Ring of Honor – February 15th, 2017


Tonight, the Bullet Club in the form of Adam Cole & Cody Rhodes take on Jay Lethal & Bobby Fish in our main event!

Let’s watch some wrestling, shall we?

ROH TV – 2/15/17

Promo airs from Cody joining the Bullet Club, same one from before Wrestle Kingdom 11.

We are TAPED from Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia! Your host is Kevin Kelly, joined this week by Mark Briscoe! Yay!

Sorry, I love Mark Briscoe commentary for some reason. I can’t explain it in the slightest.

“Bullet Club!” And we’re starting off with the music of the Bullet Club, as “Hangman” Adam Page makes his way to the ring. His opponent is already in the ring and his name is…..wait for it…..Matt Sells! BWAHAHAHAHA. That might be the single best name for a jobber that I’ve EVER heard! And he gets the chance to live up to his name relatively quickly, as Page attacks before the bell rings with a kick to the face. Sell, Matt, Sell! He’s Matt Sells!

“Hangman” Adam Page vs Matt Sells

Nope on the Code of Honor. Page sends Sells to the corner and fires shots, then comes off the ropes with a kick that sends Matt to the floor. Page follows, Fireman’s Carry by Page and he tosses Sells into the post from that as we see our commentators at the desk. Page throws Sells back in the ring and springs in over the top with his somersault lariat, does a throat-cutting gesture across the throat of Sells, and the Rite of Passage completes the slaughter. (“Hangman” Adam Page over Matt Sells, pinfall, 1:15)


Post-match, Page gets his hangman’s noose from the corner as the Young Bucks come out to join the party, double superkick to Sells! Adam Cole must have felt left out, because he’s strolling out now, accompanied by Cody Rhodes. Crowd chants for Cody, ’cause they’re in Atlanta! So now, we have the whole North American Bullet Club in the ring as the crowd showers them with streamers and chants “Welcome Home!” to Cody, who smiles and kisses the mat. Cody: “I have waited eleven years for that reception!” Damn, it feels good! But he has to ask the question, Atlanta, what took you so long? It only strengthens the perception that Atlanta is a GARBAGE city! A wretched hive of scum and villainy! But this all brings us to our special guest; Jay Lethal, would you come out to the stage? Lethal doesn’t come out at first, so Cody goads him on, and Jay makes his way out to the apron. Mr. Lethal, it’s no coincidence that Cody’s first match in ROH was with you, you were handpicked…..because they knew that Cody would beat you! In fact, Cody says, let me open the ropes for you…..and he SPITS in Lethal’s face! Well, that’s enough for Jay to forget that there are currently 5 guys in the ring, because he comes through and starts wailing away on Rhodes. Man, Lethal got STUPID since he lost the title. Bullet Club beatdown ensues, but here comes Bobby Fish for the save, but it’s still 5 on 2…..and here comes Jay White, Alex Shelley, and Lio Rush to clear the ring! What will happen to tonight’s main event? We’ll surely find out after these great ads!

We’re back and it appears that we’re going to have our main event RIGHT NOW, much to the chagrin of Cody.

Jay Lethal & Bobby Fish vs The Bullet Club (Jay Lethal & Cody Rhodes)

No Code of Honor. Rhodes and Cole psych each other up on the outside and slide in, and we’re off! Fish and Lethal have the early advantage, with Lethal beating on Cody in the corner to start us off proper, Lethal sends Rhodes off the ropes and drops him with a clothesline. That gets two. Tag to Fish, double whip, big kick by Bobby drops Cody and gets two. Cody gets a kneelift to stop Fish, then pins his arms behind his back and Cole tags himself in. Fish elbows out of the hold from Cody and he goes to work on Cole with forearms and kicks. Fish sends Cole off the ropes, Cole hooks the top and slides to the floor. Bobby gives chase as Cole runs for it, Cody is waiting to ambush Bobby on the other side, so Fish slides through the ring at the corner and nails Adam, then turns around and clocks Cody! Ha! That was slick, Bobby. He turns around and eats a superkick from Cole, though, and it’s right in your face. Good camera work there. Cody and Adam hug it out and Cole tosses Fish back in. He takes off his shirt and chokes Fish out, then sends him to the corner and tags in Cody, who’s in with a kick and right hands on Bobby. Rhodes mocks the fans applauding, then slams Fish and tags in Cole. Cody holds Cole up in vertical suplex, then drops him on top of Fish. That gets two, and Adam goes to a chinlock. Fish fights up, but Cole yanks him back down by his hair. Tag to Rhodes, who springs in and drops to the mat, but instead of punching Fish, he pokes him in the eye instead. Tag back to Cole, and he’s in with a stomp to Bobby, snap suplex by Cole. And let’s hope that the following great ads are over in a snap!

We’re back with Adam giving us an ‘Adam Cole, bay-bay!’, so Jay Lethal comes in the ring and nails him just for fun. Heh. That allows Rhodes to come in illegally and fake a tag, and the beatdown of Fish continues. Stomps by Rhodes, tag back to Cole. Fish tries to go for a tag, but Cole kicks him in the back of the knee to drop him. Bobby fights up with rights, Cole counters back by feigning a superkick then going to kick the knee of Bobby instead. Cole goes up, but Fish avoids the Panama Sunrise and gets an overhead throw to send Adam into the buckles. Lethal wants the tag, Cole manages to tag Rhodes, Fish makes the tag! Lethal is in! Fists afire on Rhodes, clothesline by Jay! Another! Cody reverses an Irish whip, Lethal ducks a shot from Cody, cutter by Lethal! 1, 2, Cole makes the save! Cross-corner whip by Cole is reversed by Lethal, and he whips Cole from corner to corner, adding a kick to Rhodes across the top rope along the way. Spear attempt by Cole, Lethal moves and Cody eats it instead to get sent to the floor. Irish whip attempt is reversed by Cole, Lethal Injection by Jay! Lethal covers, but the ref points out that Cody is, in fact, the legal man! The look on Jay’s face is basically “Oh, we care about that NOW in ROH tag matches?”, tag to Bobby. Lethal tosses Cody back in for Fish, Cody runs the ropes and ducks a Lethal clothesline, hitting Cody with a dropkick through the ropes. Fish charges Cody in the corner, Rhodes hits a Code Red! Fish pops back up and reverses to a Samoan Drop! 1, 2, NO! Fish with kneelifts, Irish whip by Bobby and Cody blindtags Adam as Fish knocks him down with a kick. Cole in now, Fish with a waistlock, Cole escapes and hits a jumping enzuigiri, then follows that with a superkick. Lethal back in now, Lethal Combination as it’s breaking loose in Atlanta! Rhodes gets hit with a bicycle kick from Jay, but follows through with a lariat that turns Lethal inside-out and everybody is down. They all struggle back to their feet, but fall back down to sell the damage. Speaking of selling, many folks have things to sell you in the following great ads!

We’re back with all four guys slugging it out in the middle of the ring, jumping knee by Fish drops Cole, Cody goes for Crossroads on Fish, Lethal stops that with a superkick to Cody. Rhodes ends up on the outside, and Lethal hits him with a tope out there! Cole and Fish are left in the ring now, Cole goes for a Shining Wizard, but Fish avoids it and locks in the kneebar! Lethal holds back Cody on the outside…..Cole taps out! (Bobby Fish & Jay Lethal over Cody Rhodes & Adam Cole, submission, 13:23)

WORTH WATCHING? – 4 good pro wrestlers put on a pretty good tag match. Film at eleven. YES, this one was pretty good. Paced extremely well, they set up for a nice ending with Fish tapping out Cole to build up his title shot in New York, although there’s no hope in hell he wins there. I didn’t mind the basic heel stuff in the beginning to make Bobby the face in peril, mostly because it was done well and drew the heat it was supposed to, which is damn near impossible for the Bullet Club to do most of the time. I still think that Cody Rhodes is just behind these guys overall when it comes to what they can do in the ring, but he’s getting there and looked somewhat at home tonight. Very decent.

Post-match, Lethal and Cody fight all the way to the back as Fish celebrates and jaws at Cole on the apron before making the throat-cutting gesture. Kelly voiceover tells us that since this match went on early, our main event will now be Dalton Castle & the Boys vs the Rebellion!

In the back, Castle and the Boys are watching the action on a monitor. “Did you see that?” He slaps one of the Boys and tells them that they just got moved up to the main event! Are they ready? Show him some teeth! And they do, as Castle is pleased. “You’re MY Boys!”

Back to ringside now, as Kelly is there with Mark Briscoe. Next week, it’s the finals of the Decade of Excellence tournament, as Christopher Daniels takes on Jay Briscoe! What’s going through Jay’s mind? Well, Mark says, Jay is a former 2-time World champion, and that means he’s lost it twice before, and every time he loses that title, he goes crazy! But Jay’s been training harder than he ever has before, and Mark says that next week, his brother WILL become the #1 contender! Kelly says that for another perspective, let’s hear from Frankie Kazarian!

“You know a lot of people have asked me lately about the Decade of Excellence tournament!” More specifically, they’ve been asking about Christopher Daniels’ role in that tournament! He should be happy and thrilled for Chris, but frankly, he’s scared to death! Let him explain. This tournament represents a chance to fight for the ROH World title, something that a lot of wrestlers will never get! But for Daniels, this isn’t an opportunity; this is a last chance! And this isn’t something that Kaz won’t say to his face; let him tell you about the conversation that they had when they found out about this tournament. Kaz looked him dead in the eye and told him that this could be his last chance, that someday he’s going to run out of tomorrows, that someday his memories are going to become more important than his dreams! Eventually, there won’t be a next time; eventually this business is going to tap him on the shoulder, shake your hand, say thank you for 20+ years, thank you for your contributions, and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out! Because that’s what this business does; it grinds people up and spits them out! So essentially, for Daniels this tournament is painting him into a corner with his own blood; this isn’t an opportunity, this is a must-win. This is a back against the wall situation like no other! But if there’s one man that can do it, that can walk through the blood, it’s Christopher Daniels! Because that man has something that Kaz envies, something that Kaz wishes he had, and that’s the passion, drive, and love for the business, more specifically for Ring of Honor! He’s seen Daniels at his highest of highs and his lowest of lows, and both of them are after Ring of Honor wrestling matches, because that man puts more emphasis on this company than anybody, past, present, or future! At the end of this tournament, he could end up best friends with a man who has a shot at the ROH World championship, or be best friends with someone who could be on his way out of this business.

WOW. I had no idea that Frankie had this promo in him. I said last week in the comments section that I don’t want to see them fight, and I still don’t, but now it’s for the right reason, because I want them both to have a happy ending. This promo had passion, it had undertones of jealousy, it had moments of admiration, it even had some genuine concern thrown in there. Ring of Honor, however they’ve done it, have managed to make both Daniels and Kazarian absolute MVPs of the show over the last several months, and there’s real emotion in their characters and their journey right now. Daniels as a knight on his (possibly) last quest to grab the brass ring, while Kazarian is his loyal friend who might be willing to put a knife in his back if he needs to save him. I am blown away by what they’ve managed to do with both of these guys.

In fact, I’ll say it – I genuinely WANT Christopher Daniels to win the tournament and beat Cole for the title now. I’m 100% invested. Not as a cynical smark, not as someone who tries to guess the angles before they happen, but as a wrestling fan who is wrapped up in the fate of these two characters and their relationship. Check out the promo, it is absolutely worth your time, and we’ll be back after these ads.

We’re back with Briscoe and Kelly, as Mark picks the Rebellion to win tonight’s main event. But Kelly also wanted to know, what does Mark think about the stuff going on between the Bucks and the Hardyz? But before Mark can answer, his music plays, as he tells Kevin that he forgot that he had a match! He takes off as Kelly says “They always leave me!” Hee. Briscoe tosses a chair around the ring and gets in, as we see that his opponent is from the province of ‘already in the ring’, one Sal Rinauro!

Mark Briscoe vs Sal Rinauro

Mark offers the Code of Honor, so Sal licks his hand and attempts to shake, but Mark decides that he’s going to retract that offer. Circle and Sal gets a quick waistlock on Briscoe, Mark escapes and Sal dances. Mark shoots and rolls Sal up, then takes him back down with a single-leg takedown and goes to the mat with a side headlock. Back to their feet, Sal shoots Mark off, but Mark hangs on and tosses him to the floor, then follows with a dropkick through the ropes, followed by a Blockbuster off the apron. Side slam by Mark on the side of the ring, and he rolls Sal in for two. Chop by Mark, again in the corner, and Mark chokes with his boot. Cross-corner whip is stopped by Sal, who hocks a good one at Mark. Sal runs to the other corner with Briscoe right behind and does a backflip off the middle buckle to kick Mark in the face, following that with a Michinoku Driver. 1, 2, no! Cross-corner whip by Sal is reversed by Mark, but Briscoe eats boot on a blind charge. Sal comes out of the corner and gets flattened with a lariat. Mark slaps at Sal’s head a bit, then hits an overhead throw from a Uranage position before sending him crashing to the buckles with a mule kick. Fisherman’s Buster from Briscoe and he goes up, Froggy-bow! 1, 2, 3. (Mark Briscoe over Sal Rinauro, pinfall, 3:03)


Post-match, Briscoe poses as Kelly laments having to find another color commentator. Maybe he can find one in the following great ads!

We’re back with Bobby Fish! “Pardon the smirk.” Let’s be honest – his resume with Kyle O’Reilly as reDRagon speaks for itself! A combined 672 days and 3 reigns as ROH tag team champions, 2-time IWGP junior tag champs! And the only reason that those numbers came to an abrupt end was that he and Kyle decided to try to pursue other things. We see Bobby winning the ROH World TV title by making Tomohiro Ishii pass out, which Bobby talks about not having happened before or since. Fish has done nothing in this company except break every preconceived notion of what Bobby Fish was all about! That TV title became a World TV title in his possession, and once it left his possession, it went back to #2, where it shall remain unless Fish chooses to hold it again!

Back to ringside, where Kelly has been joined by Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser! They’ll be calling this main event tonight with Kevin. Kelly wants to know what the status of them finding another guy to go after the six-man tag titles, and Young says that when they find the guy, those titles are as good as theirs.

And there’s the music of the Rebellion! Kenny King, Caprice Coleman, & Rhett Titus make their way to the ring. But here comes Dalton Castle and the Boys! The crowd goes nuts for Castle, as they usually do. Castle cuts a promo where he says that they want those 6-man tag titles, but they have to get through the Rebellion to get a shot; luckily, they’ve been drinking green tea all day, so they’re ready!

Dalton Castle & the Boys vs The Rebellion (Kenny King, Rhett Titus, & Caprice Coleman)

Kenny and Dalton start us off, as Kenny mocks the lean back pose of Castle. Dalton decides to show him how to do it, so King chops him and celebrates like he just won the match with his teammates. He turns back around and Castle lifts him up and just drops him like a sack of potatoes. They do ‘get’ how to do Dalton, as they make sure to remind us all the time that he’s crazy strong and a good wrestler, as opposed to just being a comedy character. That type of detail can get lost a lot of the time. Running knee in the corner by Dalton, then a waistlock takedown, and King tags in Titus. Castle tags in one of the Boys as well, and the Boy leaps in and charges Titus, eating a boot to the gut as a result. Tag to the other Boy and he jumps in, charges and eats a right hand. Rhett is pleased with himself as the Boy tags in Castle, but Dalton catches a kick from Titus and hits a belly-to-back suplex. Tag to one of the Boys, and Dalton slams him on top of Rhett as the other Boy leapfrogs over Castle to hit a doublestomp on Titus. That gets one. Titus tags in King, the Boy in the ring looks for Sliced Bread #2, King flips him all the way over, then catches him coming off the ropes with a well-placed kick before taking out the other Boy on the apron with a right. Fireman’s carry by King, but the Boy goes to the eyes to escape and tags in the other Boy, who catches King against the ropes with a kick. Teh Boy springs in, and King hits him in midair spinkick to the chest. And now, Colt Cabana is out with a six-pack of beer to replenish the supply of the Beer City Bruiser, and maybe he bought that beer from a company that bought time in the following great ads!

We’re back with Coleman in the ring covering for two on one of the Boys. Colt has replaced the Bruiser on commentary now as Coleman drops the Boy with a spinebuster. Tag to King as Coleman hits a springboard elbow, King comes in and tags Titus before hitting a legdrop, and Titus finishes with a frog splash on the Boy for two. Gutwrench suplex from Titus, then a jumping knee. Titus mocks the Boy and prevents the tag, but the Boy gets an enzuigiri. Coleman and King take out Castle and the other Boy to make sure he can’t tag, and its tag to King. Kick from King, and he drapes the Boy on the middle rope to choke away. Back over to the heel corner and its a tag to Rhett, who covers for two. Titus rams the Boy in the corner as Coleman rakes the Boy’s eyes across the top rope while Titus tags King back in. Elbow to the back of the head by King, vertical suplex by Kenny is reversed to a DDT by the Boy! Hot tag to Castle as Kenny tags in Coleman! Shots from Dalton, Irish whip attempt by Castle, reversed by Caprice, clothesline by Castle! Waistlock and Titus comes in, so Castle releases and gets Coleman in a waistlock, release German suplex! King in, same result. Coleman tries to come off the second rope, Dalton catches him and this time, it’s a German suplex with a bridge! 1, 2, NO! Tag to the Boy on the apron, Dalton sends Coleman off the ropes but there was a blind tag. Bangarang attempt by Castle, but Coleman manages to escape to the apron as King pulls the Boy out to the floor and sends him to the barricade. Dalton fights off Titus and Coleman for a brief second, but eats a dropkick from Rhett to stop that, and now the Boy gets thrown back in to the wolves. One-night Stand attempt, but King is pulled off the apron and down to the floor. Meanwhile, Dalton sneaks in behind Titus and hits another German with a bridge, with the legal Boy flipping over the top into a jackknife cover. 1, 2, Coleman makes the save! Caprice tosses the Boy to the floor, but eats an Exploder from Dalton right after. King eats a back elbow as Castle goes from corner to corner with splashes, but Coleman moves on one of them and Castle goes crashing to the floor. The Boy goes up to the top, but he gets caught in a fireman’s carry by King and dropped on his face, Skysplitta by Caprice! King flies out over the top with a twisting splash to the floor was Titus comes off with the big splash off the top onto the Boy, and that’ll do it. (The Rebellion over Dalton Castle & the Boys, pinfall, 8:13)

WORTH WATCHING? – I was lukewarm at best on this one. I’m all for letting Dalton show off, but there wasn’t much doubt here and they didn’t do enough to convince me of the upset potential. I enjoyed a decent amount of the body of the match, though, so I’m really on the fence. When I feel that way, I tend to go with NO, and that’s what I’m going with here, because I don’t see a reason I would rewatch the match. It was just sort of there.

Post-match, the Rebellion celebrates as we see that the Kingdom has come out to the stage to applaud the Rebellion for their hard-fought victory as Kelly tells us that next week, we’ll see the Finals of the Decade of Excellence tournament in our main event, as Jay Briscoe takes on Christopher Daniels! And that’s it for ROH TV this week.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Better than last week’s show, with a show-stealing promo from Frankie Kazarian that adds another layer of intrigue to his and Daniels’ relationship, along with a very good tag match in the beginning. There was some junk, especially stuff like the Mark Briscoe squash match, but the good managed to outweigh the bad this week in actual screen time. Thumbs leaning up for ROH TV this week. Plus, Mark Sells!


As always, thanks for reading this thing I wrote,

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