Rumble possibilities

With Undertaker coming back, and Strowman being the two obvious contenders, what about the other options:
– Sami Zayn pays off the underdog story by eliminating Braun to win and fight KO at Mania
– Jericho getting a first ever Rumble to face best friend Owens
– Balor with a surprise return to face Reigns
– Goldberg to feud with Roman in a spear contest
– a surprise returning Angle or debuting Joe or Nakamura

​Nakamura’s not even losing the NXT title until the night before the show, so it’s not likely to be him as a surprise entrant. Joe seems to have been written out of the NXT world, so he could enter. Can’t see him winning, though. Balor just doesn’t sound like he’s anywhere near ready to come back yet, the shoulder surgery was REALLY gnarly. Goldberg v. Roman at WM would be a huge waste of both guys, although I could see it at Fastlane. Jericho can’t even beat Seth Rollins, he’s not winning the Rumble. Plus he’ll be locked a shark cage. And Sami Zayn, no way and he shouldn’t even be a serious contender with the way he’s been booked.

If Undertaker’s in the match, I could see him, or Strowman, but no one else. ​

  • thejob111

    Strowman might be the least reputable person to ever win the Rumble.

    Maybe Yokozuna at the time when he won?

    I’ll skip Vince since I can’t take that one seriously and at least he is obviously a huge star.

    • J. Frizz

      Vince was a fucking star when he won that goddamn Rumble, PAL!

    • The Professor

      definitely yokozuna

    • Chris

      I don’t think he’s any less of a star than Sheamus or Del Rio were, frankly

    • rxchrisg

      Vince was at least believable the way they did it. I wouldn’t buy him really winning a fair rumble but the way he did it was plausible

    • I submit Big John Studd.

      • I agree with Studd. Way past his prime.. but at least this was before they started granting title shots to the winner.

  • Theberzerker #HUSStag

    I could actually see Balor being a surprise entrant and winning. The surgery was major, but they’ve been suspiciously quiet about him, and the Rumble is late this month and then he doesn’t have to do anything until Mania. If Omega/Okada really has made all of them want the last match at Mania to be this incredible ****** GOAT, then I don’t see one aside from brining Balor back and having him wrestle AJ, and if they do THAT, they might as well go full Bullet Club with it and move Gallows & Anderson over too.

    Joe & Dillinger should both be surprise entrants, and hopefully will be.

    It’s wishful thinking on my part and overly cynical thinking on our parts here, but I just don’t see Braun winning. I’m absolutely certain that Roman/Stroman will be a match at Fast Lane, maybe a program for the US title at Mania, but not the RAW world title match. I think there’s a good chance of Jericho finally winning. What makes you think they suddenly give a fuck about booking now? Vince has changed the winner of the Rumble just to SPITE us before!

    • Manjiimortal

      What’s WWE’s purpose or gain in trying to have the WM main-event be a GOAT match? They gain nothing from it whatsoever because WM partially sells itself, and the match-ups are never sold on workrate but storylines.

      • Theberzerker #HUSStag

        I agree which is why I’m skeptical about it. The drive for it won’t last the next 3 months anyway, but my point was if it did, that’s the match. UT is too old and broken down now to hang in there with AJ or even Cena beyond ****, and even that would be miraculous.

        • Mike Mears

          I think it’s impossible to say what kind of match Taker is capable of. It’s not like he was in position to have a chance at a good one against Shane, and we’re just a little over a year past him having two ****ish matches with Bork. I definitely wouldn’t rule out him being able to have a great match with a great worker like Cena or AJ.

    • kylelitke

      I think it’s clear if they want a 6 star match the crowd is way into, Reigns vs Strowman is the way to go.

  • Empian

    if Taker is in it he obviously takes it – he shouldn’t though.
    Strowman is a very real possibility – especially if Styles/Cena goes on last
    Balor has to be a shout if he’s anything like ready
    Maybe, maybe if they are really struggling for a winner they’ll give Jericho the token win as he’s never had one (should have had 2012).

    Can’t see anyone else. Brock and Goldberg probably eliminate each other. HHH chucks Seth.

  • J. Frizz

    I think you’re shorting the Jericho possibility, I can totally see him winning and getting Owens at WM. Since when did who a guy won or lost to recently matter when it comes to their booking?

    • Theberzerker #HUSStag

      My point entirely. I could easily see him winning & either facing KO at Mania, or it’s a threeway with Roman, or Balor even. Roman/Strowman WILL happen, either at Fast Lane or at Mania, but not for the RAW title.

    • Comdukakis

      Jericho is leaving right after WM to tour with Fozzy. I don’t see them doing one match at WM and leaving it at that. We all know every title feud must be a minimum of 3 ppvs.

  • J. Frizz

    The more interesting topic to me is the attendance for this show. Does anyone have any idea how ticket sales are doing?

    • Stan Ford

      WM? If they came close enough in Texas to paper it to 110,000+, Orlando will be full.

      • PhilStubington

        WM wasn’t even close to 110k. According to the WWE’s Q2 average attendance figures it was 80k, plus or minus 6k.

        • PAID attendance was around 80K, right? That’s not at all the same as the amount of people in the building.

        • Stan Ford

          You saw where I said “paper,” right?

  • zbinks

    “– Goldberg to feud with Roman in a spear contest”

    That’s something only Vince McMahon might enjoy, but there’s no way they’d be able to keep such a match in the TV-PG realm.

  • Jeremy Rinehart

    Isn’t the next Smackdown PPV Elimination Chamber? If so, a wrestler from Raw is winning the Rumble

  • Rick Poehling

    If AJ retains, the possibilities for the Rumble go way up, because it means that Taker might not win and you could put almost anyone over to face AJ. Strowman can get there almost any other way. Balor could win if they booked him to come out at 29, have him take almost zero bumps, and use smoke and mirrors to get him the win.

  • Fat, Ugly Inner-City Sweathog

    Strowman vs Reigns is perfectly inoffensive….if it’s for the US Title

  • Fat, Ugly Inner-City Sweathog

    Fantasy Land:
    Cena wins the WWE Title from Styles. Samoa Joe debuts with a Rumble win, challenges Cena for Mania. Undertaker has one more chance to prove he can compete for the title after entering and winning the Chamber match next month. He challenges Universal Champion Roman Reigns, who turns heel at Mania to retire Undertaker. Styles vs Balor as a cross-brand MOTYC for its own sake

  • Fat, Ugly Inner-City Sweathog

    Styles retains vs Cena, but an increasingly desperate Cena wins the Chamber match next month and challenges Reigns for the Universal Title at WM33. AJ gets the returning Balor.

  • Pete Labozetta

    I’m all in on Goldberg vs. Reigns but I’m a big mark for both guys.

    • PhilStubington

      I’d pay to see Reigns job in 90 seconds like Brock did.

  • Devin Harris

    Sami Zayn……….ultimate lolz

  • Mr. P

    I don’t see Goldberg/Reigns being a waste of both guys at all.

  • Aaron

    Reigns taking from Bret against Goldberg would be great.

  • Buster Abbott

    I guess the results of the two title matches will narrow things down by the time of the actual Rumble, but it’s fun going into a Royal Rumble with several legitimate winning possibilities in play. Undertaker, Balor, Strowman, Goldberg are the favourites, with Jericho as a possible dark horse.

    Goldberg vs. Reigns has a lot more intrigue as a WM main event for me than another Goldberg/Lesnar match. If Goldberg is wrestling at the February PPV, then he can blow off the Lesnar feud there and take on a fresh opponent at Mania. Not that I’m in favour of giving Reigns another “coronation” moment, but having him be the first guy to ever beat Goldberg cleanly would be pretty cool. Hell, Reigns can start paying tribute to Goldberg by adopting the jackhammer as his new finisher, thus giving Roman a sixth move!

    There’s also a non-zero chance that Cena could lose to Styles, and then return that same night to win the Rumble….but then swerve us all by choosing to face Reigns at Mania.

    • BODConscience

      If it’s Reins Vs Goldberg Id actually watch that match unlike reigns/HHH or god forbid reigns/Strowman.

    • Mr. P

      The title match results are the main reason I’m going with Taker over Strowman. That way they can send the crowd home happy. Otherwise, can you imagine Reigns, Cena, AND Strowman winning in the same night? There might be a riot!

  • UngeAutotuneNejTak

    How Bout aj styles

    • PhilStubington

      He’s wrestling Cena at the Rumble, don’t see it.


        They could pull an Edge and have him take some jobber’s spot. But he wouldn’t jump shows and he could get a match again Cena or a three way without winning the Rumble

  • If AJ retains and Finn manages a return, having him choose to go to SmackDown over Raw to take out AJ – with the SmackDown writing team building the story – would be amazeballs.

    • BODConscience

      Yeah if styles is going to lose the belt. Balor is the way to go. He dosent need to be losing it to the usual suspects. Make him the one guy that somehow avoided that.

  • hhcates

    If they’re serious about Balor, having him return, eliminate Taker after a 5-10 minute clash (ala…RR 2007?), and get the “you did good kid” handshake at the end would be a mighty solid way to do it.

    Of course, Cena/Taker for the title makes a ton of sense, but makes even more sense if it’s Cena trying to win for the 16th against Champion Taker. The other way around lacks that spectacle.

  • slapdabass

    Why are we even discussing this? HHH is winning.

  • Ray Rosini Jr.

    James Ellsworth vs Super Cena or Undertaker for Smackdowm Title at Mainia.

  • johntcole

    Zayn hasn’t been booked that badly. He can easily be put in a credible main event slot IMO.

    • I am going to eat the storyline of underdog Zayn fulfilling his child hood dream up with a spoon, but this is not the year to do it.

      • It would take a long build, but I 100% agree. The guy sells an ass kicking as good as anyone I’ve ever seen, and he’s skilled enough in the ring that they could easily make him a huge sympathetic face. He hasn’t had much of a character or storyline on the main roster until the Brian Showman stuff, so I can see why some people on here aren’t diggin’ him.

        • Rayner

          That lull in between the KO and Strowmen feuds really hurt him

  • Stranger In the Alps

    Strowman is winning. He last eliminates The Undertaker.

    • KevinLockard

      Probably just the opposite lol.

  • SuckaFreeSince83

    Hope Joe gets the 94 Diesel Rumble push; comes in with 3 or 4 guys in the ring and lays waste to them and tosses them. Then gets to pick the next 2 or 3 guys off 1 at a time as they enter.

    • jabroniville

      That push would always work.

      Except with Reigns.

      • Nothing works with Reigns…wish they’d just give up on him like they did with Outback Jack, Ted Arcidi and Nathan Jones.

  • jabroniville

    I still say two last guys eliminate each other before #30 gets in, the buzzer sounds, and Y2J enters to an empty ring, celebrating like he just won the hardest-fought battle of his life.

    • Buster Abbott

      This absolutely should’ve been the finish in the 2012 Rumble, which was basically a comedy match already.

  • daveschlet

    Strowman sucks. If he wins, Vince is no longer the worst winner. Or Del Rio, or Sheamus. Or even…dare I even say it…Reigns.

  • flamingtoilet

    Jericho’s still stuck in the cage when the Rumble begins. His number is called, they finally get him lowered but he can’t get out. So he’s stuck at ringside. Finally, everyone thinks that someone, we’ll say Sami wins. MIRACULOUSLY, Jericho’s cage finally opens at just that moment that Sami is celebrating and Jericho runs in and tosses him over the top rope for an easy win.

    Shawn Michaels in 95 but with an even heelier twist.

    • KevinLockard

      Jericho has spent the last several months being a comedic lackey (albeit a very entertaining one) for someone else. I would have preferred he won the 2012 Rumble but no way should he be winning this one.

      • ziggaman730

        yea Jericho’s time to win the RR was 2012 n got fucked over bc he was the obvious choice.

  • KevinLockard

    People sound like a bunch of marks/casuals with thinking Strowman has any chance of winning lol. He isn’t winning.

    Unless Balor makes a very speedy recovery (maybe he has some of Cena’s genes?), then I’d probably favor The Undertaker to win. Another explanation is that maybe Goldberg and Brock will co-win the Rumble, ala Luger and Bret in ’94, and then wrestle at one-on-one at Fastlane to determine who gets the shot at Wrestlemania (or alternatively, one of them wins and the other dares him to put his shot on the line at Fastlane instead.) Either scenario leads to Goldberg/Roman, or possibly even a triple-threat involving Lesnar.

    I would love for Bray Wyatt to win it, but what chances are there of that? Well, probably about as much chance as Strowman lol.

  • Comdukakis

    I think all the Jericho predictors need to look at his schedule. He is leaving after WM to tour with Fozzy. No way he wins the Rumble and does the job at WM, only to then depart. Feuds don’t go that way in WWE anymore. A title feud is a minimum of 3 ppvs (and about 16 Raw matches). I just don’t see them having jericho win, then lose to Reigns or Owens at WM. Beating Jericho has no rub at this point. The only value in Jericho would be him turning on Owens and beating him. Jericho pulling a 2005 Batista and challenging Owens is pretty flat when KO gets the inevitable win at WM because Jericho aint’ sticking around. And god knows if Reigns is champ he needs someone more than Jericho to put him over

  • JKyle Adams

    It makes zero sense but this feels like Jericho’s last chance to win. He’s been more full time in the last year than in recent memory and no one wants a part timer to win the Rumble. Except Vince, but not a short part timer.

  • dirtyearsbill

    I think Taker is winning this year to fight Cena for the title at mania after Cena beats Styles.

    I’d prefer Styles beats Cena at the Rumble and then we get Styles vs Undertaker at Mania. Raw title match could be Jericho vs KO and then they could put together Cena vs Reigns in an interpromotional match. Throw in Rollins vs HHH, Goldberg vs Lesnar 2 and Sasha vs Bayley vs Charlotte and I’d be interested in that mania. Not saying any of this would happen, just spit balling.

    • ziggaman730

      I think Styles Nakamura should seriously be considered as a WM match if he loses to Cena at RR.


    Thanks again, Seth Rollins. This boring fall on Raw is directly your fault. That dude’s the worst.

  • Daniel Swinney

    The rise of Braun Strowman seems like one of those vaguely shitty dreams that doesn’t quite qualify as a nightmare but is just kind of tedious and unpleasant.

  • Daniel Swinney

    Also Jericho should just win without a comedy spot.

  • Peter

    There is no way ‘Taker is in the match if he isn’t winning. What would be the point?

    • There is no way Taker could take the bump to the outside. He’s going to win, just like Sheik won the gimmick battle royal…and he’ll take as long to get to the ring

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