Surprise Championship Reigns.

Many consider JBL to be the most surprising main event champion of all time, but what about Bret Hart’s first WWF championship stint? Yea, he was a multi-time tag team and IC champion, but were fans really clamoring for him to be in the main event? He didn’t draw very much as champion (but to be fair, no one else did, either.) Who else would you consider to be surprising champions (wrestlers only, so we can avoid the obvious David Arquette and Vince Mcmahon answers)?

​I was pretty surprised they went all the way with both Great Khali and Rey Mysterio (talk about two opposite ends of the spectrum) although both ended up being transitional champs anyway. Still, Khali got the belt well past the point when his push would be considered effective, and Rey’s shortcomings are obvious. I’d also go with Sheamus, since no one was thinking he’d walk out of whatever show that was (TLC?) with the title against Cena in his first PPV main event.