Mauro Ranallo interview


Would be honored if you could help get the word out on a lengthy profile I wrote on Mauro Ranallo for Fighting Spirit Magazine. It’s a deep and harrowing look at his struggles with bipolar disorder, and his fight to neutralize his affliction for the good of his life and career. He’s as open and honest an interview as I’ve ever conducted.

​There you go! Mauro’s a great guy, but the four man booth is just destroying his ability to do his job, and you could really tell on the PPV last week. ​

  • taabr2

    Seriously why the fuck are there 4 commentators? Is this one of those Vince things that makes sense to him but no one else?

    • I think Meltzer alluded to that Mauro might not have the job much longer and if it comes to that, WWE wants to ease the transition process where they replace him with Tom Phillips.

    • ETB757

      They’re pretty clearly grooming Phillips to replace Cole eventually so they’re easing him into the live shows.

  • brak_attack

    In fairness it’s not really a four man booth. Tom Phillips doesn’t actually commentate during the matches, he only chimes in as a book end during the breaks when the announce team is talking to the camera.

    People here are pretty rough on Mauro but I still really like him. At the very least, he’s a different voice than the ones we’ve heard for the past decade plus. Yes he gets moves wrong sometimes and yes he sometimes refers to things incorrectly, but he seems genuinely enthusiastic about the product (unlike virtually every other announcer) and while his expressions can be a bit much, it at least gives him a distinct identity. Plus you have to keep in mind that he’s paired up with JBL and Otunga, which cannot be easy.

    • MyronB

      I understand that Phillips is the heir apparent to Cole but there is no purpose for David Otunga being there. The only reason he has a job is because of his woman who doesn’t even want anything to do with the WWE so why even keep him around.

      • brak_attack

        You’re not wrong, but my contention is that Phillips isn’t even really a commentator. He doesn’t say anything during the matches and the only time he speaks is in between segments when they put the camera on the team. He’s basically the equivalent to a band leader who chimes in every now and then in between interviews on a talk show.

        • MyronB

          I think his official role on the show is “host,” although the role doesn’t make any sense.

  • Big D Wangston

    Does he speak in-depth about his mother, Mia?

  • LOL what?? They have a four-man booth now?? Three is too many!

    • BODConscience

      I forget who the wrestlers were but they had 2 of them doing guest commentary on a match also. So that made 5 people. It was comical.

  • JosephM

    Sure some of his references or puns can be grating, but I love the passion that comes through in Mauro’s voice. He’s a good storyteller.

    • Justin Henry

      He’s almost the same person over the phone. Loaded with zest, and has tremendous recall. There were many dark parts to the conversation, as expected, but he soldiered through them gracefully. I may never have an interview as honest as that again.

  • ONITA100


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