This will finally get Roman over. Read at own peril

OK so reigns is on RAW and is chilling in a locker room. Then Jake Roberts shows up and gives Roman a hug and says “Good luck with the undertaker. Trust me you might need someone to have your back”. Jake takes off and Roman is in the locker room all alone and he feels a sharp pain in his leg. He looks down and a venomous cobra is clinging to his leg. He goes to open the door but it’s locked. He is passing out and talking to himself (spiderman style). Then Jake Roberts enters the room again and laughs maniacally. Roman wakes up with a burlap sack on his head. The bag is removed and the ropes are untied. He looks down and sees Hornswaggle (with eye patch and post apocalyptic jacket on). Hornswaggle then says “Deadman walking. Got a dead man walking here”. (In a ridiculous accent) Roman follows him thru an enormous set of double doors and right onto the set of NXT The audience is filled with all enemies Roman has beaten along the way. He looks up to see Taker sitting in a throne flanked by Giant Gonzalez, King Kong Bundy, and Kamala Roman must fight the past to have a future. A gauntlet match begins, Roman defeats Gonzalez, Bundy and finally Kamala. Then Kane’s music plays and Takers brother hits the ring. Roman eventually defeats Kane but is blindsided by Undertaker. He looks up and points at the sky…..And The camera pans up and reveals the Wrestlemania sign THE END. Oh and Taker is in a black turtle neck ALA Harley Race from the White Castle of Fear!

I’m impressed you had to send this to me twice, from two different e-mail addresses.