WWF Prime Time Wrestling – August 13th, 1989

August 13, 1989

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Roddy Piper…….with Bobby Heenan in Studio B as another co-host


The show starts with Monsoon and Piper running down the show before cutting over to Heenan, who has 12 armed guards to prevent any distractions. Heenan then tells Piper he is not the co-host and makes some skirt jokes as he is sick of Piper’s abuse as Piper laughs and shakes his head. Piper tells Heenan that he is as exciting as watching the “Waltons sort cranberries” as the two trade barbs. Per usual, Piper was just insane here.


The Powers of Pain w/ Mr. Fuji vs. The Hart Foundation

The announcers for this are Sean Mooney and Lord Alfred Hayes. This is from the 6/27 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Niagara Falls, NY. Neidhart and the Barbarian start off the match with Neidhart taking control. Bret tags in and works the arm before hitting a dropkick. He follows with an elbow drop from the middle rope then the Warlord tags into the match and shoves Bret down. Neidhart tags in and tries to knock Warlord down and does with assistance from Bret. The Warlord catches Bret’s crossbody attempt and follows with a backbreaker as the Powers of Pain take control. Fuji whacks Bret in the gut with his cane as the Powers of Pain hit a drop toehold/elbow drop combo. The heels are cutting off the ring now as we go to break. The match returns with after some more comments from Piper and Heenan as Bret is getting stomped in the corner. The Warlord eats boot on a charge but the Barbarian runs in and hits Neidhart on the apron to prevent a tag. The Powers of Pain go back to beating on Bret but he escaped and makes the tag. Neidhart clotheslines Barbarian for a two count then the Warlord breaks up another pin attempt as Neidhart fights off both men. He slingshots Bret in for a splash but the Warlord breaks that up too as the match breaks down. Neidhart takes on both men outside then Bret flies out with a plancha to take out the Warlord. Fuji tries to hit Bret with a cane but misses and hits the Barbarian instead as Bret rolls back into the ring and just beats the ten count as the Hart Foundation get the win (9:24) **1/2.

Thoughts: I liked this match. The heat segment on Bret did not drag at all and the Powers of Pain worked better than usual. This also signals that the quasi-feud these two teams had is about to be over as the Hart Foundation will be facing the Brainbusters at SummerSlam while the Bushwhackers have been calling out the Powers of Pain during insert promos from TV.


WWF Special Report with Gene Okerlund. We get highlights of referee Ronnie Garvin costing Greg Valentine his match against Jimmy Snuka and as a result, President Jack Tunney as suspended Garvin indefinitely as a referee. Back in the studio, Piper thinks it is a stupid decision as he was the referee who got the job done as Heenan said if Garvin wanted to stay involved in wrestling he could come to the arena early and park cars.


Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Koko B. Ware

Tony Schiavone and Lord Alfred are on commentary here. This is from the 7/18 “Superstars of Wrestling” tapings in Worcester, MA. Sharpe attacks Koko from behind and hammers away. Koko fights back and hits a dropkick then an armdrag as Sharpe bails. Sharpe loads his wristband but misses a charge in the corner and gets rolled up for a two count. Koko then hits a missile dropkick and finishes him off with the Ghostbuster (1:38).

Thoughts: Really brief and since Koko is in limbo it didn’t serve a purpose other than to fill time.


We get a promo from Beefcake and Hogan as they talk about their “potion” and that Elizabeth is the secret ingredient that will put them over the edge.


The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Tim Horner & Mark Young

This is joined-in-progress and from the 7/19 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Utica, NY. Jacques angrily ducks outside as the Rougeaus walk halfway up the aisle before going back to the ring. Raymond pulls down the ropes on Young, who falls awkwardly to the floor. The Rougeaus work over Young, who comes back with a top rope sunset flip but Raymond breaks up the pin. The Rougeaus hug after doing a chant then Jacques mocks the Rockers as he slaps Young across the face. Young crawls underneath Jacques’ leg and makes the tag as Horner runs wild on both men. The match breaks down then Young tags in but misses a tumbleweed by a mile and after that the Rougeaus hit the Rougeau Bomb before the Boston Crab/knee drop combo gets the win (6:59).

Thoughts: It was fairly entertaining for an extended squash. They did seem to showcase Young’s athleticism a bit and Horner looked good as usual. The Rougeaus heel act was awesome and they were one of the best heel teams of the 80’s WWF.


Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Dave Paradise

Paradise shoves Valentine back but runs into a back elbow smash. Valentine hits several chops but Paradise fights back until he runs into a knee smash in the corner as the announcers talk about Valentine’s match against Hercules at SummerSlam. Valentine then softens up the leg until he turns around his shinguard and applies the figure-four and gets the win (3:26).

Thoughts: A quick match to put Valentine over as his match against Hercules at SummerSlam has zero momentum.


Replay of Randy Savage, Sensational Sherri, and Zeus on the “Brother Love Show.”


Back in the studio, we get more arguing between Piper and Heenan.


The Brainbusters vs. Demolition from SNME. After it airs, Piper and Heenan are heated again as Piper accuses Heenan of doctoring the footage as Piper shows us how Andre slid in a chair for Tully to use as The Brainbusters won.


Dino Bravo w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Jimmy Snuka

This is from the 7/19 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Utica, NY. Bravo clotheslines Snuka over the top rope before the bell. Back inside, Bravo hits a suplex for two then delivers some kicks. He chops Snuka against the ropes but Snuka comes back with a chop. He then slams Bravo and hits a knee drop for two. Bravo rolls outside after getting hit with a dropkick and he regroups with Hart. Back inside, Bravo wants Snuka to challenge him to a test-of-strength. He takes control then clotheslines Snuka before hitting an inverted atomic drop for a nearfall. Bravo works a bearhug for a while and holds it even when they are both on their knees. Bravo sends Snuka outside but Snuka fights back from the apron. Bravo rolls away from a slingshot splash but misses an elbow drop as Snuka hits an atomic drop. He takes Bravo down with a flying chop and heads up top but Hart grabs his leg. Snuka gets off and grabs Hart then avoids a charging Bravo, who completely mistimed the spot where he was supposed to knock Hart off the apron as he was not even close to being in the right position so Snuka hits Bravo with a falling headbutt as Bravo rolls outside and gets counted out in like three seconds as it was evident Bravo completely fucked up the ending (8:10) DUD.

Thoughts: This match sucked and the end was an embarrassment. Maybe this match could have been fine in the late 70’s but now both men are washed up and far too bulked up as well. The crowd was not into this either.


Beefcake vs. Savage from SNME


SummerSlam Report with Gene Okerlund.


Haku vs. Ultimate Warrior

This is from the 6/27 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Niagara Falls, NY. Haku attacks Warrior before the bell and hammers away. They collide then Warrior follows with a few scoop slams. Warrior takes Haku outside with an atomic drop then poses on the ropes. He heads out and chases Haku then ducks a crossbody in the ring. Warrior hits a clothesline but Haku gets his knees up on a splash then takes control. Haku kicks Warrior off of the apron but gets dragged outside as Warrior lands a few shots. Haku takes control when they head back inside as Haku gets two with a backbreaker then works a nerve hold. Warrior powers out and they end up struggling in the corner as we head to break. The match returns with Haku hitting a neck snap for a two count then he goes back to the nerve hold. Warrior powers out but Haku takes Warrior’s momentum and tosses him outside. Haku follows out but gets rammed into the ring post. They are both inside as Haku goes back to targeting the neck but Warrior is hulking up. Warrior sends Haku to the mat then hits a flying double axe handle. He misses a corner splash but comes back with a flying shoulder tackle and gets the win (8:01) 1/2*. After the match, Rude runs into the ring and attacks Warrior. He hits a piledriver then Warrior fights back as Andre is now at ringside so Warrior presses Rude over his head and tosses him at Andre.

Thoughts: The post-match stuff was great but the match itself stunk. Warrior was gassed in the middle of this match and there were too many nerve hold spots as a result.


Final Thoughts: Overall, they had more original matches than the past few months have shown and it made for a better show. The Piper and Heenan feud is starting to get interesting as it will be a focus on these shows going forward. We got a lot of SummerSlam hype here too as the show is just two weeks away.


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