Wrestling Observer Flashback–09.23.91

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OK, so when we left off last issue, Kerry Von Erich had missed a couple of dates on the weekend…

– In the top story this week, Chris Von Erich committed suicide at the age of 21 on 9/12, making him the fourth Von Erich brother to die.  Kevin and Doris found Chris outside the family ranch, shot in the head with 9mm pistol nearby, and he died at the nearby hospital.  Later, a suicide note was found, where he said not to blame the family.  Fritz and Kevin went on a Dallas TV show afterwards, and Fritz stated that Chris’s depression stemmed from knowing that he would never succeed as a pro wrestler. 

– Dave runs down the history of the Von Erich family, openly stating now that David’s death was a drug overdose that got covered up.  He is, however, still waffling on Kerry’s foot at this point, saying that the motorcycle accident is “thought to have resulted in a partial amputation of the foot” without outright stating it. 

– Chris was of course around wrestling dressing rooms his whole life, and idolized Kerry in junior high to the point where he’d dress and act like him.  Unfortunately, he was the furthest thing from an athlete in school, with a complete lack of wrestling body and chronic asthma.  But Fritz still bragged about Chris being the “best amateur wrestler of the family”, with only one loss in his career.  But when Chris left school at 18 and wanted to start wrestling, Jerry Jarrett immediately put the kibosh on it and kept him out of the ring.  When the relationship between the Von Erichs and Jarrett fell apart and they began splitting the company again, Jarrett finally gave in and let Chris wrestle, which turned out to be an immediate disaster.  After World Class folded, Chris continued working indy shows in Texas, but blew out his left arm a few weeks before his death, and then suffered an extreme asthma attack and was put on medication that pretty much destroyed whatever muscle tone he had.  This appears to have led to his suicide.

– On a happier note, Dave got to see the Piper-Flair angle on TV and it’s the talk of the wrestling world right now. 

– The WWF will be doing a press conference on 9/26 to officially announce the Wrestlemania VIII show at the Hoosier Dome, with a 63,000 seat capacity planned.  Dave is still guessing that the main event will be Flair v. Hogan in a title v. title match, but lots of stuff can happen between now and then. 

– Speaking of Flair’s belt, Jim Herd was made president of whatever is left of the NWA at this point, which means that, in theory, the WCW and NWA titles are now merged back into Lex Luger’s belt again.  This appears to mean that WCW can once again become the NWA and use the name on their programming as the sanctioning body.  Really, Dave notes, this means nothing, but does allow them the legal loophole needed to claim ownership of the Big Gold Belt and get it back from Flair in court. 

– The top matches for the Survivor Series are set, with Hogan v. Undertaker for the title on top, but apparently the WWF Magazine was promoting another ultimate Survivor match for the end of the show, and that idea has (thankfully) been scrapped after the magazine was published.

– Erik Watts made the news as the starting quarterback for the University of Louisville, as his debut was in a nationally televised game against Ohio State.  Watts actually only made the start because the regular QB broke his leg.  (Did anyone think to check for STF-related injuries?)  ESPN actually did a story on Watts, with the trivia bit about him bringing Andre the Giant to school for show and tell in the second grade.  Watts lost the game, throwing three interceptions, by the way.

– The Crusher suffered a heart attack on 9/11, needing extensive heart surgery to repair the damage. 

– WING made their TV debut on 9/9 in Japan, with a curiosity:  The first ever studio wrestling show in Japanese history.  Every other one has been arena highlights. 

– In Global, heel announcer Steven DeTruth (Prazak) claimed that he could beat the Blue Blazer in less than 30 seconds or he’d give up his spot on the weekly interview segment.  So when they did the match, it turned out to be a literal blue blazer. However, the referee walked out, resulting in DeTruth having to count the pin on the sport coat himself, at 32 seconds. 

– Bill Eadie is working Global as “Axis the Demolisher”.  (And he wonders why he’s been in litigation with the WWF for decades.) 

– Billy Black & Joel Deaton have already been fired by the promotion, as they demanded more money because they’re such big stars in Japan, and then went out and complained to a house show crowd that they were better than the second match and proceeded to go off-script by doing a series of hot moves and squashing their opponents instead of going 50/50 with them as was the plan.  (Yeah, and when was the last time you heard either name in the business?) 

– Negotiations between ESPN and GWF continue, as ESPN wants 46 episodes produced to fill 13 weeks of TV, and Global doesn’t have anywhere near the operating capital to actually make that happen. 

– Hey, Dave finally found out who The Dragon Master in Memphis is:  A 6’10” former Jim Cornette bodyguard named Gary Rich who worked as The Intimidator on the indy scene. 

– Jerry Lawler did a hilarious promo on TV (one that really stuck with me for years for whatever reason), where he disgustedly outed PY Chu-Hi as being just “big fat Phil Hickerson”, with Chu-Hi responding that Lawler wasn’t really a king. 


– WCW hasn’t really replaced Dusty Rhodes as booker, but instead has established a “steering committee” to assist Dusty in his booking efforts.  The team will be Jim Crockett, Jim Ross, Dusty, Magnum TA, Jim Barnett and Jim Herd.

– One Man Gang reportedly refused to do a job for PN News, but was quite polite about it, and was sent home to think about the future for a few days.  He’s not expected back.

– WCW had produced a TV commercial for WCW action figures with Galoob, but the commercial used footage of Paul E. Dangerously smashing the phone on Jason Hervey’s head.  So Hervey’s lawyers demanded that it be pulled because they didn’t have permission to use his likeness.  WCW’s solution:  Use an old commercial with Ric Flair instead. 

– With the Hase/Sasaki team now out of the picture, we’re getting another round of Freebirds v. Young Pistols again on all the house shows instead.

– With Gang gone, Cactus Jack will probably replace him in the Chamber match at Halloween Havoc.

– The Web is indeed supposed to be Brad Armstrong, by the way, although he’s currently in Japan during this run of shows where he’s advertised to be wrestling as the Web.  Because WCW. Either way, Badstreet is history and Brad will either be The Web or Arachnaman when he returns from Japan. 

– Dusty Rhodes did an interview on the weekly TV, talking about his role as special referee at the Omni on 10/12.  He noted that when HE’S referee, “JUSTICE will be served.” 

– In addition to his brother dying, Kerry Von Erich was passing blood on his kidneys.  So a rough week all around for him.

– Paul Diamond was the first guy to get dinged by the new drug testing policy, as he used fake urine and failed the test.  Dave wonders if he perhaps was cheating off the Iron Sheik by mistake?

– Shane Douglas injured his ankle a few weeks back, so the new new new Rockers are Marty Jannetty and Jim Powers.  (No wonder Shawn dumped him if that’s the best replacement he could find!) 

– And finally, Warrior is telling people he’s now retired from wrestling.  His version of the story is that he demanded to work weekends only, but was turned down and suspended for 90 days.  At that point he quit.  Dave thinks he can live a good life from merchandise residuals alone for at least a couple of years anyway. 

  • PrideOfCanada

    I hear the Louisville coaches called for Watts to make a drop kick play and it ended up sailing backwards 40 yards.

    • I heard after one of those 3 picks he got so mad he tried to drop kick the interceptor, and missed so badly the referee gave him a 30-yard penalty just because it sucked so much.

      • Miko363

        Well it’s unsportsmanlike to go after a guy’s knees like that.

  • thejob111

    “And finally, Warrior is telling people he’s now retired from wrestling.”

    Anytime a wrestler tells people they are retired from wrestling and then comeback an angel gets its wings.

    • tannerfamilyfun92

      There’s a lot of winged angels out there from Terry Funk alone

      • RG-Dallas


      • jabroniville

        He needs to do an indie angle where all his matches have a “Loser Must Retire” stipulation.

    • ADF

      Yeah, but Warrior came about as close to making good on that promise as anyone ever did.

      • Did he? Because he came back in 1996 and 1998. Though neither Run is really memorable at all.

        • MyronB

          The 1998 run was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

          • That’s a fair point. Him showing up in the mirror is one of the worst segments I have ever seen in wrestling.

        • Griffin99

          And ’92, we’re only in late’ 91!

  • mfm420

    you know, had wcw taken watts offer to come in 91 (as reported a few weeks ago) instead of 92, and assuming they fire him like they did (about 7 months or so later), we would have been spared the disaster that was erik watts, pro wrestler (as bill was making sure his kids finished college first).

    • Zac Campbell

      *hits blunt* Whoa

    • Jason Clark

      Or, we could have Erik Watts learning how to work, developing out of the spotlight, and becoming a star on his own merits.

      Joey Styles: “Oh My God! What a great dropkick from the Sadomasochistic Cowboy Erik Watts”
      Crowd: E-C-Dubya. E-C-Dubya.

  • Arachnaman, Arachnaman
    Does whatever a Spider-Man can
    Shoots a web in the crowd
    Catches heat? That we doubt.
    Look out, here comes Arachnaman.

    Is he strong? Listen Bud,
    He’s got Armstrong family blood.
    Can he swing from a thread?
    That would cost too much bread.
    Hey there! There goes Arachnaman.

    In a five minute bout,
    He’ll never draw a dime.
    When the lawyers find out,
    He’ll be gone just in time

    Arachnaman, Arachnman
    Never heard of no Spider-Man
    Wealth and fame? Not a chance.
    Not with those gold and purple pants.
    To Brad, wrestling is just a paycheck.
    Whenever there’s a masked dreck,
    You’ll find Arachnaman!

    • The good news is you just won the Internet for today.

      The bad news is now I’ve got Homer singing “Spider Pig” planted firmly in my ear…

    • Robert Eddleman

      Fantastic. I’m contemplating creating several extra accounts just to give you more upvotes.

    • Manjiimortal

      Awesome! Just… awesome!!

    • daveschlet

      This is amazing!!!!!

    • Starscreamlive

      Post of the day!

    • DuthtysGoRilla2

      Well, if next year’s Doomies have an award for “Comment of the Year”, I think we may already have our winner.

    • Grampa Mongolian Stomper X


      I am in awe.

    • jabroniville

      Take your fucking record for most upvotes, you asshole.

    • not enough like buttons in the world…

  • Esparanoid

    “The only blue you have in you is a Blue Tick Hound!”

    – The former P.Y. Chu-Hi…Big, Fat Phil Hickerson

    • That turned into one massively entertaining brawl with what… at least a third of the roster?

  • tannerfamilyfun92

    Chris Von Erich was a borderline midget with serious medical issues and had no business being in a wrestling ring. Fritz set him up to fail because the kid wasn’t going to make it under any circumstances.

    Another reason why Fritz is the single most horrible human being to ever be in the pro wrestling business.

    • Rick Blade

      I’d argue Buck Zumhofe is a worse human being that was in pro wrestling but Fritz is certainly up there.

      • tannerfamilyfun92

        Sure, he’s in the running too

  • Adam Wright

    The more i read on here the more i hate Fritz Von Erich

    • RG-Dallas

      Compared to some, I don’t really have the want to hate him. I pity him.

    • Yeah, the whole fucking “You don’t have the guts to kill yourself” shit with Kevin really makes me hate the guy..

  • Robert Eddleman

    “ESPN actually did a story on Watts, with the trivia bit about him bringing Andre the Giant to school for show and tell in the second grade.”

    Never heard that before; that’s pretty great. I’m thinking that Erik’s life might’ve all been downhill from that moment.

  • Rainbow Sherbet

    During a long drive through Missouri, every time we passed a sign that said “Webb City”, I would excitedly tell my wife that WCW wrestler Arachnaman hailed from there. After about the 10th time this occurred, she turned to me and said “I would rather go to the Precious Moments chapel than hear about your autistic fascination with wrestling again”.

    • … and you’re still married to her because?


    • Manjiimortal

      What a burn! Your wife must be awesome.

    • flamingtoilet

      Calling it an “autistic” fascination is a particularly nice touch.

      • Rainbow Sherbet

        Thank god we didn’t drive past Belleville or she would have heard about a million Ding Dong references.

        • Bettis

          I imagine Belleville being a newly founded city in France. The Ding Dongs were persecuted for their poor percussions and they were on the run from Black Blood.

    • Tad Cooper

      So did you get to the Precious Moments chapel then? Don’t leave me hanging here!

      • Rainbow Sherbet

        I tried SO HARD to get us to stop there because there are about a billion billboards for it, but both Mrs. Sherbet and myself were so tired that I think we just opted to keep driving to Texas and pick up Jack in the Box at the point.

  • Manjiimortal

    “WING made their TV debut on 9/9 in Japan, with a curiosity: The first ever studio wrestling show in Japanese history. Every other one has been arena highlights.”

    Never saw of this! I know that FMW produced a studio show in 1998 or so, and Michinoku Pro also did one in 1993, but I’ve never seen footage from WING in a studio, it’s always arenas or open air venues.

    And fuck Fritz!

    “WCW hasn’t really replaced Dusty Rhodes as booker, but instead has established a “steering committee” to assist Dusty in his booking efforts. The team will be Jim Crockett, Jim Ross, Dusty, Magnum TA, Jim Barnett and Jim Herd.”

    So, you have an ex-promoter that bankrupted his promotion, a guy obsessed about amateur sports achievements, a booker that killed his promotion, a stooge of the booker that killed his promotion, another failed wrestling promoter and a guy that, while business-savvy, never really got wrestling.
    I’ll say that Herd is still the best hand there when all things are considered…

  • Zac Campbell

    Did anyone think to check for STF-related injuries?)
    Like Watts’ STF could actually hurt anyone.

    And the last I heard of Joel Deaton was on Joe Gagne’s Fun Time Pro Wrestling Arcade for Natsume Championship Wrestling

  • RG-Dallas

    I would love to have seen that for comedy. A dude wrestling a blue blazer jacket. Any videos of that?

  • RG-Dallas

    It’s the Boss. And man is he big!!

  • RG-Dallas

    The Young Rockers
    The Rocker Stallions

  • If anyone cares, there’s an Ohio St guy on YouTube that puts up highlights of EVERY Ohio St game. So you can watch Erik Watts in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODEvbXrjD7E

    • PrideOfCanada

      My default response involving Erik Watts is to NOT watch.

      • Just skip to the play that starts at 7:26. It ends with the announcer screaming, “Ohio St is breaking Watts in half!”

    • Diddly

      Is that Gary Danielson NOT slobbering over Alabama?

  • Rainbow Sherbet

    No surprise Paul Diamond failed the first drug test. That guy was so jacked that he made Hercules look like a Mulkey Brother.

    • To be completely fair here, Diamond didn’t actually fail the test. He was charged with failure due to cheating because they discovered the urine sample was faked. So I mean, he PROBABLY was on drugs, but they never had a chance to prove it.

      • Boomska316 .

        You’d think if you were going to switch samples with someone the first you would want to do is make sure they’re actually clean,

        • Big D Wangston

          and not pregnant

      • Rainbow Sherbet

        Tester: “Today we will not be testing for drugs”

        Paul Diamond “(phew)”

        Tester: “However, today will be checking for Asian ancestry”

        Paul Diamond:”I’m a dead man”

  • SuckaFreeSince83

    Watts actually only made the start because the regular QB broke his leg. (Did anyone think to check for STF-related injuries?) – I laughed loud enough everybody at work knows I’m obviously not working.

  • slapdabass

    One Man Gang: “Yes sir, Mr. Rhodes. I understand. And I think this News fella is a fine man and a future star. I just feel like at this time I shouldn’t put him over. Thank you kindly, and I hope you have a wonderful day, sir.

    • Jordan

      Dusty: “Now, Gang, I appreciate you being upfront and honest about your dissatisfaction. I would like you take a few days off, go home and think very long and hard about who you are and where you want to be in five years in this business. If you weeeelll.”

      • Bettis

        It worked, he became US champ 5 years later!

  • MaffewOfBotchamania

    ”– Paul Diamond was the first guy to get dinged by the new drug testing policy, as he used fake urine and failed the test. Dave wonders if he perhaps was cheating off the Iron Sheik by mistake?”

    Vince: Sheik, you tested positive for cocaine
    Sheik: Ah, excellent!
    Vince…no, that’s bad.
    Sheik: No Vince, positive good! Negative bad!

    • Rainbow Sherbet

      Sheik: “Who is dis Sheik you speak of? I am proud Iraqi Mustafababy! Cameraman ZOOM!”

    • I’m trying remember who else Sheik outed by accident, was it Marty?

      • MaffewOfBotchamania

        Jake a da Snake and de Anvil.

        • RIGHT! It was Marty who told the story then?

      • Rainbow Sherbet

        I think one of them was Muraco, if we’re talking about the 1980s story.

    • Jevan


  • Devin Harris

    Warrior got suspended just for asking to work weekends? Even I can’t buy this one. What’s wrong with saying the money wasn’t right?

    • Boomska316 .

      AFAIK, the true story has always been that he held Vince up for a bigger paycheck right before going out for the SSlam main event.

      • Which led to the Vince line “I couldn’t wait to fire him”

        • markn95

          And Hulk: “The brother just doesn’t get it.”

          • Boomska316 .

            With 0% irony.

      • nwa88

        They were squabbling over the details of his contract at least a month or two before SummerSlam per The Observer — the ‘he held me up shockingly!” thing was probably more like “Warrior: I’m putting my foot down now. Vince: “You got it pal, have a good match… OK you’re suspended now”.

    • Jordan

      I’m sure this will be fleshed out later. Warrior held up McMahon for more money which led to that scathing (and hilarious) “legend in your own mind” letter that Vince wrote to him. The money quote: ““Your principal complaint apparently is that you are not being compensated at the same rate as Hulk Hogan, although “Hulk” is a living legend, is still better known to the public, has wrestled longer, is the WWF champion, is in much greater demand for personal appearances, is a bigger star and draw at WWF events, is more dependable and is far more revered and respected by WWF fans and by the public at large.” Yeah, that mostly sums it up, but how do you really feel, Vince?

  • Boomska316 .

    ” This appears to mean that WCW can once again become the NWA and use the name on their programming as the sanctioning body.” WCW should’ve kicked the NWA to the curb and let them wither and die once and for all.


    Phil Hickerson was actually a pretty entertaining old school southern heel. I remember getting a chuckle when Scott Steiner offered him like $2,500 for a shot at the CWA title, and he responded “Are you kidding? I spend more than that in a week on booze!”

    • Rainbow Sherbet

      Based on the size of his gut, I believe him.

      • James M. Fabiano

        HE’S FAT!

  • markn95

    A lot can be said about Fritz pushing his kids into the wrestling business, but from everything I’ve read, Chris was a bigger mark for the business than all the other brothers combined. Maybe it was a product of being the youngest child and growing up watching his older brothers become national TV stars. That said, Mike Von Erich, the second youngest really wanted nothing to do with the business and only wrestled to please Fritz.

    It’s also odd that Mike and Chris were so physically and athletically limited in a family where their father (and three older brothers) were legitimately great athletes.

  • Adam Moore

    Which brother was it that Fritz allegedly told he didn’t have the guts to kill himself? Charming man, really.

    • Sexo del extremo Bandito

      Kevin. He tells the story in the Heroes of World Class documentary.

      • Adam Moore

        Okay, I didn’t know if it was one of those stories that just got told so many times people assumed it was true.

        • Jordan

          No, he says as much in the Heroes of World Class documentary.

          • Adam Moore

            What a wonderful human being.

    • Chris B

      Throwing Mike out there, with brain damage, and calling him the Living Miracle or whatever has to be in the top 3 of disgusting pro wrestling angles. And that list is long.

      • Adam Moore

        That would be an interesting blog topic.

    • Jordan

      That would be Kevin. Even better, Kevin defended him!

  • Michael Weyer

    WCW having a “steering committee.”

    The boat wreck jokes are just too obvious.

    • Adam Moore

      And in several years, they would even have a glacier!

    • Boomska316 .

      I’ve read enough boat related puns this week, thank you.

    • Jordan

      WCW: This boat is designed to be unsinkable.
      Vince Russo: Let me take the wheel for a minute, bro.

    • Captain Mike Rotunda should have been at the helm.

    • Too bad Fred Ottman wasn’t there yet. I know he had some life preservers… and a big rubber boat!

      Toot toot.

  • mike

    Reading about wcw lasting so long makes me want to start my own business.

    • Adam Moore

      All you need is a billionaire who refuses to shut you down to finance you!

  • James M. Fabiano

    Arachnaman, Arachnaman, does whatever a jobber can, hits the mat, many times, gets squashed bad, just like flies…

    • Please scroll down for the actual lyrics.

      • James M. Fabiano

        Pretty good. I’ll let you make that one the theme for Arachnaman’s clone, the Ruby Arachnid.

        • Big D Wangston

          What about his alien symbiote villain Poison

          • James M. Fabiano

            And his spawn, Bloodshed.

  • James M. Fabiano

    Arachnaman needed a valet….his girlfriend Crystal Meth Holmes. I also feel if they brought Jack Victory in to be the Emerald Troll, his arch enemy, they could have drawn money.

    • James M. Fabiano

      Randy Hogan should have been re-signed and introduced as Arachnaman’s frenemy, the Unbelievable Hunk.

  • Adam Moore

    I like that it apparently never occurred to WCW that Marvel would have a problem with Arachnaman.

    • Big D Wangston

      Wonder if this had ANYTHING to do with WCW’s contract with Marvel to do comics soon after this.

    • Sexo del extremo Bandito

      Another example of this type of thing that WCW did that I love is when they hired Ray Traylor a.k.a The Big Boss Man and their way around the copyright of the character was to bring him in exactly the same just sans the word “Big” in his name. How did they not foresee getting sued over that?

      • See also:

        Nailz (The Prisoner)
        Earthquake (Avalanche)
        Honky Tonk Man (Honky Tonk Man)

        Okay that last one was a joke.

        • Rainbow Sherbet

          Don’t forget “Sensuous” Sherri!

        • anotheraccount24get

          Because it came up today in the Reddit WON recap, I watched Honky Tonk’s debut in WCW, and I have no idea how they got away with that theme song. That was a lawsuit waiting to happen.

          • I think Jimmy Hart wrote both

          • anotheraccount24get

            Yeah, I know that, but the lyrics were literally something like, “I’ve got my hair-slicked back / And long sideburns.” I mean, in the real world, HTM could’ve just re-recorded the actual song, but wrestling world rules regarding copyright seem to forbid that.

          • Yup that’s the best I can chalk it up to: wrestling world rules.

  • RawisStoned

    Kerry to the WWF, “I can’t make some dates, my brother died.”
    WWF to Kerry, “Oh please you should be used to it by now. Get your pilled up ass to the arena.”

    • Sexo del extremo Bandito

      Kind of like when Warrior’s father died in 96 and Vince later says on the “Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior” dvd something along the lines of, “As I recall, he didn’t even like his father.”

      • RawisStoned

        I can kind of see Vince’s point.

        • Sexo del extremo Bandito

          I mean sort of, but I can just imagine an employee of a company being told by their boss they can’t take time off after their father’s death because said employee, “didn’t like their father”.

          • RawisStoned

            Warrior didn’t have the most steller reputation for being dependable to begin with was the problem

          • Sexo del extremo Bandito

            Yep. I’m aware of Warrior’s history of no-shows and how he used no-shows as a bargaining chip At first. I feel like this is sspiraling further away from the point. You win, dude. Good work with that.

          • justicegris

            Yike. “Point taken” would have been shorter. 😉

  • arctichare

    Erik Watts’ 1991 stat line, because why not: 115 of 260 (44.2%), 1294 yards, 6 TDs, 16 INTs.

    And the guy he replaced was future 1st team All-XFL QB Jeff Brohm.

    • jabroniville

      I take it those are shitty stats?

      • Very shitty. Shouldn’t be starting for a HIGH SCHOOL TEAM shitty.

        Louisville went 2-9 despite having a future NFL kicker on the team, the immortally named Klaus Wilmsmeyer.

  • Jevan

    “The team will be Jim Crockett, Jim Ross, Dusty, Magnum TA, Jim Barnett and Jim Herd.”

    That’s a whole lot of Jims. If this steering committee had been in the WWF, Vince would have made 3 of them change their names. Suggestions?

    • JasonMK

      Jim seemed to be an exception. The WWF had Jimmy Hart, Jimmy Snuka, Jim Neidhart, Jim Duggan, Hillbilly Jim and Jim Brunzell all at the same time.

      • anotheraccount24get

        Somewhere Jimmy Jack Funk weeps.

        Although I do like the idea of someone saying, “We can’t have Jim Neidhart and Jimmy Hart team up! It’ll confuse people!”

        • nwa88

          “how bout Pal Hart?”

        • JasonMK

          I felt like I was missing one or two.

      • Diamond Jim Lowe

        That’s because we are special.

    • Garrison…the answer is always Garrison.

  • Jevan

    … why did it take Steven DeTruth 32 seconds to pin a fucking jacket…?

    • 29 of that was bitching at the referee as he GTFO.

    • Grampa Mongolian Stomper X

      It was Lou Thesz’s blazer.


    Am I the only one who liked the Ultimate Survivor Match?

    • Earl Chatterton

      Back in the day I liked it only because it had Tito Santana, who I was a big fan of, hanging with Warrior and Hogan. Plus Tito pins Warlord immediately, which was pretty awesome.

  • nwa88

    Not only did the 1991 Survivor Series grand finale get nixed, so did the not-so-annual 1991 appearance of the Gobbely Gooker. False promises!

    If they had done a 1991 Grand Survival match you’d had Undertaker, Flair, The Nasty Boys and Blake Beverly vs Kerry Von Erich, Sgt. Slaughter, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Tito Santana and The Legion of Doom. Surely the power of arriba-derchi would have tipped the scales for the babyfaces.

    • The Ghost of Faffner Hall

      I’m not sure Undertaker would have been involved, since the match he won wasn’t an elimination match. Not to be a nitpicker… 🙂

  • Supermark25

    “The Crusher suffered a heart attack on 9/11, needing extensive heart surgery to repair the damage.”

    If only we knew what would happen 20 years later. *wipes a tear*

    • Griffin99

      20 years later? The… 10th Anniversary… of the attacks?

      • Supermark25

        Obviously I was talking about his beloved Colts losin 34 to 7 to the Houston Texans.

        How that for a cover.

  • ONITA100

    In honor of Chris Von Erich, I’ll leave this gem here…


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