Bray Wyatt e-mail question/comment

It seems like an open secret that Bray is getting the belt and will wrestle Orton in the WWE title match at Mania. Everyone is looking at it through the lens of WM booking plans and overlooking the "holy crap, Bray Wyatt will be WWE champion" aspect.

It used to be a big deal when a guy got his first world title reign, especially since he’s getting THE belt with the 55 years of history (which is why even though it’s all made up, I still don’t regard Owens, Balor or old world champs like Khali, Swagger, Booker or Benoit as actual WWE champions.) If anything, I wish Wyatt was actually getting the WWE title at W33 itself, just because the idea of a "Wrestlemania coronation" of a guy winning his first world title at the big show is now so rare. Aside from Rollins’ cash-in, the last guy to do it was Cena all the way back at WM21.

While the Wyatt Family booking has been, generously, all over the place, I still think there’s a lot of untapped potential in Bray. The dynamic of him actually being the world champion adds a lot to his character. He should absolutely go over Orton at Mania and have a nice reign….Smackdown’s writers can generate months of storylines of challengers having to go through an entire Wyatt Family to finally get a crack at Bray’s belt.

Maybe, I dunno. There was a point where I really liked Bray and saw a lot of main event potential in him, but that point is gone. I actually thought he and Orton as the tag champs were a godsend for those belts because it gave them a ton of credibility and gave Bray something to do where he actually backed up his scary threats, but then they dropped the belts right away. Also, I don’t see Bray walking out of Wrestlemania with that title, but then everything else about this year’s show has been so wacky and non-sensical that it wouldn’t shock me, either.

More importantly, I’m going to a Smackdown house show here in Saskatoon next Sunday, and the main event is still being advertised as a WWE title match with AJ defending against Dean Ambrose and the Miz, so I don’t even know what it’s gonna end up as by the time we get there. God help me if I had to wait 7 years between house shows and end up seeing the Miz main event, though. I’m taking my daughter! I don’t want to teach her that sort of thing is OK!‚Äč