• foeaminute

    I dunno, I kinda like it. 6 stars.

  • Adam Wright

    Luna Vachon spent all of 97 & 98 as the only comptant female wrestler in the company. so she was either a manager to losers (TAFKA Goldust, Oddities) or jobbed out in every match to Sable and later Jacqueline. She deserved much better.

    • Who would she have wrestled on that roster? She was great for her time- I think she’d be a big star today.

      • Phrederic


        • Manjiimortal

          She wouldn’t be able to hold herself. Madusa was barely able to do it against Bull Nakano, whose body was breaking down by the time they fought.

          • Phrederic

            Is there a stage between “Sable” and “Manami Toyota”?

          • Manjiimortal

            Many I’d say, but Luna would always be very far away from Toyota, and much closer to Sable.

          • Phrederic

            Maybe workrate wise.

            But wrestling is far more than that.

            I’d like to see Miz go up against Nakamura, for example.

  • flamingtoilet

    All it needs is a blinking marquee tag and it’s right out of a late-90s Geocities page.

    • Brendan McDonald

      Those were the days.

      “BREAKING NEWS: Chono Mysterio is out with a broken ankle.” I’ll never forget that one.

      • brocore

        Whoa, he was my favorite Villiano.

  • y2j420

    Luna Vachon had a banging body back in the day…

    • itwastyped

      How far back? I remember her being quite Chyna-like body wise

  • She definitely had a unique appeal.

  • ILikeNeville

    IN MOViE 2001

    • McGann

      Toynbee ftw!!!

  • This gets my lowest rating yet. 7 thumbs up.

  • Phrederic

    Luna Vachon was kind of a trailblazer in terms of being a really “weird” looking chick with an alternative-gimmick.

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