifically, Dave thinks that the 10% bonus will be more than enough motivation for a bunch of guys to give it up, but the problem is that 20% of the locker room is going to be assholes who continue getting bigger because everyone else gets smaller.

– Legendary Memphis heel Tojo Yamamoto died on 02/20, apparently from suicide, at age 64.  He was suffering from severe kidney disease and wasn’t dealing with it very well, sadly.

– Much more has come to light about the “search and sniff” raid on the WWF show in St. Louis, although the DEA is still denying any involvement despite multiple reports of them being there.  Turns out that Blackjack Lanza got the tip before they showed up and made sure everyone knew in advance, which resulted in a complete whiff on the part of the police.  The WWF is claiming that it was for an unrelated arena employee and had nothing to do with the WWF at all.  This was seemingly confirmed by Basil DeVito, who holds the title of “Vice president of misleading press releases and covering up embarrassing situations”.  (That’s quite the specialized job title!) 

– An independent source from the arena talked to Alex Marvez and said that the search was “event related” and not anything to do with the arena, and the officer in charge introduced himself as DEA.  Then she changed her story the next day.

– The next day, the WWF changed their story again, saying that the police told them that it was a “routine inspection done whenever a large group of people comes to the arena from out of state”. Dave thinks it’s indeed routine for the Narcotics unit of a police department who is looking for narcotics.  Dave tried to reach the police representative who came up with that story, but he was on vacation and couldn’t comment.

(Personally, I feel like this needed to happen in Dallas and involve the death of a Von Erich to really all the cover-up greatest hits.) 

– The WWF is currently in the midst of a really strong house show run, but they’re about to get hit with a triple whammy of bad press and Dave doesn’t know what effect it might have on business.  (Spoiler:  BAD.  Really fucking BAD.  And we’re not even at the Donahue show yet!) 

– The WWF’s talking head, Steve Planamenta, did comment on the allegations from Barry Orton about homosexual advances in the workplace, and it turns out that the specific incident in question took place before Orton or the alleged gay person were even working for the WWF, so Steve pretty much dismissed Orton’s allegations as “another guy trying to sell a book.”

– Orton wants to stress that he thinks it’s fine to be gay, but to work hard and then have your push denied because you refused to “kneel before someone” is just wrong.  He details another story about the alleged perpetrator, but Dave omits the name.  But really, we all know who he’s talking about.

(Yeah, Zod, it’s NOT OKAY to demand that!  Wait, maybe Orton was referring to someone else?) 

– The boxer v. wrestler…whatever…was announced for 4/19 in Tokyo, featuring 40 year old Roberto Duran taking on Masakatsu Funaki, and no other fights announced as of yet.  (Did that trainwreck actually happen?) 

– Speaking of trainwrecks, the long dead LPWA actually returned to hold a PPV and it HAPPENED. Basically the women’s promotion hadn’t even taped TV in 10 months and this was out of nowhere, completely in jeopardy until the last minute with zero advertising.  As a result, only 400 people even showed up at the arena in Rochester, MN, and they were all let in free.  Throw in travel costs and PPV fees and this had to be an all-time disaster money-loser.  There were a bunch of no-shows, but given no one even knew what the card was ahead of time, it’s impossible to be disappointed by them.  Wendi Richter no-showed because they couldn’t locate her in time to send plane tickets, and Magnificent Mimi no-showed because they didn’t want her there.

(No point in doing the recap here, but I will note that the main event saw Scotty the Body’s former Portland valet Taylor Made Medina resurface as new LPWA champion Terri Power, who still looked super green.  A few years later, she’d actually jump to the WWF as Sable’s lesbian stalker and I presume to avoid confusion with Terri Runnells she was renamed Tori.) 

– The WWF is saying that Kerry Von Erich will be welcomed back following his completion of rehab.  Meanwhile, Fritz Von Erich went on TV and claimed that Kerry is only addicted to painkillers from the motorcycle accident.  And in fact, the drugs he tried to score with false prescriptions were Valium and Vicodin.  (Wait, was “Feel Good Hit of the Summer” written about Kerry? )  However, despite Kerry’s apparent willingness to attend rehab and show his good side, the DA is still pressing charges, which would mean 10 years in prison if convicted.  Interestingly, Fritz also admitted that if Kerry isn’t successful in this rehab attempt, he should probably get out of wrestling for good.

– Tom Zenk is also facing legal issues, pleading innocent to six charges of steroid possession, having turned down a guilty plea in exchange for two years’ probation.  (He’s also facing one charge of being WCW’S SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!) 

– Art Barr is already making trouble in Mexico, as he sucker-punched Blue Panther in the office and the promoter had to break it up.

– Dave is continually in awe of Canadian Vampire Casanova, who is completely terrible in the ring but cheered in everything he does by the Mexican crowds.  (And now he’s much older and much less pretty.) 

– With all the actual good foreigners gone from All Japan for a while, Johnny Ace is getting the “best of what’s left” giant push to hopefully create a new star.

– New Japan will debut Tiger Mask III on 3/1 for their big Yokohama show.  It’ll be “prelim boy” Koji Kanemoto who gets to try and follow Misawa and Sayama in the role, but fun fact, the gimmick would have gone to Ultimo Dragon had he not gone to SWS.  (Kanemoto was kind of miscast in the role, but of course became an unstoppable force of awesomeness a few years later as himself.) 

– Speaking of SWS, Ric Flair will make his SWS debut on 4/18, defending the WWF title against Tenryu.  (Jesus, poor Tenryu, screwed out of TWO shots at the WWF title, two years in a row!) 

– Correction:  The biggest trainwreck of the issue was not the LPWA PPV, but FMW putting together Leon Spinks and The Sheik as a tag team for their tour later this year.

– Speaking of trainwrecks, former boxer and current nutcase Trevor Berbick was in fact convicted of rape last week in Florida.

– Sadly, Barry Horowitz lost his GWF LIghtheavyweight title to Ben Jordan this week, in a stipulation match where he had to beat Jordan twice in 10 minutes to retain the title.  He could only do it once and had to surrender the belt.

– Terry Gordy & Steve Williams officially signed with WCW.

– WCW will present the SuperShow II as a “mini PPV” for $10, with the announcers admitting that it was taped weeks earlier to explain why Luger is champion.  Oddly, New Japan’s master tape omitted the Inoki v. Hase match, so it won’t be part of the show.

– The NWA is still trying to plan out their World title tournament for spring or summer in Japan, maybe?

– There was a house show in Greenville with Eaton & Anderson over Steamboat & Rhodes in the main event, but when Steamboat was asked to do the job, Dustin actually volunteered!  Dave thinks it’s lucky that he did, since if had waited to be asked it would take until 1996.

– Koko B. Ware won the USWA title from Kamala in Memphis in a match where Kamala would have gotten to eat Frankie the bird if he won.  (Part of me is disappointed in that result for some reason.) 

– Austin Idol drew two of the biggest houses for the territory in years, and now he’s gone already.

– In yet another understated Observer debut, an indy show at the Alpharetta Georgia Auction Barn before a crowd of 70 people, who will probably kick themselves when they realized what they saw and didn’t even know it at the time, saw young Glen Gilbunetti, in only his fifth match, showing a lot of potential in a performance “very reminiscent of Paul Roma”.  (Frankly, I don’t know if Disco or Roma should be more insulted by that comparison.  Really they’re kind of equally terrible in their own special way.) 

– Although Hercules was fired from his WWF contract, he’s still working shows on a nightly basis while he does a new deal elsewhere.

– Shawn Michaels has added a new bit where they announce “Shawn Michaels has left the building” after his match.

– And finally, Dave has much love for the Undertaker babyface turn segment from a technical standpoint, since the footage of Savage walking down the aisle was shot on a Monday and the footage of Jake waiting for him behind the curtain was shot on the Tuesday following.



Shawn Michaels has left the building.

(OK, I made that last one up.) 

  • The first copy of WWF magazine I ever owned (September 92), had a piece in the roundup section at the back of Kerry making an appearance at some county fair or other giving a speech to the kids where he stressed the importance of staying in school and not doing drugs.

    • TatR!

      Up there with Crush’s Say No To Drugs Brah song on the Wrestlemania album

    • flamingtoilet

      About on par with Dynamite and Davey giving pet care tips on the syndicated shows.

  • y2j420

    So hyped for the Wrestlemania recap newsletter…great PPV…

    • TatR!

      Dave: “Show was basically nothing. Hogan and Sid were worse than imagined.”

      • y2j420

        Basically…despite the PPV having 2 of the best matches in Wrestlemania history, a great ending (despite Papa Shango’s fuck up), and being a great showcase for the future stars of the company (Bret Hart, HBK, Undertaker)…

      • taabr2

        I think Dave gave Flair/Savage a good rating but he definitely underrated Bret/Piper.


      The first three matches saw the new, budding stars of the 90s being put over stars of the 80s.

      • Empian

        That’s a good point and one I hadn’t really noticed before.

        Excellent use of the old guys to put the new guys over and even better when you realise they hit a home run with all three new stars.

    • Chris B

      I’m a huge Wrestlemania 8 fan … the Summerslam 91 to Survivor Series 92 run is one of my absolutely favorites in the company’s history.

      • y2j420

        I’ve been saying that ever since we hit the mid-to-late 1991 recaps…late 1991 – the end of 1992 is such an awesome period for the WWF…

      • @pheenxtc

        Yeah. It is the time we all feel comfortable about. And so much changes in between wm 8 & 9. Not only talent but the whole presentation.

      • Ray Rosini Jr.

        From September 86-March 87 was the best build up to any WrestleMainia EVER. Still have chills about the crowd going ape shit for Piper vs Adonis talk about a rabid crowd and the classic moment where a mark jumped into the ring,congratulates Roddy and got his ass handled to him by the cops!!!!!

        • Chris B

          I just missed that … I lived overseas for most of the mid 80s and got into wrestling in 88 – WM 5 is my first that I remember

  • RedSox1981

    I’m a Disco Inferno mark. Between the theme song and the look, I’ve always been a fan of the guy.

    • He had a ton of charisma. He was a great comedy guy, and you need those in wrestling.

      • tonybell73

        I was a big fan of comedy Disco Inferno. Not as big a fan of trying to be taken seriously Disco.

        • I don’t remember too much of the latter, though. To be fair. When did he ever get a serious push?

          • Buffalo Hopscotch

            Didn’t TNA try and push him as a serious wrestler under his own name?

          • Oh maybe. I wasn’t watching too much TNA at that time.

          • Buffalo Hopscotch

            I don’t recall it ever happening in WCW. Had some more serious moments when he was in the Cruiserweight division, but he was always kind of a goof even then.

          • He is on my 2005 TNA EWR roster as “Glenn Gilberti” haha. I don’t know how they used him though. I’ve been using him in a tag team with Erik Watts, mostly a blowhard heel jobber team. I suspended him though for dissing the company in a radio interview. When he comes back, I’ll pair him with Johnny Swinger. Watts is getting a midcard singles push now because he has charisma and sells merch.

          • Buffalo Hopscotch

            He took over as the leader of SEX when Russo left I think, which I don’t recall lasting very long.

          • I can’t imagine that working out too well.

          • Buffalo Hopscotch

            He was the one AJ Styles called a faggot if my memory serves me correctly.

          • Lol

          • tonybell73

            It was pretty dumb. It’s like you said, you need comedy guys in wrestling. He was a darned good comedy guy.

          • tonybell73

            There’s never a bad EWR reference, by the way.

      • slapdabass

        Didn’t he come out doing his schtik during a road warriors entrance once? And they dealt with it exactly the way you would expect them to?

      • Buffalo Hopscotch

        I was an irrational fan of him and Alex Wright as a tag team. The Dancin’ Fools/Boogie Knights.

      • Ray Rosini Jr.

        George Steele had charisma and was a great comedy guy also,him and JYD should been tag team champions in WCW against Hillbilly Jim’s Famly,just get a round fat ass slug,and a random jobber and…….. comedy fucking gold!!!!!!


      WCW cared about him so much they kept fucking up his finisher name, right?

    • PatJames387

      Me too! I’d always flip over the Nitro when he was on…He was a draw for me and my buddies back in the day.

  • Brian Scala

    Brain: “Shawn Michaels has left the building!”
    Gorilla: “WHO CARES?!?”

    • Brain: “I’ll say it again. Shawn Michaels has left the building!”
      Gorilla: “WILL YOU STOP!!!!!!”

      • Boomska316 .

        Gorilla:”Boy, with a little bit of information you become very dangerous.”

        • Brain: “Extremely dangerous!”

          • Boomska316 .

            This is the sort of thing I’ll remember on my deathbed guaranteed.

          • Yup

  • I like that the stupid “Shawn Michaels has left the building” bit merited a comment from Dave.

  • nintydayfiance

    In other news: Memphis still has the weirdest stipulations to its main event matches.

    • Wheel of Torture’s my favorite from LawlerLand.

    • Manjiimortal

      Yup, but to their credit, they totally made them work!


    They need too lift that Shawn Michaels bit for someone.

    • Rob Hoffmann

      Watch them give it to Fandango, so nobody notices. 🙂

    • Miko363

      They can use it during 205 Live:

      “All the fans have left the building!”

    • Ryan Yoder

      I’ve been watching 2014 NXT on the network, and I can’t recall the leaving the building bit, but I know the ring announcer would announce that Tyler Breeze has entered the building.

  • PrideOfCanada

    “Koko B. Ware won the USWA title from Kamala in Memphis in a match where
    Kamala would have gotten to eat Frankie the bird if he won.”

    Kamala attacking Koko and taking Frankie anyway would have seemed like the most Memphis thing to do here.

    • Biscuit!

      Needs more ether.

      • slapdabass

        I love that Cornette booked an ether soaked rag angle in ROH in like 2012.

      • brocore

        The best ether spot ever is Raven pulling one out in the Double Dog Collars match against the Pitbulls, Joey Styles sniping at SMW, and then Raven knocking out one of the Pitbulls with it.

    • Boomska316 .

      They should have made him bite it’s head off Ozzy style.

  • Miko363

    I can’t believe they let Hercules continue to hang around after that shit he pulled with Sid at MSG.

    • Shagmire

      Wait, what did he pull?

      • Miko363

        Youtube Hercules/Sid, I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been taken down. They ask Herc to do a 1 minute squash and he no sells everything, puts his hands behind his head on the powerbomb spot, then immediately gets up and leaves after the three count.

        • Chris B

          its hilarious

          • Miko363

            Oh in hindsight, sure, but if I’m Vince, and a glorified job guy does that to the guy I have set up to main event Mania, he’s dead to me.

          • Chris B

            agreed …

          • James M. Fabiano

            Methinks Herc needs to invade somewhere else in a super way.

        • TatR!

          Damn, that’s cool. Never seen that before

          • Chris B

          • TatR!

            Oh thanks. I’d just watched it, it was pretty cool

        • Shagmire

          Holy Shit, that is insane. Especially as Herc is in the stage as described by someone from the blog, “The skullette and roid gut stage of his career”.

          • Keldor King

            Ha! That was me. He also clearly stopped using Just For Men, cuz that ‘stache was trash.

          • That beard was weird

        • anotheraccount24get

          I dunno, from a logical point of view, it makes more sense for someone to protect his neck than not if being powerbombed.

          Although usually not as blatant as this, Hercules did have a tendency to kick out of finishing moves/pins right after the three, so it hardly seems like this is something to be ticked off about 25 years after the fact.


      It’s amazing how much that guy deteriorated and changed in the span of 4 years. Now-a-days, you have guys like Dolph Ziggler who have been around for a DECADE and you wouldn’t know the difference.

      • Brendan McDonald

        According to Roma, Hercules was dangerously drunk almost every night.

        • Miko363

          Jim Powers, too! Maybe teaming with Roma drove everyone to alcoholism and despair.

          • Brendan McDonald

            I’m laughing at the idea that Roma just thinks regular behavior is raging alcoholism.

            “Hey, Paul. What’s up?”

            “What’s up?!?!? Jesus, who talks like that? Have another one, buddy.”

          • Bettis

            Arn Anderson too!

      • Miko363

        So you’re saying a consistent daily regiment of alcohol, steroids and cocaine are NOT good for you???


          It’s like he started to go downhill and thought… “If I’m going to go full Jake Roberts… might as well start to look like him… but… you know… roidier.”

  • Biscuit!

    What kept me off drugs were the PSAs WCW did with those Greek gods Arn Anderson and Larry Zbyszko telling me I didn’t need them.

    • Buffalo Hopscotch

      You don’t get a dad bod like those guys on steroids.

    • Rainbow Sherbet

      There’s a really funny one with Big Josh of all people telling you to not do steroids.

  • slapdabass

    Kamala getting to eat Frankie might be my favorite stip I’ve ever heard. Just great stuff.

    • James M. Fabiano

      Needed Bobby Heenan to extoll the virtues of Shake-n-Bake.

      • markn95

        “That lousy pigeon he hangs with…”

  • Brendan McDonald

    Between reading these flashbacks and the XFL 30-for-30, it’s kind of shocking how Public Relations Vince was really a proto-Donald Trump.

    • brak_attack

      I remember a press conference after Owen Hart died where one of the reporters asked a question about how safe the stunt was and McMahon answered something to the extent of “I’m not a harness expert but I guess you are.”

      • The Ghost of Faffner Hall

        I remember that– I think it was the same press conference when he said to a female reporter, “I don’t appreciate your tone, lady.” He was all kinds of defensive that day. Though to be fair, if I was being blamed for someone’s death I might be too.

  • Rainbow Sherbet

    Not to be a bossy Betty, but I made the Queens of the Stone Age “Feel Good Hit of the Summer” joke in regards to Kerry Von Erich back on issue 10-28-91.

    • slapdabass

      Rated R is so good. And the history of QotSA is another great example of the more people you add to a band post original lineup, the worse they get.

      • Monte Williams

        Negative. Like Clockwork is their best album.

        • slapdabass


        • MaffewOfBotchamania

          nothing’s touching Songs For The Deaf

      • Wharf Rat Fink

        I think it’s more to do with them just having been at their creative peak early on. They’re still a really solid band, they just haven’t had one with the punch of those days. Dean Fertita is a really solid player.

        • TomaxAndXamot

          I think they were able to ride the momentum from Kyuss into some good early releases, in a way that early QOTSA albums almost felt like Peak Kyuss to me, before QOTSA dropped off.

  • Devin Harris

    Did I miss the Superbrawl recap?

  • Boomska316 .

    I always thought Disco had the potential to become a much bigger star than he was. He just never seemed to be able to breakthrough. Being in WCW probably didn’t help.

    • brocore

      Nah, he hit hit ceiling and probably achieved a little above it. He was a great comedy heel midcard act but not much else.

    • Bettis

      I marked out so hard when he actually won the TV title. Then I marked harder when he regained it!

    • PeteF3

      Yeah, what on earth was “terrible” about him? Besides his booking philosophy?

      I’m not sure what was terrible about Roma, either. No, he shouldn’t have been a Horseman, but aside from that he was perfectly solid.

      • Boomska316 .

        With Roma I think the knock was mainly his attitude after he messed with Alex Wright at Superbrawl V. That and the Horsemen thing. And that clip of him on the Horseman DVD saying that Ric Flair wished he was him.

        • Victory73

          You should hear Roma on Austin’s podcast. Roma said him and SD Jones were even bigger in Australia than Hulk Hogan was here in the 80’s. Yes you read that right SD frickin Jones. That might be the funniest part.

    • Wharf Rat Fink

      An average at best wrestler doing a cheesy disco gimmick who’s in that range where he’s smaller than all the heavyweights but too big to keep up with the cruisers, who didn’t have a unique finisher or a cool catchphrase, and only ever did comedy angles? Where was he gonna go?

      • PeteF3

        I like Disco but I think he had the career he deserved. He filled his niche well.

  • I should probably add that left the building thing to my act as the BoD Champ.

    NBK The Neck Broke Kid has left the building!

    • I hear I became a two time, two time Million Dollar Champion last night?

  • JasonMK

    “This was seemingly confirmed by Basil DeVito, who holds the title of
    “Vice president of misleading press releases and covering up
    embarrassing situations”.”
    Sounds like someone may be bucking for a spot in the Trump cabinet.

    • Linda’s already filled the WWE quota.

  • mustango

    I was always a little disappointed never to see Shawn get into a brawl that spilled into the parking lot during the era of this catchphrase.

  • Rainbow Sherbet

    Pat Patterson: “What’s your name?”

    Bob Orton: “Bob”

    Pat Patterson (unzipping his pants): “That’s a great idea!”

    • JasonMK

      But it was Barry, not Bob. Barry used to do this thing while he was introduced where he dropped to his knees and put his arms up to for an O. Maybe that’s where Pat and Terry got the idea.

      • Rainbow Sherbet

        I can’t believe I made that dumb and obvious of a mistake.

        • JasonMK

          If it makes you feel better:

          Pat Patterson: “What’s your name?”

          Randy Orton: “Randy”

          Pat Patterson (unzipping his pants): “Yes, I certainly am”

          • Rainbow Sherbet


      • MaffewOfBotchamania

        more like Barry My Cock In You

  • EBGames??? I thought those only still existed on the intro to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

    • Bettis

      Man, my local mall had a Babbages on the 2nd floor, an EB on the 1st floor, and a FuncoLand across the street. Now the Babbages is Gamestop, the FuncoLand is Gamestop, and the EB was unnecessary so it closed.

      • Babbages was my favorite video game store. RIP

    • Mr. P

      Game Stop is still branded as EBGames in Canada.

  • Lizuka

    I think they took down the DSi store or I’d recommend Shantae. Besides that in terms of DS platformers, Yoshi’s Island DS is a good but very hard one (and abruptly hard at that, starts out super simple then it just shoots up like mad eventually). Kirby Super Star Ultra and Squeak Squad are also pretty solid, moreso the former which is a great expansion on the original Super Star, and I’ve heard good things about the Sonic Rush games but not actually played them.

    On the Mario Kart subject I’d recommend Diddy Kong Racing instead. Think it plays better anyway and it’s much cheaper to get hold of.

  • Is it still morally wrong to suggest a DS flash card, so you can play DS and GBA games?

    • Kevlar Moneyclipz

      This was 100 percent my answer for this.

  • Kanye Batista

    Ultimo Dragon reminds of Satoru Sayama more than Misawa, Kanemoto, IV or W.

    • taabr2

      Kota Ibushi is actually more like Sayama for me

      • Kanye Batista

        He has the kicks and the athleticism thats for sure.

      • Manjiimortal

        I wouldn’t really point to anyone being like Sayama, because Sayama was such a unique performer.

        Having watched practically every big match Sayama had as Tiger Mask, I can say that he wasn’t so much about flying around or anything (actually, his attempts at big dives usually crashed and burned), as he was incredibly fast and athletic. Also, in the last few months as Tiger Mask (when he started wearing the orange pants) you could already see a bigger Martial Arts influence, as he started doing more kicks and slowing down.

        Than you have his UWF career where he did a 180º. Sure, in 84 they were still doing a more pro wrestling oriented stuff, and Sayama still would pull dives from the top rope (though he would always miss them, showing how useless they actually were) and do stuff like the Tombstone Piledriver, but he was the first UWF guy to really go into a kick based offence, earlier even than Maeda or Takada, and was also the first to wear the iconic UWF kickpads! Even down to 1985 Sayama was the kicker of the promotion, as there is this pretty great match with Maeda from July 25, where Sayama throws his kicks, and Maeda is always punishing him for it. He also did mat stuff, they all did, but out of the UWF 6 as I like to call them (Sayama, Maeda, Fujiwara, Kido, Takada and Yamazaki), he was easily the guy more strike oriented.

        So Dragon fails the Sayama comparison because he was never a striker, and his offence was more high-flying oriented than Sayama’s ever was. Misawa was much slower than Sayama, he wasn’t as athletic, and he was never about kicks. Kanemoto was all about the kicks with some submissions and flying mixed between, but his demeanour never matched Sayama’s. IV is actually the closest to Sayama and can be seen as his heir (then again, Sayama trained him himself), but again, he didn’t had Sayama’s mad athleticism. Ibushi I also wouldn’t call Sayama like, as while Ibushi as the kicking and athleticism part, he’s more Ultimo-like with the crazy high-flying, and even post-brain-tumour Liger with all the bomb-throwing he does.

  • Funaki/Duran absolutely happened & the full trainwreck is on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFcAyyWinZo

  • MaffewOfBotchamania

    ”– Correction: The biggest trainwreck of the issue was not the LPWA PPV, but FMW putting together Leon Spinks and The Sheik as a tag team for their tour later this year.”

    No wonder FMW did so well with stuff like this, they had no regular TV but survived on photos of the matches. If I saw a photo of Leon Spinks and The Sheik teaming up I’d wanna go see it (until I saw it).

  • JosephM

    I wonder if Foley ever took up that voluntary testing. I think it’s safe to guess that Foley was a guy never on the juice. Not even from a ‘look at his physique’ standpoint, but given what we know now about Mick, just seems like the last thing he’d try.

    Unless a porn star or valet asked him to.

  • cultstatus

    cultstatus has left the comments section.

  • Johnny Polo

    Heenan: Wait a minute. I just received word…that SHAWN MICHAELS…has left the building!

    Monsoon: Who cares? Who cares where he is?

    Heenan: I care! The humanoids care! You’re the only one that doesn’t care!

  • Keldor King

    This was seemingly confirmed by Basil DeVito, who holds the title of “Vice president of misleading press releases and covering up embarrassing situations”. This is especially funny considering I just watched “This Was the XFL”.
    Also respect for the QOTSA reference, Mr. Keith.

  • AwelCruiz

    I’d recommend tracking down a copy of Retro Game Challenge for DS if you can find it. Old school goodness!

  • markn95

    I’m a huge fan of the in-ring product of both WCW and WWF during this period. It really sucks that Dave and others in the wrestling media went so overboard into covering the steroid scandal 24/7. Obviously, it was an important issue and had significant impacts on the business, but here we have an issue dated within a month of Wrestlemania and there isn’t a word about the show itself. As much as we make fun of Vince for not wanting to be in the wrestling business, I think guys like Meltzer and Wade Keller saw the steroid and other scandals as their chance to be more than just “wrestling writers.” Going all in on investigative binge of a business is fine if you’re a big media outlet like 60 Minutes with the resources to cover a story like that. But when you’re Dave Meltzer and your sources consist of guys in the dressing room backstabbing each other, it’s not that interesting.

    • nwa88

      I can see that in hindsight, but at that time I’m sure guys like Dave felt it was their responsibility to report on wrestling as it truly was (at least as they saw it) instead of leaving it to the outlets that didn’t understand the insular world of wrestling and just parroted McMahon’s view of wrestling.

      • JasonMK

        Also, Dave reports whatever he hears that’s pertinent from his contacts. I would think his contacts in the business were more concerned about these scandals then what was happening at WrestleMania. But, it was the same way with the Royal Rumble also. There was guaranteed to be a new WWF champion crowned and not one rumor or anything beforehand on who it would be.

  • walnuts

    For DS recommendations, Contra 4 is good if you were into those. Plus, you can unlock the first 2 NES games on it.

  • Clark O’Brien

    Kerry’s legal troubles sound bad. Does he even have a leg to stand on?

  • Pete Labozetta

    “– Shawn Michaels has added a new bit where they announce ‘Shawn Michaels has left the building’ after his match.”

    Whenever I re-watch stuff from this time period, I always crack up when Bobby Heenan would announce that and Gorilla Monsoon would be flabbergasted. They should do that for Miz and Maryse.

  • Boomska316 .

    “Speaking of trainwrecks, the long dead LPWA actually returned to hold a PPV and it HAPPENED.” So where does this rank with other contenders for worst PPV of all time like Heroes of Wrestling or Herb Abrams’ Blackjack Brawl. I assume this is worse because those others at least had some hype whereas this had none.

  • Crab_Botherer

    Phoenix wright games are amazing for the sd and 3ds. Animal crossing seems fun too Scott.

    Phoenix wright tho, even dave meltzer would give it six stars.

  • The Great American Beard

    Man, that was alarmingly effective at getting Shawn over as a heel. AND HE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TO DO ANYTHING!


    Tori valeted for Raven in PNW? That’s really interesting, because she was his voluptuous ninja on Sunday Night Heat!

  • OutaTime

    “Given I love me some old school platformers, are they any solid recommendations for cheap games out there?”

    Not sure what their values are right now, but Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow is considered one of the best Castlevania games and probably second behind Symphony of the Night (same Metroidvania style too). Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin is also another good Castlevania available on DS.

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