Rick Rude DVD

So if Rick Rude is going into the HOF that means it’s likely a DVD is coming with his matches and bio.

I don’t recall any 5 star matches with him, but I do recall him pulling a decent match out of Warrior. I suspect he had good matches in WCW but being Canadian, I wasn’t able to see them when he was there. I also recall he was in USWA for a bit, with a blond Percy Pringle acting as his manager. Maybe there was a decent match there with somebody (young Steve Austin)?

Anyways, which matches would you select for his DVD?

​He didn’t exactly have a varied collection of classics, but the standard set would be:

– The NWA World title tournament final against Chono in 1992.

– The pair of matches with Warrior in 1989 and their match on SNME in 90.

– Winning the NWA tag titles with Manny Fernandez against RNR Express in 86

– A few matches from World Class, where he was World champion for a while.

– One of the Sting matches from WCW. Probably the Clash 17 match is easiest for them.

– Something from the Roberts feud, like their MSG match.

​I dunno, that’s about all I can think of off the top of my head. I suspect it would be mostly promos and such, really. ​

  • I think the Dangerous Alliance/Stinger’s Squadron War Games match should be included. It was a rated at 5 stars

    • Doctor Funkopolis

      That’s one of my favorite matches of all time.

      It doesn’t even feel like a normal wrestling match, it feels like the climax of a movie.

    • The Gambler

      A better finish and I’d call it the greatest match of all time. They had the right idea with the turnbuckle bolt, but they didn’t take it far enough.

      • Matt Johnson

        The armbar submission was a little anti-climactic. Something like a crossface chickenwing or having Steamer bust out his elevated chickenwing for the submission after Bobby got hit with the hook would’ve been better.

        • Bettis

          Did Steamboat ever use that chickenwing other than the Flair matches from 89+94? I can’t think of another time he even attempted it.

        • Greg Phillips

          Yeah, that finish sucks and has always been a bummer for me given how great and violent the match around it is.

  • Mike Fitzgerald

    The Iron Man match with Steamboat would have to be on there, it was excellent, as would be the US Title match with Sting from 91 where Luger chop blocks Sting but he still comes out to have the match

    • Also the Iron Man match with Dustin Rhodes should be on there, was a great match. And I think there was a six man tag with Rude, Vader and maybe Cactus versus Sting, Steamboat and someone. It’s been 25 years since, but I remember it being a good match with Vader killing both Rude and Sting I believe with a splash at one point. Some random goodies from house shows would be fun, maybe Rude/Hogan?

  • Ioan Morris

    It wouldn’t be on there, but the G1 Final match with Chono is the best singles match of his I’ve seen. ****1/2

    • WCW had the rights to that one, I thought? I’ve definitely seen the finish shown on WCW TV.

      • Ioan Morris

        I’m not sure, but the whole match is on NJPW World. Presumably they licensed clips to WCW at the time. I know WWE made some arrangement with New Japan for the matches on the Benoit DVD, but I can’t see them being so willing nowadays.

  • zahidf

    Definitely some of the steamboat matches. Maybe the Rude/Austin vs Rhodes/Windhman tag match?

  • The Silver Fox

    Maybe some of the Rude/Wahoo matches from Florida, if any such footage exists.

  • Chris

    They could pick any of the number of Dangerous Alliance tag matches to pad it out and get Austin on there.

    • Greg Phillips

      WrestleWar seems a no-brainer.

  • npavlou22

    Pretty sure we’ll get a Perfectly Rude match in some form or another considering their friendship.

  • thejob111

    My one major problem with a Rude DVD is I imagine they will spend way too much time on the fact that he was on Nitro and RAW at the same time. I’m sure the Hall of Fame stuff will overdo it as well.

    Just like they can’t stop bringing up that Madusa threw the women’s title on the trash can, they will most certainly beat this to death.

  • The Gambler

    The Iron Man match with Steamboat at Beach Blast was great, but the prematch promo from Superbrawl is an all-timer with ALL of the heat.

    • MrMaye

      Yes indeed.

  • MrMaye

    He had some great matches with Ricky Steamboat in WCW 1992.

    • Kanye Batista

      Outside of the NWA Title match with Chono those were his best matches ever. I was SO pissed when the “Ninja” turned on him to help Rude retain the U.S. Title.

      Rude was one hell of a HEEL and I wonder if he could ever been a face. I think Rude as a baby face would have increased his match quality.

      A montage of ladies receiving the Rude Awakening has to be on this DVD/Blu Ray.

      • tzunset

        Rude vs Tully: who gets cheered?

        • Kanye Batista

          Damn. I’m going to say Tully because as Dusty pointed out during the Horseman DVD, Tully was the guy who kept them heels.

        • ILikeNeville

          Rude. Even if just by the ladies (and some of the men). Nobody’s gonna cheer Tully.

          • tzunset

            Context would matter of course, but I’d say:

            > Tully cheered over pre-Warrior-feud, long-haired Rude

            > Tully booed against post-Warrior-feud, serious Rude

      • MrMaye

        I don’t think he ever could’ve been a face to be honest with you. And man that match with Chono was NOT good.

        • Kanye Batista

          Sorry I was thinking of the G-1 climax match. Wasn’t the NWA title on the line there? But yeah you’re right the NWA Title match was dull and bad.

  • Bones

    That tag match with Fernandez against the RnR wasn’t that good. Wound up being about 10 minutes too long.

  • Boomska316 .

    He also had a good MSG cage match with Piper that would be a good one for a DVD.

    • Kanye Batista

      The Brother Love segment to set it up was a great one!

  • Aaron

    An extended cut of “Simply Ravishing”.

    • Bettis

      There’s a good version on Youtube that someone creating using Mario Paint.

  • tzunset

    Rude’s a weird case of a guy famous for his promos and spiel despite not being that great of a talker.

  • Mister H

    His WCW debut as the “WCW Halloween Phantom” and subsequent unmasking has to be in there, right?

  • Wow, a Rick Rude DVD might actually be really cool depending on how much of his early stuff that WWE owns. He worked early in WCCW, Crockett, Georgia Championship Wrestling & Florida before WWF – wouldnt WWE have all of that? I bet there are a few hidden gems in there.

    And then you could throw in ECW 1997 – you start to realize that Rude had a really fascinating career And he was always over.

  • Greg Phillips

    They could throw in several Steamboat and Sting matches. Also a Dustin match or two.

  • Mr. Beak

    For extras, I’d throw in his simultaneous appearances on Nitro and Raw. He was the only one to do that until the last Nitro.

  • The Steamboat Series from 1992? Maybe one of the Flair matches or Dustin Rhides matches?

  • Clark O’Brien

    It just seems wrong to have a possible 3 warrior matches on any best of compilation, and yet here we are.

    • PhilStubington

      There’s barely three Warrior matches on the freaking Warrior DVD.

  • PeteF3

    The Ironman Match is an absolute must-have. Best Rude match ever and one of the best WCW matches ever.

  • PhilStubington

    I’d probably put some of his ECW stuff on – not for the match quality because he was working face (which as we know from previous threads is something often assumed that he never did)!

  • Telthorst

    Rude was shockingly one of the very best workers in North American in 1992. You could really pick 6-7 matches from that year and paint a great picture of Rude. Not just his more well-known PPV classics, but the DA and the top faces were having great six and eight man tags on TV nearly the entire year.

  • I’d go with Sting/Rude from the 21st Clash, some Rude/Steamboat (Superbrawl 2 actually where he got some off the charts heat), and the night he appeared on boy Raw and Nitro.
    And there’s probably some Rude/Austin tag team matches from 92-94 that are probably pretty fun.

    • Kanye Batista

      Sting/Steamboat vs. Rude/Austin.

  • Kanye Batista

    I wonder if Rude banged Medusa. They seemed awfully close during Dangerously Alliance.

    • By several accounts, he was faithful to his wife and never took his wedding ring off, so probably not but… You never know.

      • Kanye Batista

        Actually now that you mention it. I remember hearing Rude was a strict family man.

  • IN_RadioGuy

    I like to see (assuming they have access to all of this) before they get into the WWF run…
    * Ricky Rood jobber match
    * Rick Rood debut in Georgia
    * Rick Rood Memphis TV match w/segment of Jimmy Hart recruiting him
    * Jimmy Hart introducing Rick RUDE and his first heel victory.
    * Rude and Bundy vs the Fabulous Ones
    * Rude and Randy Savage teaming as babyfaces against Bundy and a partner.
    * CWF – Beating Pez Whatley for the Southern title.
    * Rude’s WCCW debut
    * Rude vs Chris Adams
    * Rude’s Crockett debut

    There’s going to be a ton of WWF and WCW material, but since it’s a tie-in to going into the Hall of Fame, it’d be cool to show the evolution leading up to when he went to New York.

  • Over/under- does this get a DVD/Blu Ray, or just a “Collection” on the WWE Network?

    • Supermark25

      Definitely a network collection. The days of secondary guy like Mr Perfect getting sets are over.

  • Piperfan01

    There was a Rick Rude vs Roddy Piper cage match that was pretty great, would be a fun addition.

    • RawisStoned

      One of Pipers best.

  • HartKiller_09

    An Upper-Body Business – The Rick Rude Story

    • RawisStoned

      Take a look at his upper body during his match with Hogan in the Boston Garden. GOOD GOD he’s ripped! (You can also see the acne on his back but still…)

      • anotheraccount24get

        You just made me search out that match so I could see his back acne (the match is actually from 29 years ago today, so that was interesting).

  • Mordwa

    Rude-Steamboat Iron Man match. With intros and commentary, there’s 45mins right there, rated at 4.5 snowflakes.

  • Mordwa

    Preview of the DVD – trailer from 1999:


    • RawisStoned

      He was rare in that he was a “cool heel” yet he never got cheers for being one

  • Fat, Ugly Inner-City Sweathog

    How about the Steamboat matches?

  • Fat, Ugly Inner-City Sweathog

    I would buy a Rude dvd for sure. And I have not spent money on WWE since like 2003

  • ReinEngel

    Just release his entire run in WCW and I’ll be happy.

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