Rumble possibilities

With Undertaker coming back, and Strowman being the two obvious contenders, what about the other options:
– Sami Zayn pays off the underdog story by eliminating Braun to win and fight KO at Mania
– Jericho getting a first ever Rumble to face best friend Owens
– Balor with a surprise return to face Reigns
– Goldberg to feud with Roman in a spear contest
– a surprise returning Angle or debuting Joe or Nakamura

‚ÄčNakamura’s not even losing the NXT title until the night before the show, so it’s not likely to be him as a surprise entrant. Joe seems to have been written out of the NXT world, so he could enter. Can’t see him winning, though. Balor just doesn’t sound like he’s anywhere near ready to come back yet, the shoulder surgery was REALLY gnarly. Goldberg v. Roman at WM would be a huge waste of both guys, although I could see it at Fastlane. Jericho can’t even beat Seth Rollins, he’s not winning the Rumble. Plus he’ll be locked a shark cage. And Sami Zayn, no way and he shouldn’t even be a serious contender with the way he’s been booked.

If Undertaker’s in the match, I could see him, or Strowman, but no one else. ‚Äč