Plug for a show with yo boy Tommy Hall

Hiya, Mr. Keith! Kyle here from your old pals at The Obtuse Angles Podcast! Hope all is well in the frozen Dystopia that is Canada this time of year.

This week we have your boy Tommy Hall in the studio talking about his journey covering every Nitro and Thunder ever for your site. We try to get to the bottom of just why a man would do this and if, in fact, he went insane. Would you mind throwing us a plug on your sexy site? Also, any chance you’ll ever pick your quest to review every Nitro back up?

If three hour RAWs scared me off as it is, you think I’m gonna wade into three hour NITROS instead?!

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I’ll give a listen.

    I am very grateful for the bullet Tommy took for all of us. Those reviews were a great read every single time. My only wish was for more Los Fabulosos coverage.

    • kbwrestlingreviews

      Much appreciated.

  • Diddly

    I really hope there’s some post-production that makes Tommy sound like a robot. Gotta keep kayfabe alive, brother

  • Bettis

    Is there an easy way to find his WCW reviews so I can read them as I watch? I tried the search function and it didn’t really help. Is google just my best bet?

    • kbwrestlingreviews

      My site has almost all of them up.

      • Bettis

        Thanks! Totally forgot about your site, definitely will bookmark.

        • kbwrestlingreviews

          Much appreciated. I’ve also got them as e-books (and paperbacks in the future) if you’re interested.

  • The Hollywood Ace

    Tommy was great on the last obtuse angles podcast he was on. I also liked last weeks show with most violent movie deaths.

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