• ProjectBlue

    About time

    • Phrederic

      About DAMN time.

      Who inducts him?

      • RawisStoned

        Think Heenan is up for it?

        • Jay Thomas

          Sadly, I don’t think Heenan can speak anymore.
          Paul E maybe?

        • Phrederic

          Probably not.

        • Stan Ford

          That was my first thought, but yeah, his speech wasn’t doing too great during the Self Destruction of the Warrior talking head segments and I imagine it’s deteriorated since.

        • tzunset

          Definitely not.

          • tzunset


        • Starscreamlive

          I wish. His face is 3/4ths gone at this point and talking for him is just a bunch of grunts and groans. Very sad situation.

      • Steve Austin or Paul E?

        • RawisStoned

          Either would be a great choice. I would go with Heyman.

        • Phrederic

          Those would be good choices.

          Or Trips/Shawn for the D-X thing.

          • SuckaFreeSince83

            Didn’t he call HBK a phony world champion or something along those lines in his first promise back in WCW?

      • Bob Caudle, Jr.


        • Phrederic

          Were they that close?

      • Chris B


      • Jeremy Rinehart

        Kevin Nash has constantly said he should be in, so perhaps Big Sexy?

        • Phrederic

          Eddie Sharkey worked with him, right?

          He won’t draw eyes, but that’d make sense.

        • Stan Ford

          Rude kinda mentored Nash and Nash has said he considered him a friend to the end, but they had virtually zero interaction on screen in any promotion, so I doubt he gets tapped for the honor.

      • Mordwa

        Cheryl Roberts

      • Brian Scala

        I’m thinking Madusa or Paul Heyman.

      • Stan Ford

        Gotta be Heyman. The history is there and Heyman is such a skilled orator. Madusa makes sense, but I think they may be a little gun shy to give her the mic again after her kinda awkward “I don’t give a fuck about what I say” performance when she was inducted.

        • Phrederic

          Is Heyman still good with the company?

          I know he still does work for Brock, but is that the same as making a speech outside of that role?

          • Donald Theriault

            Didn’t he just do that new Network show?

          • Phrederic

            Do I look like a guy who watches random Network shows?

          • Stan Ford

            Indeed he did. If they’re putting him out there to parrot the company line (“everything is fine, 3 hours is great, stop whining”), I’m thinking they’re on fine terms.

          • Stan Ford

            If they didn’t want him there, he wouldn’t be there. Full stop.

          • Phrederic

            Right, but they want Curtis Axel there…and I doubt they’ll give him a HoF introduction speech.

          • Stan Ford

            If Curt Hennig was going in this year, I bet they would.

          • Adam Wright

            He works for WWE and he was on Raw this week. I can’t see WWE not trusting him to perform an induction speech

          • Phrederic

            I could see it but it’d be pretty nuts.

            Him or Austin would be a good bet.

      • His son, Bobby Roode

    • RawisStoned


  • JosephM

    He’s Simply Ravishing, Ow!

  • All the upvotes.


    Is it yesterday already?

  • CG4

    It’s about time all of those Los Angeles Losers, Indianapolis Idiots, and Baltimorons put him in.

  • Jeremy Rinehart

    A GREAT heel. As a kid, I hated him, but, in WCW, I thought he was unbeatable.

  • Fat, Ugly Inner-City Sweathog

    Goddamn it. After a Raiders loss, this is a win. Best pure heel ever. Should have been in years ago.

    Hit the music!

  • And A Diddly New Year

    The Hall of Fame’s Insurance Policy!

  • Brian Scala

    The winner of the Jesse The Body Award!

  • daveschlet

    Yes!!!! One of my all time favorites.

  • PhilStubington

    I guess now Vader has been upgraded to “not dying” they can put Rude in this year.

    • justicegris

      Vader is all right?!?

      • kbwrestlingreviews

        I believe he said a fourth doctor said it wasn’t as bad. He also might be doing DDP Yoga to lose weight. If it helps him, that’s another reason Page should be cannonized.

        • The Professor

          lost 10lbs this week and diabetes is back to normal thanks to ddpyoga

          • Adam Wright

            Is DDP the wrestling equivalent of Jesus? Someone should get him to look into Neck injuries and CTE.

          • Starscreamlive

            Maybe he can raise Rude from the dead so he can make a speech at his induction.

          • kbwrestlingreviews

            Nothing wrong with that. That DDP Yoga stuff seems like a miracle worker. Why WWE doesn’t invest in it for part of the wellness program is beyond me.

        • Mister H

          That still means three doctors have said he’s knackered, though.

          • kbwrestlingreviews

            True, but when you’re in that situation you take hope where you can find it.

  • LScisco

    Rick Rude has a special place in my heart for helping me win free wrestling tickets once when a radio station asked who was the first man to appear on RAW and Nitro at the same time. Some idiot before me said Shane McMahon, LOL

  • thejob111

    Favorite Rick Rude moment?

    This is a silly one for me, but I really enjoy him in the Super Posedown at Royal Rumble 89 with Warrior. The heeling was excellent in that with Rude doing these ridiculous poses and oils himself down and pumps himself up. Then of course giving Warrior a “Pearl Harbor job” at the end.

  • thejob111

    I’m a straight male, but I happily admit to finding Rick Rude incredibly……well….Ravishing.

  • LawrenceTalbot

    That makes this inner city sweathog really happy.

  • Aaron

    He’s simply ravishing he’s happening he knows that he’s cool

  • Aaron

    Now all you fat, out of shape, BoD birdbrains better recognize

  • Theberzerker #HUSStag


  • zahidf

    Let him show all you fat, out of shape, inner city warthogs what a real hall of fame inductee is supposed to look like

  • Adam Wright

    So with DDP & Rude leaked and Vader & Bryan rumoured. It looks like they’re avoiding any inducting any stars where they’d have to feature Hogan in the induction videos/speech.

    Odds of Martel & Waltman getting in this year have just improved then.

    • Stan Ford

      Jesus, DDP, Rude, Vader AND Bryan in one year seems like a loaded class. I think they could stretch that list out a bit.

  • npavlou22

    Heyman is the likely one speaking for Rude – Heyman has some great stories and Rude was the centerpiece of the Dangerous Alliance. Austin is second choice, but you also can’t discount Bret Hart, who mentions Rude multiple times in his book as a supportive friend.

    • Ray Rosini Jr.

      Bret Hart should speak for Rude since he jumped ship the week after the Montreal Screwjob. On his first DVD Bret was really choked about what Rude did for him too. I think they road with each other in Rude’s first WWF stint also.

  • y2j420

    Ha! I called this 3 or 4 days ago…

    • Bogey

      I read about it at least 3 or 4 days ago

      • y2j420

        From my post 3 or 4 days ago? lol

        • Bogey

          No, on a website

  • y2j420

    OK, so who does the HOF induction speech for Rude? Can’t be Heenan…Heyman? Jake Roberts?

    • Nellykins

      Probably Stone Cold. They were very close and Austin always brings him up as being a mentor. Also does a brilliant impersonation of him too.

  • superjobber

    All you fat, out of shape, blogofdoom sweat hogs, keep the noise down while I take off my robe.

  • Ray Rosini Jr.

    Mike Johnson used to be a ECW “mark” sitting in the front row with the other ECW marks/dweebs right? When did everyone start to read into his bullshit? Makes Dave Sherer look like Wade Keller.

  • Bettis

    Although he was never a true World champ, he looked pretty sweet with the Big Gold Belt.

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