Wrestling Observer Flashback–02.10.92

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The Wrestlemania card appears to be set!  For real this time.

– In the top story, the matches for Wrestlemania are now set, with Hogan/Sid, Flair/Savage, Undertaker/Roberts and Piper/Hart.  Also, there’s a rumored tag title match with Legion of Doom against Ted Dibiase & IRS, as the Dibiase/Michaels team has already been scrapped.  Dave no has no idea why.  Ticket sales are currently at 15,000.

– The Sid turn will take place on FOX, and they made sure to do a promo with Sid before the match where he messed with Texas in order to get the right reaction for the turn.  And then Sid acted annoyed when they announced the Hogan-Flair match at the fake press conference after the show.  Sid came up with a new gimmick where manager Dr. Harvey Wippleman will put a stethoscope on the jobber after Sid beats them and declares they have no heartbeat.  WCW actually shot that idea down in 1991 when Sid pitched it.

– Undertaker also turned at the tapings, stopping Roberts from hitting Savage with a chair and then turning fully on a Funeral Parlor when Jake DDT’d Paul Bearer.

– Hogan is getting more boos than ever, by the way.

– Eddie Gilbert and Madusa got married in Atlanta.

– Billy Graham did ANOTHER damning interview, this time with 20/20, and it’s getting really bad for Hulk Hogan now as a result.  The advertising industry is pretty much declaring Hogan hands-off at this point.  Graham is actually falling into a deep depression as a result of steroid withdrawal and his bone degeneration.

– Kip Frey was going to bring in Marty Jannetty and Shane Douglas as a Rockers knockoff team, but Marty got caught with coke in his car in Florida and was fired by the WWF as a result, so WCW doesn’t want him now.  (So that’s one of the mystery people WCW was going to sign away from the WWF solved.) 

– All Japan is so hot right now that they sold out the 16,000 seat Budokan Hall for 3/4 without even announcing a match!

– Global is still doing well, drawing another 1300 at the Sportatorium, with the main event seeing the Dark Patriot winning the North American title from Patriot after announcer Bruce Prichard turned on him.

– Memphis continues to push the envelope, as Eric Embry did an angle where he got stripped and beaten up by Dirty White Boy, and then the next week he retaliated by handcuffing Dirty White Girl and trying to rape her, before Jerry Lawler made the save.  (This was their commentary on the Mike Tyson-Robin Givens trial) 

– Also, Austin Idol was late to the show, and did an interview where he blamed manager Richard Lee for sabotaging his private plane and attempting to murder him.  Dave Brown noted “If true, those are some serious allegations”.

– In a minor note that would end up changing wrestling, Joel Goodhart’s financial partner Tod Gordon is going to start up his own group called “Eastern Championship Wrestling”, using all of Joel’s local guys.

– Stu Hart is exploring the idea of restarting Stampede Wrestling again.

– Perry “Action” Jackson got a tryout in Texas for the WWF, going a rapper gimmick.

– Latin Fury also got over well again in a tryout, and he’ll debut the robot suit after Wrestlemania.

– Summerslam is scheduled for 8/31 in Landover, MD.  (Well that sure changed.) 

– Hercules is a babyface again but nobody cares.

– Over to WCW, where they interviewed Gordy & Williams, plus JYD for jobs.  Dog will be brought in, which Dave calls “the annual mistake that every regime makes”.  He faults the current product for having too little dead weight on the shows, so obviously they need to keep fans from being TOO satisfied with the quality.

– Frey wants to sign Jesse Ventura to a longer-term deal to try and build up the terrible ratings of their syndicated shows at the moment.  Dave thinks the best guy for the job, and cheapest, is the one they’ve got doing jobs in tryout matches right now:  Scotty the Body.

– Although no one watched the initial airing of the Clash, lots of people watched the replay.

– And finally, in the medical update for the issue, Randy Anderson is walking around with a broken hand, “courtesy of someone’s face”.  Ouch.

Not much going on this week, to say the least!