While I always thought that Vince McMahon is somewhat embarrassed he’s in the wrestling business especially when he forces people to call it sports entertainment, he still used the WWE to promote the two biggest ventures outside of sports entertainment which were his two biggest failures.

The XFL and WBF were supposed to go beyond wrestling, yet Vince still felt the need to use his wrestlers and announcers to push these ventures. He had Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura as the main XFL announcers and Bobby Heenan as one of the commentators. There are quite a few sports viewers out there who have no interest in wrestling and don’t want anything to do with wrestling, so why would Vince do that if he wanted to get beyond wrestling? People who hate the pre-determined outcomes of pro wrestling might have assumed that the outcomes for both the XFL and WBF (which Dave Meltzer said was pre-determined) were pre-determined as well.

Also, with the George Zahorian trial going on, isn’t starting the WBF in 1991-1992 a really bad idea in sense of timing?

​It was in the works well before the Zahorian thing started going down, so you can’t really equate the two things. Plus the bodybuilding thing was hurt by far more than steroid scandals anyway.

As for Vince’s practices outside of wrestling, I think he continued to use his own guys because he’s a control freak who wanted to make sure he could have people who say and do exactly what he wanted, and if he’s using "legit" sports guys to call his stuff then he runs the risk of having someone say something he doesn’t want. Plus he’s not exactly known for his trusting nature anyway. ​