• But what about all of Scott Keith’s deleted Roman Reigns emails? Will that affect the voting?

    • Christopher Bird

      You can be sure that Rusev did NOT hack our database, despite the fact that Rusev is now leading in every category, including Best Tag Team somehow. We personally think it was Ho Ho Lun.

    • I’m pretty sure I posted every one of those damn Reigns e-mails.

  • foeaminute

    So I need to vote for 2015’s awards now?

    • TooDarkMark

      Yeah, is this for 2015? Also, I’m Russian.

      • James M. Fabiano

        “Is this for 2015” was like the reaction I had when I saw RSPW was still a thing. You sure “Does Unifarva [X]?” is a best angle candidate? Celebrity Bucket Kickers for best TV show? Etc, etc?

  • James M. Fabiano

    God bless the DSA!

  • Starscreamlive

    Tough decisions in this year’s categories. Took me over an hour to cast my votes. I wanted to go the easy route and Vote Roman and Steph in all of the “worst” categories, but I had to be fair about it. Too bad Khali retired. Voting was much simpler back when he was active.

  • brocore

    I voted Braun Strowman in every category

  • ONITA100

    Baron Corbin got a lot of votes here

  • Adam Moore

    Best move: the Steph Slap.

  • y2j420

    The REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC that is the United States performed properly in the November elections…

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