Husky Harris

Scott, whatever happened to Husky Harris? I remember him from old days of NXT when it was that weird quasi-competition show and also as part of the New Nexus with CM Punk but after that he just kind of vanished. Is he still wresting somewhere or did he just decide to quit the business and sell insurance or something???

​I feel like he saw the success that his brother Bo was having in NXT and got so discouraged that he retired to a desk job with the IRS, just like his dad. ​

  • Napoleon Blownapart

    He’s a porn star now.

    I mean with a name like Husky Harris? It’s obvious.

    • Sexy Miz

      No, you’re thinking of Musky Harris.

      • Keldor King

        Or his sister Busty Harris

  • Adam Moore

    What an email.

  • Jevan

    I believe he lives in a hippy commune with Skip Sheffield, Nicky from the Spirit Squad, and the Prototype these days…

    • Matt Johnson

      Mike McGillicutty, Festus, Hunico and Brett Major are all there too.

  • justicegris

    Someone actually asked Bray this question before. Loved his response…

    “He needed power, and I needed a vessel…”

    • Justin Stark

      That’s fantastic actually, and a really good way to explain a character change.

    • Wharf Rat Fink

      And people wonder why i fucking love that character. How many people put the thought and care into their character as Bray?

    • Steve Jeffery

      Kind of like Bob from Twin Peaks. Just the right amount of weird for wrestling.

  • TraitorAlex

    I wasn’t watching NXT so did they ever explain it, or did he just go away for awhile and come back with a new name, a beard and a Hawaiian shirt?

    • Wharf Rat Fink

      Somewhere in between he wore a hockey mask as Axel Mulligan.

    • Chris Hirsch

      Don’t think it was ever explained, but Husky Harris was killed off by an Orton punt to the head.

  • Nick Saikley

    Ees funny because he know Husky ees Bray!

    • Sexy Miz

      Dude, you’re supposed to play along! Know your role!

    • James M. Fabiano

      This post might be up with the trolls on the old USENET game show discussion today, who ask about who was that “Ida Mufferbids” Bob Barker always mentioned.

  • Sexy Miz

    I remember when Bray Wyatt debuted. Fans were so upset that he was taking Husky’s place on the roster that they spent a full minute chanting for Husky Harris, to no avail.

    • Husky Harris was CM Punk before CM Punk.

    • jabroniville

      haha, I remember online fans being PISSED at those smart fans, afraid that this would ruin Bray’s gimmick right out of the gate.

      • They had reason to be concerned. The fans chanting “Albert” at Lord Tensai completely derailed him, although the gimmick was stupid and doomed to fail anyway.

  • taabr2

    Seriously weird to think that IRS’s kid who was an NXT season 2 and Nexus scrub is now a WWE champion and going into WrestleMania as champion. Think of all the other 2nd generation kids (like DiBiase and Dusty’s kids) and the other seasonal NXT scrubs (like Barrett) and how they all seemed to have more potential. It’s kind of like how you look at Oz in 1991 and then realise he was a pivotal player during the most important time in wrestling history.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      And that he was considered, by far, the worst prospect of the two brothers.

    • BODConscience

      When I think of NXT scrubs I think of Young, otunga and Axel. Barrett was red hot with his Bad News Barret gimmick. I always thought it was a shame how as soon as he got over with it they got rid of it.I think he did get injured during it though so that didn’t help matters. Then he came back wearing a cape for some reason.

  • Stan Ford

    Went frog gigging, disturbed an ancient swamp demon spirit and became possessed. Happens all the time, really.

    • James M. Fabiano

      Bray Wyatt has Solomon Grundy’s origin, cool.

  • Stan Ford
    • taabr2

      Bo looks like he is concentrating on taking a shit, while Bray has got this look on his face that he gave his brother the laxatives and is trying (but failing) to not crack up.

    • The Polish Hammer

      It’s like someone put the Rockers in a hydraulic press.


    There were some Husky Harris chants during his “inauguration promo” as champ just a few days ago. It was annoying.

  • TwentyTimes

    I was thinking about Husky Harris yesterday. Along with Bryan, the only NXT TV series alumi to win the big one (of course loads of NXT the promotion guys have won it). And Bryan really didnt need to go on it.

    • HITMAN7204

      They also gave axel the ic title and Heyman and still get couldn’t get over.

      • James M. Fabiano

        Jesus himself couldn’t get Axel over.

      • Converge241

        A win or two over Hunter as well right? Or was that a no contest. They tried! Felt like when they had Tensai beat Cena and Orton

  • He died.

  • johntcole

    Also what happened to that pasty white generic luchdor El Generico?

    Oh yeah he went back to Mexico to take care of the orphanage.

  • Michael Kehm

    He has the whole world in his hands…

  • tannerfamilyfun92

    All I know is, Mike Rotunda is probably pretty proud of Bray’s placement on the card and pretty annoyed at Bo’s placement.

    • johntcole

      Bo is fine where he is.

      • I guess I have to agree, because he’s not even on the shows anymore it seems. Give him some filthy jeans and a wifebeater, tell him to grow a beard & make him Bo Wyatt. That’s what they should’ve been doing with him all along.

  • johntcole

    Actually I think WWE putting Bo with a now heel Bob Backlund could work.

  • James M. Fabiano

    He followed the buzzards.

  • Michael Mero

    Yeah, Husky Harris just disappeared into the wrestling abyss like that promising Terry Boulder guy in Memphis from the late 70s.


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