Oh No?

Hi Scott,

Why is Chris Hero in NXT? He was fired for not losing weight and from the looks of things, he’s gotten even fatter? huh?

​I’d like to think that Kevin Owens has enlightened the promotion with the knowledge that fat people can also succeed in pro wrestling. Plus I’m assuming Hero is more there for the training and mentoring aspects, since he’s pretty far past the point in his career where he’s gonna jump to the main roster and be a big star. They may have expected big things from him during his orignal NXT run, but I’m thinking he’s there now to headline against Bobby Roode on NXT house shows.​

  • And the vignette was all from the time Hero wasn’t so fat. People are going to be like “Where’s Ohno? Is he behind that morbidly obese thing?”

  • Sexy Miz

    Just put a shirt on him. Then nobody will realize he’s fat. Works for Owens.

    • Oh yeah. Owens is totally getting over on everybody. Lol

      • Uncle Lovematic Grampa X

        He seems really sensitive about his weight, too.

    • Kouvre

      For a guy as huge as Hero, he isn’t as incredibly offensive in the classic no-shirt/short-tights look as I thought he would.

  • Wild Wing

    He changed his gimmick on the indies to be intentionally fat.

    It’s one thing for your gimmick to be old, fat heel and be fat.

    It’s a completely different thing to have a boxer/MMA gimmick and be fat.

    • taabr2

      Kevin Owens/ Steen originally turned on Sami Zayn/ El Generico in ROH because he pick-up weight and everybody thought he was done including his partner but then the heel turn came and Owens/Steen career really took off.

  • Stan Ford

    One could surmise that they were concerned that Hero was going to get fat, slovenly and start slumming it in the ring. In response, people would stop caring about him and what good is a lazy, fat wrestler with no fanbase?

    Instead, he got fat and kept his fans and kept producing at a high level (so I hear), so they gave him another chance.

    Dude looks like butt, though.

    • Wild Wing

      Working the one thing that everybody who’s heard the name knows about him into his character is a brilliant move.

  • Other Tall Guy

    It’s almost like there’s more to being a pro wrestler than just lifting weights or something.

  • Matt_Indeed.

    Chris Gyro.

    • Stuart_Chartock


  • Kenny_Reigns

    He wasn’t even fat the first time! People are weird….

  • Thesyckid

    Buncha fat guys ragging on other fat guys.

  • Wharf Rat Fink

    It wasn’t that he didn’t lose weight, it’s that he didn’t gain muscle.

  • Knuckleberry Pinn

    I don’t and never did have an issue with Kevin Owens’ giant guy. What I *do* have an issue with is that he was introduced as a guy capable of murdering John Cena, and now he needs Jericho’s help to win *any* match.

  • Kevin Owens is the Universal Champion and Bray Wyatt is the WWE Champion.

    It is truly a great time to be a fat wrestling fan. After years of ridicule and jokes, we are finally on top. No more stereotypes like Kamala, Men On a Mission or Bastion Booger. We are in charge now. No more saying prayers and eating vitamins. We’re free to eat whatever we want and we can still be called.. CHAMPION.


  • MyronB

    I like the relative body type diversity in the WWE these days. It’s certainly better than when everyone looked like male models.

    • jabroniville

      Yeah, I loved how the company used to be made up of bodybuilding types, fit guys, giants, and the occasional Bit Fat Monster. Even the 1995 Rumble is fun, with Mabel, Bundy, Shawn, Bulldog, Well Dunn and the Blu Twins.

  • Henry

    I read a while back Triple H was high on Hero during his original NXT run including Dusty Rhodes and Regal. You can actually see it the way he was pushed too. I dont think hes just there to do NXT. Remember when Joe first signed people were saying hes past his prime, hes never getting called up and will just be there to anchor NXT and look at him now.

    • TheDJR

      I think that was gonna be the original plan for Joe but he exceeded expectations and also had decent merch sales iirc.

  • Cheech

    I can’t wait until Owens, Ohno, Joe and Wyatt team up as the Fat Horsemen.

  • Ryan Yoder

    If you had told me years ago that the WWE roster would consist of AJ Styles, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Samoa Joe, Kevin Steen, El Generico, Bobby Roode, and KENTA, I would have said you were looking at one of my EWR save files.

  • Buff_Bagel

    Finally, a wrestler with the muscle of James Ellsworth and the looks of Trevor Murdoch.

    Hopefully he can teach Cena a thing or two about proper conditioning.

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