Another Rick Rude Question

I think I read that before he died, Rude was training for an in-ring comeback in the WWF? If this happened, do you think he would have went back to his old gimmick or stuck with his new bodyguard persona, which I liked? Do you think he would receive a serious push, or suffer the fate of other WWF wrestlers that came back from WCW (Perfect, Bulldog, etc.) and been nothing but a jobber?

​No, Vince was apparently quite serious about getting him back in the ring and pushing him again. I think he’d have done the serious WCW persona, however, rather than the goofy WWF one. He definitely would have been useful high on the card, and I think Vince would have realized that.

  • Buster Abbott

    Rick Rude in the mix of mid-to-late 1999 WWF is an interesting proposition. Attach him to Ventura as Jesse’s “personal ringside enforcer” for the Summerslam main, which bridges into a feud with Austin or HHH in the fall?

    • David-Shea Gomory

      An Austin vs. Rude feud coulda been pretty sweet actually. Rude vs. Jericho too.


      That’s right- Jesse always did have a man crush on Rude. That would’ve been interesting.

    • The Gambler

      Jesse bringing in Rude as extra help, but Jesse leaning babyface and Rude leaning heel coulda worked for a one night deal, and then Rude – not Shane – can be your referee for the HHH title win the next night. Maybe a little too obvious, but it woulda worked.

  • Mr. P

    It depends on what he had left. Was he the same wrestler from 1992 or was he a broken down wreck like 1999 Davey Boy Smith? Given that he died, I’m strongly leading towards the latter.

    • RawisStoned

      That’s what I was thinking. If he could be having 4 star matches with Austin/Rock/HHH, or at least be able to have some fun garbage style brawls with them then great. If not then it would be like when Scott Steiner faced Triple H. The hype was good and fine until Steiner had to step into the ring

  • WITW

    I always say that if Rude lived and went to WWF in 2000, he would have been AWESOME as the guy who attacked Austin in ’99. He was off TV at the time so it’s plausible, plus he has a history with Austin in WCW so you can do a jealousy angle or say that he was in cahoots with his old DX buddy HHH. And a Rude/Austin feud in 2000 would have been so much better than Austin/Rikishi

    • Rikishi was awes… sorry I couldnt finish it…

  • Fat, Ugly Inner-City Sweathog

    Rick Rude vs. The Rock in 1999? Take all my money

    • RawisStoned

      Beat me to it

  • Rude would have been perfect as Vince’s surrogate to go after Austin after Wrestlemania 14. They made it work with Dude Love, and that Over the Edge match was great, but Rude would have made much more sense in that spot.

    • Fat, Ugly Inner-City Sweathog

      Hell yes. In the post-HBK version of DX, you could have HHH leads the babyface version while Rude falls in with the corporate side (Vince)

  • RawisStoned

    I wasn’t really watching WWF in 97 so just out of curiosity what was Rude’s role within DX exactly? Given his past one would think he would be stripping down right along with Hunter and Shawn but he was always in a suit and almost seemed to be discouraging their antics.

    • HartKiller_09

      He was DX’s bodyguard.

      • RawisStoned

        I thought Chyna was DX’s bodyguard?

        • JLAJRC

          I’m not sure when Chyna debut, but Rude was basically doing what Chyna did after Rude left DX/died.

          • Bettis

            Chyna had been with Hunter since Jan/Feb 97 so pre DX. Rude came in August, right after Summerslam when Michaels was turning heel.

        • HartKiller_09

          True, I guess they had 2. Shawn hired Rude to be his bodyguard when he turned heel in 1997, then he teamed up with HHH and they all became DX.

          I don’t know if it was intentional or not but Rude’s character was that he was there to protect whoever paid him and his interactions with DX always came off very business-like.

      • The Gambler

        He was DX’s “insurance policy.”

    • He was their insurance policy.

      • RawisStoned

        I know that but what exactly did that mean?

        • Big D Wangston

          He’s there so that if one of them gets hurt and misses work, it won’t hurt to miss work

        • Basically meant that if they were in trouble Rude was gonna bail them out, it was also a play on Rude’s Llyods of London insurance policy.

          So Funny how Curt and Rick were such good friends and both collected on the pretty much the same insurance policy.

          One of my fave promo’s is between Rude and Henning and Henning is going “You can say it’s great,,, you can it’s amazing.. you can almost say it’s Per…” Rude: “Don’t say it, Don’t wanna get sued.”

          • *Hennig.

            I do it to everyone, personal pet peeve 😉

          • I do it all the time, even though I know it’s incorrect.

          • What can I say? I’m not Perfect.

        • explodet

          He was basically Chyna if Chyna was also an occasional mouthpiece for the group.

    • Phrederic

      The pop they would’ve gotten for Rude ripping off his shirt would’ve been hilarious.

      But maybe they didn’t want to show that he was still in great shape cause that’d fuck with the insurance deal…or maybe he was kinda falling apart and they didn’t want people to know.

      • Buster Abbott

        I dunno, Rude was one of those guys who looked like more of a badass just standing there calmly in a nice suit.

        • Phrederic

          More badass, sure.

          But the image of Rude getting into the stripping act with Hunter and Shawn would’ve been pretty goddamn hilarious.

  • brocore

    Guys, don’t be so optimistic. Odds are we would have ended up with Rude feuding with Val Venis.

    • TheConvictor

      Or Rude would have been his mentor. Maybe he could have been the guy who helped Venis escape Wally Yamaguchi and his choppy choppy sword.

  • HartKiller_09

    There was a compilation on youtube of Rude’s last WCW appearances. He was taking bumps and getting physically involved, so my guess is the insurance policy was up and he was planning a return to the ring.

    • White Thunder

      I know he hit Bret Hart with a Rude Awakening at Uncensored shortly before his death.

  • Watching Davey Boy in the WWF in late 1999 was pretty sad, and I feel like that would’ve been the same deal with Rude. His body was done.

    However, Rude would have been amazing in that bodyguard role for Vince, maybe doing a couple matches per year.

    • JLAJRC

      So he would be Bossman before they turned him into a complete cartoon comedy heel?

    • HITMAN7204

      The highlight of bulldog’s 1999 run was the Rock doing the people’s elbow on smacksown in one thousand dollar shoes. And of course rock hitting it perfectiy…

  • Kenola

    Rude as a douchier more edgy Attitude era persona would’ve been amazing.

    • y2j420

      Then what happens to Val Venis and his schtick?

      • Kenola

        I guess they feud over hos.

      • JLAJRC

        Tag Team?

      • Phrederic

        Temptation to make joke about schtick aside.

        I think that Val as a goofy ‘pornstar’ versus Rude as a douchebag ‘player’ would be a decent feud.

        • Charlie Owens

          Rude, Val and the Godfather as a stable, maybe? The Players Club?

          • Phrederic

            Val and Godfather were a LOT goofier than Rude.

            But I feel “I’m going to fuck your wife” is a pretty good heel gimmick.

      • Greg Phillips

        Yeah, Val was essentially a 90s version of Rude’s 80s gimmick.

  • Varoom

    “He definitely would have been useful high on the card”

    Road Dogg already had that covered. Oh wait, do you mean position?

    • Hayden


  • Jeremy Rinehart

    Back then, the rumor was he was going to feud with Steve Austin

  • npavlou22

    The things I’ve always read with Rude between Meltzer, Hennig, Hart, etc. was that Rude was training for a comeback with WWF, but training way too hard (+ PEDs) and was carrying a ton of extra muscle mass.

    Rude was great in any role at that time between ECW, WCW and WWF that he likely would’ve been programmed with Austin right away.

    • Phrederic

      Yeah…I feel like Rude gets a little overlooked in the “death by insane steroid abuse” category.

      • explodet

        He died from a fatal mixing of painkillers and sleeping pills I thought? Something like that.

        • Phrederic

          Heart failure brought about by mixed medications.

          I have to imagine that some of it was due to some road miles on his cardiac system.

  • Kuetsar

    In a better world, Rude takes over for Lawler early in the 2000’s or takes Tazz’s spot. . . .

  • SuckaFreeSince83

    He could have been pretty sweet as corporate Rock’s bodyguard and then turning on him to help the H’s assume the lead role of the Corporation. Rude/Hunter vs Rock&Sock as a ppv main maybe? Then feed him to Rock in a ppv match to transition Rock into a title feud with the H’s.

  • tzunset

    Russo would’ve ruined his character. Too much temptation.

  • GRod827

    Haven’t seen it discussed below but common belief was that he was training for a comeback with WWF however was he still under contract with WCW at the time?

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