WWF Prime Time Wrestling – June 5th, 1989

June 5, 1989

Your hosts are Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

This is the special “No Holds Barred” edition of Prime Time Wrestling that takes place inside of a movie theater.


Heenan rags on the crowd for a bit as Gorilla tells us how “No Holds Barred” as broke box office records. The crowd is treating their routine like its a comedy bit as they are all laughing at Heenan’s jokes.


They are now in the lobby of the theater as we are shown King Hacksaw Jim Duggan squashing Dave Wagner from the 6/3/89 edition of Superstars that led to a brawl with Big John Studd, Andre the Giant, and Haku getting involved.


We see WWF personalities walk by such as WWF President Jack Tunney and Arnold Skaaland.


The Genius is in the ring with a poem about “No Holds Barred” and how it could have won an Oscar if he was the leading man. This was taped at the 5/17/89 “Superstars of Wrestling” taping in Duluth, MN


Mr. Perfect squashes Lance Allen in a match from the 6/11/89 episode of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Twin Towers w/ Slick vs. Jerry Lynn & Ray Brown

This match would be shown on the 6/18/89 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” Tony Schiavone & Lord Alfred Hayes are on commentary here and put over the Towers as the #1 contenders to Demolition. The Towers beat on Lynn to start as we hear Demolition in an insert promo as they tell the Towers to bring it in the ring and how they’ll kick their teeth in when they meet. Brown tags in as Akeem quickly puts him away with a splash (2:20). After the match, the Towers cuff Lynn as Bossman beats him with the nightstick.

Thoughts: A dominant win for the Towers here as they are still being pushed in a feud against Demolition.


Brooklyn Brawler & Bad News Brown vs. The Bushwhackers

This took place at the 5/17/89 “Superstars of Wrestling” TV tapings. Never saw the Brawler/Bad News pairing before. Brawler roughs up Butch to start but ends up getting hit with a clothesline. Luke tags and ends up biting Brawler in the ass before the Bushwhackers hit a double clothesline. Bad News tags in and gets punched by Butch a few times before he just headbutts him down. Bad News stays on the attack as Brawler wants to tag back in as he thinks he can handle things. Brawler ducks his head for a backdrop but gets kicked in the face then Butch makes the tag. Luke roughs up Brawler, who is able to send Luke into the corner and tag out. Bad News boots Luke down in the corner and stays in control as the crowd gets behind Luke. Brawler tags in again and hits a slam but misses an elbow drop. Butch tags in and beats on Brawler as Bad News is jawing with the fans then the Bushwhackers hit the battering ram before getting the win with a double gutbuster (5:41) *. After the match, Bad News turns around in shock over the loss then yells at Brawler, who shoves him. Bad News calms Brawler down then hits him with the Ghetto Blaster from behind.

Thoughts: Crappy match and Brawler seemed worse than usual too. Poor Bad News, who earlier in the year was in a heated feud for the World Heavyweight Title and is now reduced to teaming with Brawler against a comedy act.


Honky Tonk Man vs. Red Tyler squash match win from 6/4/89 edition of Wrestling Challenge that led to the confrontation with Snuka on the interview platform.


Tony Schiavone hosts the “Coliseum Corner” segment from the “Brains Behind the Brawn” video as we get the clip of Heenan selling Hercules to Ted DiBiase, Rick Rude giving a lady the Rude Awakening, and more.


Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Jim Powers

This is from the 5/8/89 Meadowlands Arena show with Schiavone & Hayes on commentary. Sharpe beats on Powers to start then he taunts the crowd. Powers comes back with a dropkick after an Irish whip sequence as Sharpe bails and paces around the ring. Powers slingshots him back in then hits a suplex as that barely gets a two count. Sharpe is back outside then briefly heads back and whiffs on a dropkick attempt before going up the aisle. Sharpe is in the ring and pissed off at the fans. He challenges Powers to a test-of-strength then boots him down. Sharpe brags about being in control then boots Powers back down. Powers gets up and works an arm wringer but Sharpe backs him in the corner and fires away. Powers is able to grab another arm wringer as he works the arm for a bit. Sharpe chops Powers down then flexes his arm in front of the camera. Powers counters a piledriver attempt with a backdrop but Sharpe backs him against the ropes. Powers catches Sharpe’s foot then spins him around for an atomic drop. Powers misses a charge in the corner then runs into an elbow smash as Sharpe gets two off of that. Sharpe argues with the referee before taking Powers down with a hip toss. Powers blocks a turnbuckle smash and hits Sharpe with a bunch of them. Powers gets two with a dropkick but ducks his head and gets hit. Powers slides underneath Sharpe then catches him with a powerslam for the win (10:38) *1/2.

Thoughts: This match was nowhere as bad as I thought it would be. It was fine for a bottom of the card house show match between two guys who were TV enhancement talent.


Demolition vs. Todd Becker & Fuller Stevens

Demolition beats on Stevens to start. Beckers tags in and suffers the same fate until Demolition puts him out of his misery with the Decapitation (2:15). When they cut back to the studio, Heenan says his Brainbusters will be the Tag Team Champions.

Thoughts: Odd they did not mention the Twin Towers facing Demolition during this match. The match was your typical Demolition TV win.


Dusty Rhodes’ pizza delivery man vignette is shown.


Tito Santana beating Jake Milliman in a squash match from the 6/3/89 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling” where Milliman shoved referee Ronnie Garvin after the match and ended up getting decked in the face.


Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. Hillbilly Jim

This is from the 5/1/89 Copps Coliseum show in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Gorilla and Hayes are on commentary here and are bringing up Hillbilly’s Granny Kim, who was all over “Tuesday Night Titans” four years prior. Lots of stalling from Valentine to start then we get a break. The action returns as Hillbilly drops Valentine with a bell clap then applies a bearhug. Hart jumps up on the apron and that causes Hillbilly to break the hold which allows Valentine to attack from behind. Hart chokes out Hillbilly behind the referee’s back as Valentine works a chinlock. Hillbilly escapes but Valentine falls on top of him during a slam attempt. Valentine goes back to the headlock but Hillbilly escapes then hits an atomic drop after whiffing on a mule kick in the corner, which seemed like a miscommunication. Hillbilly then runs wild but Hart is on the apron and that allows Valentine to hit a high knee then roll up Hillbilly from behind and grab his overalls for leverage as he gets the win (7:45) 1/4*. Some truly awful camera work on the finish.

Thoughts: This was all stalling for the most part. The fans were somewhat behind Hillbilly here at least but as a match, it was shitty.


Clip from “No Holds Barred” with Hogan trying to get Zeus in a gym funhouse. After shown, Heenan suggests he should leave and can get his own show as kid sweeps in front of him while Heenan insults him. That is something to keep an eye on in the future. Gorilla tells Heenan he should leave and has guys lined up waiting to take his seat. After the break, Sherri comes out and takes Heenan to the theater as she flirts with him.


Final Thoughts: The interaction between Heenan and Monsoon here was fun as Heenan was even more hilarious than usual. However, the wrestling stuff was subpar and the rest was more “No Holds Barred” hype. WWF TV in May-June was pretty much all focused on the movie and I chose to review this show because of this. The hype and clips were more in-depth on this show.


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