Assistance needed

Hey, Scott… long-time listener, first-time caller, you know that drill…

Long-time California indy promoter Jesse Hernandez lost his ring, sound system, and ring truck in a fire last weekend. He plans to rebuild the ring and replace the audio, but (because he’s a wrestling promoter who isn’t named Vince McMahon) he doesn’t actually have the money to do so.

Friends of his have set up a YouCaring page to raise money to help.

If anyone wants to throw a few bucks in, it’s at

Best of luck to him!​

  • slapdabass

    Shouldn’t have booked Kane

  • Eric Von Erich

    Sad. They’ve been doing shows for 20 years and it looks like he’s trained a number of names over the years (Kazarian, Rocky Romero, Rico, Awesome Kong, etc.). I wish him luck in raising the money, but I have to wonder if it’s worth trying to raise $20K at this stage in his life (he’s 67) to get an indy wrestling show going again. That’s not exactly the industry I’d count on providing money in my retirement.

    Also, the details in the youcaring post were sketchy, but the insurance doesn’t cover any of the cost? That doesn’t sound right. I’m sure that’s what the insurance company said, but they are probably lying and a lawyer can probably get them to pay out something.

  • y2j420

    Why throw a potshot at Vince McMahon?

    • Uncle Lovematic Grampa X

      Shit, knowing Vince, he’d donate the money they need anonymously just because. He’s been known to do such things.

  • Ripner Cabbit

    Isn’t that the kind of stuff you should have insurance for if you’re running a business?

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