WWE 205 Live – February 14th, 2017


Tonight on 205 Live, Adrian Neville takes on TJ Perkins in our main event! Also, we’ll see the 205 Live debut of Gran Metalik!

Let’s watch some wrestling, shall we?

WWE 205 Live – 2/14/17

Last Tuesday, Jack Gallagher won the right to face off against Neville for the Cruiserweight title at Fastlane! Neville came out for the big glower afterwards as Jack wants ‘da belt!

We are LIVE from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California! Your hosts are Mauro Ranallo, Corey Graves, & Austin Aries.

And we’re starting with the music of Noam Dar! He makes his way out along with Alicia Fox. And here comes his opponent, Rich Swann! Swann is making his return to 205 Live after being sidelined for a few weeks. Rich wants a mic! “Hey. Tonight is a very special night for two reasons!” 1, Rich Swann is back on 205 Live! And 2, tonight is Valentine’s Day! So, Swann is going to dedicate this match to a very special lady…..Alicia Fooooxxxxx! Alicia looks delighted, until Swann tells her that ‘hey, baby; you can’t handle this!’ He probably means his PENIS!

Rich Swann vs Noam Dar (w/ Alicia Foooooxxxx)

No handshake. Circle and a lockup goes to the corner, clean break by Rich. Dar goes for the arm of Swann, turning into a wristlock, Swann tries to roll out but Dar takes him down to the mat and holds it there. Rich tries again, but Dar isn’t biting and takes him back down. Back up and Dar snaps the arm over his shoulder, Swann breaks the hold by doing a standing backflip and taking Noam over with an armdrag. Rich with the wristlock takedown now, then back to it before Dar grabs Swann by the hair and takes him to the corner, Dar attempts a cheap shot but Swann avoids it and goes to a headlock, Dar shoots him off and they run the ropes, dropkick by Swann! Dar rolls to the floor as Swann does some dancin’ in the ring. Dar beats the count back in at 8 and promptly runs right into a drop toehold by Rich. Snapmare by Swann, kick to the back of Dar. That gets two. Cross-corner whip by Swann, reversed by Dar, Dar eats a boot on a blind charge. Swann goes up, but Dar kicks him in the shin to send him down to the mat.

Snapmare by Dar, elbow by Dar. Dar shows off his killer dance moves for a moment, then hits a left and a stomp on Rich. Dar smashes Rich’s head into the buckle and covers for two. Butterfly suplex by Dar gets two. Noam blows Alicia a kiss and nails Rich with an uppercut. Dar steps over into an armbar now and cranks it, then stands him back up and hits a double thrust, but not before doing a bit of posing. Dar sends Swann off the ropes and hits a shot to the midsection, then a European uppercut is added. 2nd uppercut by Dar. 3rd one is attempted, but Swann turns that into a backslide! Dar rolls through that, Swann drops him with a roundhouse kick! The force of the air was too much for Noam! Both guys down now, they slowly get to their feet, Swann with a right hand! Again! Clothesline by Rich! Again! Back kick by Rich and he comes off the ropes, double stomp misses! Rich goes for an enzuigiri, but Dar ducks it and applies an anklelock. Swann tries to kick him away, so Dar grabs the leg and switches off, applying the anklelock to the other leg! That’s clever, actually. Rich manages to get close to the ropes, and he sends Dar to the floor in doing so. Swann goes out after him, but Dar uses Alicia as a shield and slides back in, Swann attempts a sunset flip but Dar sits on Rich’s shoulders and grabs the middle rope. 1, 2, NO! Dar tries a clothesline, Rich ducks it, Dar catches him on the rebound with a Sickle to the back of the head. That gets two. Dar sends Rich to the corner now, cross-corner whip sends Rich Bret Hart-first into the other buckles. Noam charges and Swann moves, but Dar gets a kick anyway. Dar goes up, Swann takes him off the top rope with a ‘rana! Sort of! Swann goes up, Phoenix splash! 1, 2, 3! (Rich Swann over Noam Dar, pinfall, 7:53)

WORTH WATCHING? – Man, that middle portion was absolute DEATH. I actually do think that Dar has a ton of potential, but his offense was this side of 10 years ago Randy Orton; all it was missing was the chinlock. I was bored enough to tears in the middle to actually give this one a NO, even with a relatively decent finish. They had some definite timing issues and that “‘rana off the top” was literally just Dar doing a somersault to the mat after Swann grazed him on his earlobes; they did not work all that well together in this one. Dar is really, really young and green, but matches like this don’t do him any favors.

Post-match, Swann does some dancing as the replays of the Phoenix splash are shown. Swann gives Alicia a little attention, because she apparently draws everyone on this show to her like a moth to a flame.

Wrestlemania ad. Put ’em up! Put ’em up!

Back to the announcer desk, Graves and Austin bust on Mauro for a minute before we go to an interview with TJ Perkins. God, he looks like such a douchebag every time I see him. And now, let’s bring in Neville as well. Graves asks Neville why last night on Raw, he claimed TJ was a greater threat to his title than Jack Gallagher, and does he stand by it? Neville says that TJ is a former champion, former being the key word, and he outlasted 31 other competitors to win the CWC, although that’s only because Neville wasn’t one of those 31. Perkins takes umbrage there, saying that the reason that Neville wasn’t in the CWC is that Neville’s ankles are made of glass! He makes a lame Tinder joke before saying that he was scorching the earth defending the Cruiserweight title all over the world. Neville says that TJ is a talented guy, but he’s not on Neville’s level, and he’ll always come in second place to Adrian. Perkins tells Neville that his arrogance will be his downfall, that Neville is going to fall victim to his own hubris. TJ wonders if Neville was even on Raw before TJ came up, because TJ honestly can’t remember! TJ can’t wait to see him throw is all away again. Neville tells him that you can mark his words, by the end of the night, he’ll regret saying that.

Ad for NXT. Tomorrow night, Tyler Bate defends the UK title against Trent Seven.

We’re back to a shot of the arena outside, then a replay of the Gran Metalik hype video. “The best is here!”

And there’s the music that signals the arrival of Gran Metalik! He makes his way to the ring and stands on the top rope to await his opponent; and there’s the music of said opponent, Drew Gulak!

Gran Metalik vs Drew Gulak

Handshake is accepted. Gulak immediately runs across the ring and dropkicks Metalik right after the opening bell, then lays in with stomps. Right hand by Drew, Irish whip by Drew, Metalik comes off the ropes with a handspring, then a backflip. He goes for a springboard but slips on the ropes; Drew takes the opportunity to toss him to the mat. Double-thrust by Drew, cross-corner whip by Gulak, blind charge by Gulak eats the boot of Gran. Palm strike by Metalik, Metalik follows that up by coming off the top with an armdrag, then taking over Gulak with a ‘rana that sends Drew to the floor. Metalik looks to fly, but changes his mind and just taunts Gulak from the ring instead. Drew gets on the apron and catches Gran with a shoulder, then a stomp and a double thrust. This is not very good. Over the shoulder throw by Gulak gets a one count, and Drew puts on a keylock to limit this thrilling action. Back up, Drew with an armwringer and an Irish whip, reversed by Gran, Gulak hooks the top rope. Metalik charges, bounces off the top rope into a wheelbarrow armdrag on Gulak! Another armdrag takes Gulak to the mat as the crowd chants “Si!”. Cross-corner whip is reversed by Gulak, Metalik tries a springboard cross-body, but Gulak kicks him in the face as he comes down. Baseball slide sends Metalik to the floor now, as Aries lauds Gulak for his innovative offense. Back in and Gulak covers for two. Drew with a Gory special now, then a spinning Hangman’s neckbreaker. That gets two. Drew charges Metalik, but gets caught with a drop toehold to send him face first to the second turnbuckle. Gulak misses a clothesline and Metalik decides “Fuck this lucha shit” and pastes him with a right. Another right! Springboard crossbody by Gran, and he alley-oops Gulak to the apron, where a kick sends him to the floor. Metalik off the second rope, springboard tope con hilo! Back in and Metalik hoists Gulak up, Metalik driver! We’re done here. (Gran Metalik over Drew Gulak, pinfall, 5:27)

WORTH WATCHING? – They had a really rocky start, but covered it pretty well. I don’t know about the structure of the match, as Gulak dominated long portions; this was clearly meant to be a showcase for Metalik in his debut, and Drew was in control for a good chunk of it. I’m going with a NO on this one only because they seemed out of sync and the match really wasn’t that interesting. Metalik was clearly winning and he didn’t show off enough to make the match worthwhile on that level.

In the back, Akira Tozawa is packing up his stuff when Brian Kendrick approaches. “Hey buddy!” They haven’t had a chance to sit down and talk, probably because Akira’s been too busy, maybe a bit intimidated to have the opportunity of a lifetime being mentored by a living legend like Kendrick! Brian wants Tozawa to be his protege; does Akira know what a protege is? Kendrick explains what a protege is, but Akira just says no. Brian thinks there might be a language barrier, that Tozawa doesn’t understand what Kendrick is offering – does he understand. Akira: “I understand. I just don’t like you.”

Next Monday, Big Show vs Braun Strowman on Monday Night Raw! SET YOUR DVR NOW!

We’re back as Graves tells us that tonight on 205 Live, it’s AJ Styles, Alexa Bliss, and Apollo Crews! Don’t miss it!

And there’s the (still awesome) music of TJ Perkins! It’s main event time as Perkins makes his way to the ring. And here comes Neville! The king of the cruiserweights makes his way to the ring and he HATES EVERYONE. I could not love him more. A reminder that at Fastlane, Neville will defend his title against Jack Gallagher!

Adrian Neville vs TJ Perkins – non-title match

No handshake. They trade off wristlocks to start, TJ hangs on through Neville’s reversal attempts. Adrian finally does get it reversed, so TJ goes to the mat and takes Neville over with a headscissors. Armdrag by TJ, then another. Perkins keeps his hold on the arm, and Neville can’t seem to break it. Finally he manages to trip Perkins and tries a front facelock, but Perkins is right back at it, reversing to a hammerlock. All done with snap and force, this has been a joy to watch. Back up now, and Neville takes TJ to the ropes, Neville offers a clean break before taking TJ over to the mat, chinlock attempt but TJ reverses again to the hammerlock. Back up, Neville to the ropes and he shoots TJ off, Perkins with a baseball slide through the legs of Neville, then back to the arm again. Neville has had it with this crap and slugs him in the face. Neville tries a vertical suplex, TJ flips out of that, double boot hits Neville on a blind charge, TJ goes up, ‘rana to Neville off the second rope! Springboard crossbody by TJ! 1, 2, NO!

Neville tries to toss TJ, but Perkins lands on the apron and slides back in through Neville’s legs, avoids strikes from Neville and hits shots and a kick, but Neville manages to catch him with a stungun to send him to the floor. Neville goes out after him and slams TJ’s head into the mat, then tosses him back in. Neville goes up now; his facial expressions are just tremendous. Missile dropkick by Neville! That gets two. Stomp by Neville, he sends TJ to the corner upside-down. Neville chokes away with his boot, sending TJ to the floor. Neville goes out after, dragging TJ by the hair, and flapjacks him onto the barricade. Back in, Neville gets two. More stomps from Neville, then a chinlock. TJ fights up from that, but Neville puts him back down. Slam by Neville and he goes up. Perkins charges, Neville jumps off over him, Neville charges, TJ escapes the charge and hits a neckbreaker. Neville rolls out, TJ follows him with a springboard dropkick.

TJ tosses Neville back in, Perkins springboards in with a BEAUTIFUL tornado DDT. He shifted smoothly to make that work. 1, 2, NO! TJ with a stepover hammerlock now, and he yanks the other arm to snap it over his body! That was cool. Neville tries to fight back with a right, but Perkins manages to reverse to a cross-armbreaker! Neville rolls him over and the ref counts two, despite Perkins not having his shoulders on the mat in the slightest. Neville manages to pull Perkins up…..sitout powerbomb to break the hold! Both guys are down. This match is tremendous. Both guys back up now, they slug it out with some hard forearms, Perkins gets Neville up for a Detonation kick attempts, Neville wiggles free and hits a spinning back kick. Neville off the ropes, jumping kick from TJ! Running elbow in the corner from TJ! Perkins goes up, but he slips on the top and Neville runs up to join him, superplex attempt is blocked and Perkins drops Neville face first to the mat from the top! Perkins tries to come off with a ‘rana, caught by Neville! He drops Perkins to the mat and goes for his shoulderlock submission, TJ rolls him over for two. Neville goes to the apron, TJ comes over, Neville snaps the arm of TJ on the top rope! Running enzuigiri by Neville sets up the shoulderlock, and TJ taps out to end it. (Adrian Neville over TJ Perkins, submission, 12:27)

WORTH WATCHING? – I thought this was awesome, to be honest. The story of Neville expecting to walk all over TJ and Perkins fighting back, even outwrestling him in the beginning, led to the match progressing to a stronger middle when the big moves hit. YES, I would watch this again. I thought they worked really well together, smoothly countering each other and snapping off harder shots when it was appropriate. Criticisms of the match are probably that the arm work in the beginning ended up being a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing, especially on TJ’s end, but that’s minor. Good stuff here.

Post-match, Neville refuses to release the hold until he’s declared the winner. He poses as Jack Gallagher rushes the ring. Neville attacks with stomps and tosses William the Umbrella down the ramp, and now Jack Gallagher is ANGRY! Uppercuts for Neville! Headbutt by Gallagher sends Neville to the floor! Gallagher poses with the Cruiserweight title as Neville glares, and we’re done with 205 Live for the week.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: I was kind of meh on this episode until the main event, to be frank. Swann and Dar really wasn’t great, and I had hoped that Metalik would have a stronger debut. The main event was excellent, best that TJ has looked in awhile. It reminded me of how good a wrestler he is.

As always, thanks for reading this thing I wrote,

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