Do you think there’s still use for a Cuban businessman as a manager – or dare I say it – advocate? A returning Erick Rowan would be interesting as a monster in need of a mouthpiece. Or let’s just go the obvious route and put him in the real estate business with Primo and Epico. Samoa Joe would be an interesting twist, too. Or a peacemaker between Caesaro and Seamus. Sadly, trying to make The Usos interesting would be asking too much of the guy. You’d have a better chance getting Roman over (had to do there).

​I feel like I’m missing something here. Who are you referring to? The guy who used to manage Umaga?

Managers are pretty much gone because guys don’t have freedom to just say what they want anyway, so it’d just be someone different reading the same scripted lines. ​

  • Kanye Batista

    Arrrrrrmaaaaaannnnddooooooo Alejaaaandrooooo Esssstrrrraaadaaaa! HAHAHA!

    I want to introduce you to my Samoan Bulldozer:

    I think Famous B does a great job in LUCHA UNDERGROUND~!

    • Or, if you’re Regal, “You-manga.”

      • Piperfan01

        The best, I miss hearing “You-manga”

      • Ryan Yoder

        Triple Haitch vs You-Manga.

    • ebEliminator

      I’m surprised they never brought Armando Alejandro Estrada (under a new name, of course) into the Temple. He seems like a perfect fit for LU, and LU loves taking ex-WWE guys like Big Ryck and spinning them into something better than pure shit.

      • Kanye Batista

        Now that you mention it Armando does seem like he’d fit in their somehow.

  • Kenola

    I wonder if that guy who made the Kobe rape joke killed off managers once and for all and gave us this era of overly scripted stuff.

    • Stan Ford

      Managers were a dying breed before that, but I bet it had a chilling effect on anyone even thinking about improv freelancing during a promo.

      • Kenola

        Yeah but it kind of seems like maybe they were flirting with the idea of bringing it back and that incident made them double down on scripting everything.

    • BODConscience

      Abraham Washington was a guilty pleasure of mine. If anything, it gave me something other than Cole and jbl to listen to. Plus he made the prime time players actually stand out a bit.

  • Stan Ford

    The only utility managers/mouthpieces have anymore is in service of a guy who cannot speak English or a guy who is just so BAD at speaking English on a hot mic that he needs the help (it also helps if that manager is one of the best talkers in the history of the business).

    And you also have to have enough faith and dedication to pushing the guy that you’re essentially willing to pay him a double salary since you’ll be paying for his manager as well.

    I think that probably has as much to do as anything else with the death of the manager in modern pro wrestling. If you can teach a guy to recite 4 or 5 lines semi-convincingly, why pay for ANOTHER person to do it for them?

  • I am all for the return of Armando Alejandro Estrada. I loved that dude, he was amazing. HA HA!

    • Charlie Owens

      What happened to him? The usual “creative has nothing for you” bullshit, or did he want out?

      • Ripner Cabbit

        They didn’t want managers anymore and tried to turn him into a wrestler on ECW and he wasn’t very good at wrestling and they eventually released him.

  • Keldor King

    I recently watched the Umaga vs. Legends match and Umaga vs. Kamala and I have to say……Estrada was pretty damned over and entertaining.

  • ETB757

    Armando Estrada was extremely underrated. He was phenomenal in OVW and they only scratched the surface with him in WWE before axing his catchphrase and banishing him to ECW.

  • TheDJR

    I think Erick Rowan needs more than a manager.

    • Charlie Owens

      He’s better than Strowman. (In-ring, at least. Not sure if either guy can promo.)

      • TheDJR

        Disagree, I think Strowman has surpassed him in every way in a short time frame.

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