Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

This is the official “go home” week for the Royal Rumble, which will kick start the road to Wrestlemania 33, so if there was ever a time for RAW to bring something to the table, tonight would be it.

This Rumble has me thinking about the participants. Cena, Styles, Reigns and Owens all have matches likely keeping them out of the Rumble, which is why they had to recruit Brock, Goldberg and ‘Taker in there to get some names. I’m waiting to see if any surprise entries leak this week. I’m guessing Big Show will be one because they have to get him on TV in preparation of his WM match. Maybe Shelton Benjamin is healthy and ready to roll. Maybe Rob Van Dam will have another surprise cameo.

Anyway, there’s other stuff on TV too. New episode of Gotham, Supergirl makes its mid-season return. There’s a good HBO documentary on tonight about the internet hoax of “The Slenderman” that led a girl to take her friend into the woods and stab her 19 times. Should be interesting.

Enjoy the night and keep it clean!