WWE Slam Crate #2!

Hey, it’s WWE Loot Crate #2, and it’s a GOOD ONE.  I had no idea what was coming in this one, and I’m pretty pumped about everything in the box this time, so let’s check it out!  All products modelled by my daughter, who received the bear as compensation for her talents.  Your theme is month is the Conor Michalek Memorial box.  So you’d pretty much have to be a monster not to click on that link and buy a subscription.

So yeah, this showed up and Rosalie (who lives her life based on YouTube unboxing videos of Shopkins and Playmobil) was all about doing an unboxing, so how can I deny that?

First up, the overview.

Yeah, that t-shirt poking out there got me pretty excited, too.

First up, as you can see on top, a metal John Cena figure, letting us know that we can’t see him.  I told this to Rose and she said that she could see him just fine, so it was a rather confusing situation for her. Apparently Cena’s powers of invisibility are not all they’re cracked up to be.  This is a pretty great figure, though.

Next up, a BAYLEY BEAR. Come on, what kind of a cold-hearted MONSTER do you have to be not to love this? This was immediately claimed by the little one, obviously.

Next up, another belt pin to go with the Winged Eagle one from last time, this time a classic IC title plate. Three for three so far.

And then the MAIN EVENT, a friggin’ AJ Styles Phenomenal One t-shirt!  I’m wearing the SHIT out of this as soon as possible.  This is much better than the cheesy Enzo/Cass shirt from last month and I’d totally pay $20 for this if I saw it in a store.

But wait, there’s more! To go with the theme this month of the Conor Warrior Award deal, it’s a Daniel Bryan toque!  It was -30C here yesterday, so this also will get used and HOW.

And finally, in the spirit of the Warrior, the info sheet unfolds into an Ultimate Warrior poster.

So yeah, each and every piece is more awesome than the last here, as this box is a complete winner and filled with stuff I would proudly display in public. Great job on the second effort by Loot Crate and WWE here, and hopefully they keep these coming.