Backyard Wrestling review


Sketchy controls, bizarre roster, lots of ICP…

​Ugh, yeah, I played that one, unfortunately.

Come on, man, do the Def Jam games next! They’re awesome and have a wrestling tie-in with the AKI team.​

  • Oprah Brokeamnesia

    When I used to help run a comic/game store we had this one on the shelf.

    The only time it moved was when we tested it out one night at work. I think it was in the system for about 5 minutes and we tossed it in the trash. No one was buying this…

  • Bonzai <3 Felicity S&Moak

    Backyard Wrestling was trash but OK enough trash that I somehow still gave it a 3-day rent.

    I have less than fond memories of the Def Jam games not because they weren’t good — they were and had a shit-ton of star power — but because the AI in those games was cheap as fuck once you got ahead. It was the video game equivalent of Cena shrugging off the concrete DDT to defeat the Nexus.

    • Basscase

      Plus, there’s only one real way to beat the 3-on-1 match.

  • SodaPop

    Def Jam was my natural progression in wrestling games after the peak of the N64-era titles. Had a hell of a time with them even if they didn’t quite reach that level (how could it?). I believe I played those, one or two Raw vs. Smackdown games and that was it for me for wrestling games. I haven’t really touched any since, and that’s going on a good 10 years now.

  • Knew of this, but wouldn’t touch it if it were in the $1.99 bin used at a rental store. Didn’t know they made a sequel.

  • Basscase

    The lack of a CAW (or Create-a-Rapper) in the Def Jam game was a breaker for me. Could’ve been Top 10 easily with that.

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