Wrestler unions

The latest observer mentions that sgt slaughter tried to form a Union in 85. I was not previously aware of this. I knew Jesse Ventura was fired after trying to unionize (with hogan reporting it to vince). Was slaughter’s attempt similar to Jesse’s or less organized? And was he also ‘told on’ by hogan or did someone else notify Vince?

Also, Are there any other attempts since 1980 where a wrestler attempted to unionize the locker room (either in WWF, WCW, or one of the other prominent groups back then)? I imagine the actions of promoters like Jerry Jarrett might have caused low paid workers to try and organize.

The main issue is that wrestlers and promoters all tend to be a bunch self serving wanks who can’t agree on ordering coffee at a coffee shop. So it’s inevitable that one person talks union and then another stooges them out to further their own career. Plus, especially in the case of Jerry Jarrett, this isn’t exactly super skilled labor he was using. As long as Jerry Lawler was still around the entire undercard was basically replaceable and easily fired anyway. And everyone knew it.

As for Slaughter, I don’t know the specifics because they didn’t come up at the time he was originally fired. The 84 issues treated it more like a contract dispute.