Mid-South Wrestling – June 10th, 1982

June 10, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts


Before the show, Watts makes mention of Ted DiBiase blowing up at matchmaker Grizzly Smith as he is still pissed off over how he lost the North American Heavyweight Title.


Randy Base vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Sharpe overpowers Base as Watts talks about understanding why DiBiase is still pissed over how he lost the title but that what happens on TV is final and they cannot use instant replay to change the finish. Base punches his way out of a side headlock but Sharpe fights back then hits a pair of dropkicks before using a backbreaker submission for the win (3:32).

Thoughts: The match was incredibly dull but the real story was how DiBiase is even more pissed off than before over getting screwed out of the North American Title that he is even acting more aggressive as a result.


Watts talks about DiBiase again and how Dick Murdoch helped trained him and he is “tough and hard” as Watts makes it a point to tell everyone how everyone in wrestling is the same way due to the grueling schedule. This leads to DiBiase making an announcement saying he was ripped off but did not cry over it, knowing Mid-South Wrestling would give him another title change. However, he does not feel that way now and demands matchmaker Grizzly Smith give him a no-DQ title match or else he will leave Mid-South and will also leave if he loses. Watts promises we will find out more about this later in the show. DiBiase is now making demands and acting a touch out of character as his anger has reached a boiling point.


Mike Bond vs. Ted DiBiase

DiBiase takes Bond down a few times and is aggressive to the point that he will not let up even after the break. DiBiase hits a slam for a two count then tosses him around a few times. DiBiase then catches Bond with a powerslam for the win (1:36).

Thoughts: DiBiase destroyed his opponent here as he continues to be increasingly aggressive in the ring.


We get comments from Bob Roop, who tells DiBiase to pack his bags and that he will “beat up his own mother” to get rid of him for good. Roop also says since he beat him once, he will do it again. So, Roop accepted the challenge and now we only need matchmaker Grizzly Smith to make things official.


Bob Roop vs. Mike Hudspeth

Roop grounds Hudspeth then tosses him out from the corner. He works a front facelock on the mat and follows with a slam before going back to the hold before hitting a leg drop for the win (1:43).

Thoughts: A quick, dominating performance by Roop.


Clips from last week’s Bob Roop vs. Junkyard Dog match when the One Man Gang interfered and went after JYD’s leg until Ernie Ladd made the save. This leads to Watts interviewing JYD, which was pre-taped, and asks him about Gang going after his bad leg in an attempt to get him out of wrestling. Watts also asks JYD about DiBiase’s statement as JYD thinks he is going about getting his rematch the wrong way. Watts also asks about the new ruling in that the North American Champion will not be able to hold other titles, meaning JYD would have to vacate the Louisiana Title and the Tag Team Titles due to the belt being a countrywide title and not regional belt like the North American Title. Interesting to hear JYD say that DiBiase is going about things the wrong way.


Billy Starr vs. Junkyard Dog

JYD overpowers Starr as Watts talks about how great of a draw JYD is in Houston. JYD immediately cuts off a comeback then they botch some sort of Irish whip spot before JYD puts Starr away with a powerslam (2:30).

Thoughts: JYD is the most over guy on the show.


Ernie Ladd vs. One Man Gang w/ Skandor Akbar

Both men slug it out to start as Ladd takes control. He chokes out Gang in the corner but Gang reverses an Irish whip and hits a backdrop. Ladd fights back after rolling away from an elbow drop but then Akbar waves someone into the ring and it turns out to be Killer Khan as the ref rings the bell for a DQ (2:00). Khan takes Ladd over the top rope with a thrust kick then a few other enhancement talents run out but all get destroyed.

Thoughts: Akbar has now brought in Killer Khan, who is running on the reputation of breaking Andre the Giant’s ankle the previous year in the WWWF so he certainly has some credibility as a devastating heel.


“Hangman” Rick Harris vs. Tony Torres

Harris takes Torres down a few times before applying a chinlock. Watts puts over how Khan is the only man to have seriously injured Andre the Giant as Harris hits a slam then works another chinlock. Harris hits a knee smash as we find out that Bob Roop will be the guest commentator next week and that Grizzly Smith will make Roop vs. DiBiase for the North American Heavyweight Title. Back to the match as Harris stays in control then drops Torres across the ropes then puts him away with a hangman submission (4:03).

Thoughts: This was really just a backdrop for the announcers to talk about the upcoming shows and break the news that Roop vs. DiBiase will in fact take place soon.


The Assassin & The Grappler vs. King Cobra & Jesse Barr

Barr & Cobra beat on the Grappler to start. Cobra gets trapped in the opposing corner as The Assassin tags in and lands a few shots. King Cobra uses a headscissors takedown before tagging out as Barr works the arm. Barr is now trapped in the corner but is able to make the tag as Cobra runs wild on the Assassin. The Assassin hits Cobra low but has his headbutt blocked. Barr is in now and fires away as he drags The Grappler inside as the match breaks down. The Assassin makes a blind tag then hits Barr with a headbutt for the win (3:57).

Thoughts: The action was alright but again, The Assassin is just incredibly dated here. The Grappler is really good though and Barr shows potential.


Ladd is at the announcers table as he is angry and talks about never getting blindsided before in his life. Watts reminds Ladd that he tried to reach out and get someone back as Ladd said he does not plan to go down again and someone will have to go to the hospital as this is a game of chess. Ladd is now vowing to take someone out as his feud against Akbar’s Army heats up.


Final Thoughts: Good show. They set up the Roop vs. DiBiase feud well and the Ladd vs. Akbar feud is starting to become more intense. The big news is the stipulations of the Roop vs. DiBiase match as that will be happening soon. Although some of the regular midcard action is dull, the main feuds are all really good.


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