Potential Triple H NXT stable vs The Shield

Add Jericho to this and it’s the perfect excuse to finally have a war games match, is it not?

Not gonna happen. They’d have to cut the ringside seating in half and spend thousands in equipment and marketing. I just can’t see it.

  • TwentyTimes

    Be cool if NXT did it at one of the Takeovers. Obviously never happen.

    • Mister Thirteen

      Was just thinking that myself.

      Or maybe a special 205 Live event? Could be a way to draw lots of attention to the cruisers…

  • The Little Bulldog

    If they were so inclined (and they’re not), they could use the Elimination Chamber to do a 3 on 3 War Games match.

    • Wharf Rat Fink

      They even have that on the video games. You don’t need to even promote it as War Games, just as a team EC match.

  • Liam Happe

    It’d at least be an interesting use of the Hell in a Cell cage, though.

    • JLAJRC

      Exactyly. Who said you needed two rings? If they can have multiple people in the ring at the same time for a Royal Rumble, an 8 man War Games match (using the same rules) in a HITC cage is simple.

    • Stephen

      Or even the Elimination Chamber if you squeeze a couple more pods in there. Shit, Eric even said that War Games was the inspiration for the original EC!

  • Chris

    PG War Games would suck.

    • Manjiimortal

      91 and 92 War Games were PG.

      • Sweet Lee

        Dustin Rhodes’ forehead disagrees about ’92. Decidedly NOT an example of PG.

        • Manjiimortal

          Yeah, I always forget that 92 had blood. On the other hand 93 also had Dustin bleeding but I always remember that detail.

      • Chris

        The ring in 1992 is literally covered in blood.

      • Bob Patel

        And while 91 didn’t have much or any blood it still had awesome had story running through it and plus that Sid powerbomb on Pillman was devastating enough to make up for any non blood for the match

  • TwentyTimes

    Actually, I know War Games was always two rings, but does the concept HAVE TO be two rings? Could they keep everything else the same but just do it in one ring? WWE rings are bigger anyway than the WCW ones. They’d have enough space for 8 guys at the end for THE MATCH BEYOND. Might be a squeeze but booked properly it could work. Or do we need that two ring visual?

    • Greg Phillips

      It absolutely doesn’t. For five on five, maybe? But four on four could easily take place with the added ringside area of HIAC.

  • Todd Wallace

    How many times over the years has there been the “perfect set up for War Games”. Remember after WM XXX and you had Evolution vs. Daniel Bryan and The Shield and everyone was sure that was finally going to result in a War Games match? War Games isn’t happening for all of the reasons Scott mentioned. Most of the audience wouldn’t know what it is anyway. When was the last time WCW even had a meaningful War Games? Two maybe three years before they died? The gimmick was mostly famous in the 80’s. Also with the Brand Split they can’t put Ambrose on Raw with Smackdown being as thin as it is anyway.

    • Evolution vs Benoit/Jericho/HBK/Shelton Benjamin would’ve been a good one,

      • Fat, Ugly Inner-City Sweathog

        WWF vs WCW at Survivor Series 2001

    • Also, one of the things that made War Games beloved was the level of violence that included most of the participants bleeding. Today? Not a chance.

  • Wharf Rat Fink

    Use the Chamber, and have two guys in one pod (if they can fit) on each side plus the extra one guy. It doubles up the heel beat down heat segment. No need for two rings.

  • RawisStoned

    The REAL question is will they be called Degeneration NXT?

  • JosephM

    Use one ring, put the Hell in the Cell around it. Works perfectly.

    Of course they didn’t do it when it could have been Orton/The Shield vs Bryan/Show/Rhodes Brothers so why bother now.

    • Philippe Tca

      If they really wanted the concept, why not just put two teams of three in the Elimination Chamber. As soon as all three guys from the other team are eliminated, your team wins. (Edit. I see this has already been covered. Glad to see we’re all on the same page here!)

    • Chris

      Bryan/Shield vs. Evolution/Kane after WM 30 was the most logical place to do it. If they didn’t do it then, I doubt they ever will.

    • Greg Phillips

      Absolutely. Honestly, for four-on-four, two rings isn’t necessary at all.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    If you’re reaaaaally going to have HHH’s “NXT Stable,” it should be Almas, Itami, and the original Sin Cara.

  • wiscobrah

    I’m confused. While two rings would mean more space needed in the center of the arena, wouldn’t it also create an even larger perimeter of ring side seats to fill at “ringside” prices? I’m sure they could make up any lost seating revenue with surge pricing the return of War Games.

    • Stan Ford

      Surge pricing for the return of War Games?

      You realize you’re talking about a gimmick match that hasn’t happened once in the lives of many/most WWE fans and that only a tiny fraction of internet nerds have a nostalgia boner for, yes?

      • Stuart_Chartock

        The “young” audience has marked for Sting and Goldberg over the last few years, and still chants “ECW” when Rhyno wrestles.

        The idea that WWE’s audience is almost entirely know-nothing kids is exaggerated.

        • Stan Ford

          Goldberg and Sting were both active in WCW in 1999. ECW was as well. Goldberg also had his WWE run in 2003/2004 and Sting was wrestling for TNA right up until he jumped to the WWE, really.

          The last War Games match was in 1992.

          • Stuart_Chartock

            Last “War Games” match was in ’97, with other versions until 2000.


          • Stan Ford

            Nope. Those 90s messes was War Games only in name and Russo’s triple cage has absolutely nothing to do with the original gimmick.

          • Stuart_Chartock

            So I guess the last HIAC match was in 2000?

          • Stan Ford


    • Bob Patel

      WWE presents WarGames brought to you by SURGE!

  • GoodOldBoz

    Why is everybody so hellbent on The Shield reforming? It’s been done . Not to mention it would make all the Roman hate seem very hypocritical indeed

    • Greg Phillips

      It’s already hypocritical, since many of his matches end up with “this is awesome” chants (deservedly so).

      • GoodOldBoz

        For me he’s still too over-reliant on the Superman punch , but as I’ve said many times his general in-ring work is the very very least of my problems with him.

        • Kouvre

          Considering the move that got him over in the Shield was the powerbomb, I’m surprised they haven’t given him that as a mega-finisher to complement the spear. And no, the schoolboy roll-up/deadlift version is not good enough.


    It would be great if they did an outdoor stadium Summerslam. They would have the room to use two rings if needed. Doubt it would happen, though.

    • tannerfamilyfun92

      SummerSlam will be in Brooklyn through 2017, if I’m not mistaken. Although yes, there’s no reason they can’t do a stadium show for SummerSlam

  • Greg Phillips

    Would it be as expensive as Elimination Chamber? I’d think not.

  • Varoom

    “Not gonna happen. They’d have to cut the ringside seating in half and spend thousands in equipment and marketing. I just can’t see it.”

    You made a typo. Its because Vince didn’t come up with War Games.

    • Sexy Miz

      Yeah, that’s the smark answer!

  • JDW

    It won’t happen–but as others have said, it has nothing to do with cost. They just built a new elimination chamber and recently changed the set for Raw and Smackdown, so they’re willing to spend money on equipment. And remember in the Trump era when they refunded everyone in the audience that one time–it wouldn’t be a big hit to lost money on the few seats that they’d lose if they decided to go the route of having two rings.

    I don’t see it happening because of Vince. But if it did, I think it’d be much more likely to happen in NXT. Eric Young’s stable potentially?

  • Sexy Miz

    Enough with the stables! They don’t make sense without a full time manager tying the characters together. Let them rest in peace between the tag ropes and time limits.

    • Brian Scala

      I actually miss time limit draws. If they brought them back, it would give a legit reason for a rematch without adding gimmicks or stipulations.

  • cultstatus

    Just use Hell in a Cell and one ring.

    • This. The two rings aspect of it is the least important part of War Games.

      • The Great American Beard

        Sadly, I have to disagree. 4v4 with that kind of chaos and match flow would fill up one ring almost too quickly.

  • tannerfamilyfun92

    They’re not bringing WarGames back. They would’ve done it already if they were.

  • The Fuj


    Not to be *that guy* but you said the WWE network wasn’t going to happen either so…

  • Mike Mears

    On a barely related note, I’ll never comprehend why they had the Wyatts v. The Shield at Elimination Chamber…and didn’t have it in the goddamn chamber.

    • tannerfamilyfun92

      Shit, I’m still trying to figure out why Stephanie was on the poster!

      • taabr2

        WWE trying to market to the guys who likes MILFs maybe?

  • Thesyckid

    This is the new “when is Cena gonna turn heel”

  • rxchrisg

    I do doubt WarGames will ever come back,but saying Vince won’t do it because he didn’t invent it ignores that he didn’t invent 1 on 1,tag teams,cages,strap matches,falls count anywhere,ladders,or any other match type. If he thinks it’ll make more $ than it’ll lose,he’ll do it.

  • Voth22

    How about doing the WatGames stops, but just do it inside the HiaC structure.
    That way it can be a uniquely WWE idea and Nobody has to admit WCW did anything good

    The Hell on Earth Match

    • Bob Patel

      Like in WWE 12

  • Fat, Ugly Inner-City Sweathog

    Joe, Owens, HHH is the rumored stable?

  • Fat, Ugly Inner-City Sweathog

    Shield vs Bullet Club would have been good in a Chamber match too.

  • Jason

    If floor space is a concern, maybe run the Carrier Dome and market the heck out of it and hope you can draw from the northeast markets?

  • Funkmastabobo

    Was the WCW ring not much smaller, hence the requirement for two rings?

  • zahidf

    Maybe Elimination rules War games, like Ring of Honour did? that way, the ring won’t get over-crowded…

  • OutaTime

    If they didn’t have a War Games match during the Shield/Evolution feud, it’s never gonna happen.

    I’d even be fine with them doing a Team Elimination Chamber as a War Games substitute to get past the two ring requirement. Subject a babyface team to a 2v1, 3v1 situation before getting the hot umm…tags? Once everyone is out of their pod, it’s submission or surrender (or elimination submission/surrender).

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