WWF Superstars of Wrestling – August 12th, 1989

August 12, 1989

From the Worcester Centrum in Worcester, MA

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon

This week in action are Demolition, Rick Rude, and Ted DiBiase. Plus, Randy Savage, Sensational Sherri, and Zeus as guests on the “Brother Love Show.”


Demolition vs. Mark Scarberry & Jimmy Arnold

Demolition beat on Scarberry as Vince tells us Bobby Heenan is going around saying his Brainbusters won the Tag Team Titles fair-and-square. The Brainbusters are shown in an insert promo laughing over the fact they beat Demolition for the titles. Demolition now beat on Arnold until putting him away with the Decapitation.

Thoughts: They are now starting a feud between Demolition and the Brainbusters with the Brainbusters & Heenan going around claiming that they won the titles fair-and-square and using that to taunt the ex-champs.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. We get highlights of referee Ronnie Garvin costing Greg Valentine his match against Jimmy Snuka and as a result, President Jack Tunney as suspended Garvin indefinitely as a referee.


Dino Bravo w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Brian Johnson

Bravo hits Johnson with a piledriver and a gutwrench suplex. He then pulls Johnson up after an elbow drop and hits a side slam for the win (1:21).

Thoughts: Nothing much to this match as Bravo continues to get TV time and a midcard push for reasons no one can explain.


Roddy Piper is shown sitting on the “Prime Time Wrestling” as he tells Heenan he had his own show over four years ago and if he has a problem then come back to the studio. Looks like the Heenan/Piper feud will be expanding beyond Prime Time Wrestling.


Pete Dougherty vs. Tito Santana

Tito works the arm but Dougherty makes it to the ropes. Tito drops down and hits an arm drag as Jesse plugs the newest edition of “WWF Magazine” that features an article on Tito Santana and his match against Mr. Perfect then shortly after that gets the win with a flying forearm (1:35).

Thoughts: Another win for Tito as the actually put over his 20-minute time-limit draw against Mr. Perfect that aired on the 8/21 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.” I’m not going to review that whole show but will recap the match as part of my 8/20 “Wrestling Challenge” recap.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center to plug the 9/2 Nashville show. The Ultimate Warrior calls out Andre the Giant and tells him he has no fear while promising to beat him. Jimmy Hart is with Greg Valentine & Dino Bravo as he tells the Hart Foundation he is coming back for them. Christ, the New Dream Team reuniting is something no one in their right mind would want to see.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Dale Wolfe

DiBiase brags about being the Million Dollar Champion and how he ended Jake Roberts’ career. DiBiase taunts the crowd after hitting a clothesline while Jimmy Snuka is shown in an insert promo telling DiBiase he will be going broke at SummerSlam. Wolfe dropkicks DiBiase to the floor but a pissed off DiBiase comes back in and beats on Wolfe until putting him away with the Million Dollar Dream (1:37).

Thoughts: DiBiase remains on TV weekly to remind fans about injuring Roberts to keep his name fresh until he is ready to come back from injury.


Brutus Beefcake & Hulk Hogan talk about their opponents at SummerSlam. Beefcake wants to know if they have enough in their “potion” to beat Randy Savage & Zeus. Hogan lets us all know he has the secret ingredient and that is Elizabeth. Beefcake says he will be ready when he gets the final potion and stick it out to the end while putting over Zeus for not feeling pain. Hogan tells Beefcake to trust him and that he knows all about Savage and talks some more about Elizabeth as we see a photo of her on the screen. More insanity from Beefcake & Hogan to hype up the SummerSlam main event.


Koko B. Ware vs. Bobby Jarret

Jarret gets two with a crossbody as it seemed Koko was supposed to catch him but fell down. Koko catches Jarrett with a clothesline then roughs him up for a bit. He then hits a double underhook suplex and puts Jarret away with the Ghostbuster after booting him in the face (2:11).

Thoughts: Koko gets a win but he has no feud to speak of and the only thing the announcers talked about was the fact his hair is now dyed. Koko was also quite bulked up here too. It was very noticeable.


Brother Love Show with guests Randy Savage, Sensational Sherri, and Zeus. Brother Love talks about Zeus on “Saturday Night’s Main Event” and how he felt no pain even after getting hit with chairs as we see clips of that. Savage then warns Beefcake & Hogan that what happened on SNME will not even compare to what they will face with the “Cauldron of Madness” at SummerSlam and how a dark cloud is hanging over their heads. Sherri also talks about this Cauldron of Madness and Zeus ends this by screaming while Savage’s theme plays as he talks about hurting Hogan and “Beefcake Barber.” This concludes our Cauldron of Madness vs. The Potion segments for the show.


SummerSlam Report with Gene Okerlund. He runs down the matches and we hear from some of the competitors before fans give us their thoughts on who will win the main event.


Len Wagner vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude w/ Bobby Heenan

Rude hits a slam and a suplex then we hear from Heenan in an insert promo telling the Warrior about not making promises he cannot keep as Rude is going to remain the Intercontinental Champion. Rude stays in control then puts Wagner away with the Rude Awakening (1:25). After the match, Rude is set to give a woman the Rude Awakening and twirls her around but says if this is the best Massachusetts has to offer then he is going back to Robbinsdale.

Thoughts: Rude is a lot smaller than usual here, basically the opposite of how Koko looked this week. The post-match bit was funny though as his feud against the Ultimate Warrior remains.


Mooney is back in the Event Center to hype the 9/2 Nashville show. Bobby Heenan & The Brainbusters taunt Demolition with the Tag Team Titles and say they won them fair-and-square. Dusty Rhodes then talks about the Big Bossman & Slick and how they call him a thief as he sarcastically says he is scared before talking about dealing out “Americana Justice” to hype up their bout.


In action next week are Hillbilly Jim, Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, The Widowmaker, and King Duggan. Plus, comments from Hogan & Beefcake and more!


Final Thoughts: They did a solid job at hyping up SummerSlam and other feuds too. Some of the matches did not have much meaning behind them but I thought they are setting up the company well here with TV post SummerSlam as well. Overall, the WWF is putting out a quality product.


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