Montreal Question (take a drink)


So if Bret was willing to walk out of WCW with the IC belt, Vince was right to take the title off him in 1997 in the screw job, right? I mean even if the cause/effect of his attempt to jump is wrong, if Vince read the same thing you reported from the Observer (that Bret was willing to jump with the belt).

If he was willing to do it 92, why wouldn’t he be willing to do it in 97?

​Because he offered Vince the chance to take the title back ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and to ANY WRESTLER ON THE ROSTER for two months before Montreal! Just not to Shawn, and not in Montreal. If the belt was the issue, Vince could have asked him to job the title to Steve Austin or Ken Shamrock on the very next episode of RAW and Bret would have laid down and lost happily on the way out. Not to mention that Bret was only going to leave in 92 because he thought his contract was expired, and once he discovered that it was still valid, he stayed. ​