NXT – February 1, 2017

Date: February 1, 2017
Location: Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, Texas
Commentators: Corey Graves, Percy Watson, Tom Phillips

We’re on the road to Wrestlemania, which means we’re heading back to Orlando on the way to….well Orlando actually, but at least we should have some good action on the way there. The big story at the moment is Bobby Roode becoming the new NXT Champion by defeating Shinsuke Nakamura in a very solid match. Let’s get to it.

We open with a Takeover package, as you would probably expect.

Opening sequence.

Ember Moon vs. Aliyah

Moon doesn’t waste time and grabs something like an abdominal stretch to start. A middle rope moonsault gets two on Aliyah but she gets in a headscissors for two. Ember shoves her away though and hits a quick Eclipse for the pin at 3:20.

Rating: D+. It’s hard to imagine anyone other getting the shot against Asuka at the next Takeover. No one else has been build up in the slightest, save for maybe Nikki Cross who has already gotten his shot. I could go for Moon freaking Asuka out with the gimmick and then the Eclipse and it’s not like there’s a better option out there.

We look back at Eric Young beating Tye Dillinger.

Eric says Tye made the wrong choice.

Dillinger can’t believe he was in the Royal Rumble.

Video on the four way Women’s Title match.

Asuka says that was tough and calls Ember a fool for calling her out. If Ember wants the next shot though, ok then.

Ember wants to dethrone the Empress and then Asuka will know who she is.

Tyler Bate vs. Oney Lorcan

Non-title. It’s a test of strength to start until Bate dropkicks him down with a bit more force than you would expect. Lorcan rolls him into the corner for a bump on the head and it’s time to hammer away. A few elbows to the head have Bate in trouble but he grabs the airplane spin to a VERY strong reaction, only made even better when he rallies through the dizziness. That’s a simple spot and he knows how to work the crowd well with it. Bate elbows him again and the Tyler Driver 97 wraps Lorcan up at 5:11.

Rating: C. Bate is someone very wise beyond his years as he’s always surprising me in the ring. The guy goes out there and does his thing every time, which is all he’s supposed to do. For a nineteen year old he wrestles like he’s been doing this for ten years and that’s amazingly impressive.

Roderick Strong wants the NXT Title and his win on Saturday was step #1.

Package on the Tag Team Title change.

Paul Ellering and the Authors of Pain say they’re the new law in the tag division.

Video on Roode winning the NXT Title. HHH checked on Nakamura after the loss and Kassius Ohno told him it was a good job.

Roode says his era has begun. His celebration is next week.

This is Corey Graves’ last show, meaning he gets a highlight package as a sendoff.

No Way Jose vs. Elias Samson

Elias gives Graves a sarcastic wave goodbye in a nice touch. Jose cuts off Samson’s song and Graves is suddenly a huge Jose fan. Samson dropkicks him at the bell but Jose gets in a slam and starts to get fired up. A baseball slide sets up an ax handle off the apron and it’s off to a break. Back with Jose getting crotched on the top and pounded down in the corner. We hit a chinlock with Samson getting pulled around by the hair, only to throw him into the corner. Jose hammers away and hits the Pop-Up right hand for the pin at 9:47.

Rating: C-. Nothing to see here but at least Samson won and Graves’ happiness anytime Samson got hurt was great. I get why he can’t stand Samson and it makes Graves more of a tweener who leans heel (ala Jesse Ventura) instead of a full on Bobby Heenan style heel. Hopefully Jose moves on to a better story from here.

Overall Rating: C-. This was your usual breather show with almost all highlights from Takeover and almost nothing interesting otherwise. There’s not much you can do without the start of a fresh taping cycle and with less than two months before Takeover, they need to speed things up as soon as next week starts. Thankfully NXT is more than capable of pulling that off so I don’t have a lot of worry.


Ember Moon b. Aliyah – Eclipse

Tyler Bate b. Oney Lorcan – Tiger Driver 97

No Way Jose b. Elias Samson – Pop Up right hand


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  • The video package for Graves was fantastic, and his final words on NXT television:

    Phillips: “You have any last words for Elias Samson?”
    Graves: “Nope” 😀

  • Aliyah’s ass was the real MVP of the show tonight.

    • kbwrestlingreviews

      Yeah I always find her very attractive. She’s just good looking in every way.

      • itwastyped

        Hot body but facially kinda gross if you ask me

        • Chris Hirsch

          Never had seen her until Googling her and my first through was a jacked up Ariana Grande.

        • Funkmastabobo

          Like you wouldn’t have to be pulled off of her, kicking and screaming.

          • itwastyped

            I’d fuck her but there are thousands other girls I’d choose over her. The girl that served me my coffee this morning is hotter than her

    • Just don’t ask to lick the jam between her toes.

  • Daniel Swinney

    I would like sA@nI!tYYyyY more if they got rid of that smiley blond fucko

  • Daniel Swinney

    Asuka is a great promo for someone who doesn’t speak great English. “Ember, foooo.. she work here? Ok. Ok.”

  • Daniel Swinney

    real talk I got kinda choked up by the corey graves highlight reel

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      what a promo package. He’s improved a fuck load as a commentator.

  • TheDJR

    Graves has been such a huge part of why I enjoy NXT, I’m gonna miss him more than any wrestler moving up.

    • Vyolynce

      Mcguiness is going to have his work cut out for him. Graves is a hard act to follow AND he’s going to have to drag Watson’s useless carcass as well.

      • itwastyped

        I’m optimistic about McGuiness, he was very good on the UK show. Agreed on Watson though, I wonder if it was HHH’s call to include that guy or Vince insisting on a ‘diverse’ announce team

      • Daniel Swinney

        I didn’t realize it was McGuinness coming in. He was GREAT in the U.K. tourney

  • Nikki Cross already gotten HIS shot? No Way Jose last name is Samson?

    Kinda sloppy….

    • AnInternetToughGuy

      Don’t assume Nikki Crosses gender!

  • I know that Ember Moon is the best option for Asuka. I enjoy watching both of them wrestle. But there’s no journey here. I’m spoiled because I got to see the horsewomen’s path to the top so this very characterless approach to a decent wrestler is not doing it for me.

    Why does Ember Moon act like she does? Why is she a wrestler? I hope NXT can pull out some personality for Ember in the next few weeks.

    • PhilStubington

      Right now I’d go with Nikki Cross above Ember. I think they can just run with Nikki being unhinged enough not to care whether has a legit chance. Plus she can spend the next month being built up by killing the mean girls in retaliation for being put through the table at Takeover.

  • Don Becker

    “For a nineteen year old he wrestles like he’s been doing this for ten years and that’s amazingly impressive.”

    The fact that he’s British makes it entirely possible that he’s had 10 years of experience.

  • Hunter

    I thought it was called the Tyler Driver 97′ cause that would be the year he was born

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