Jimmy Snuka is a FREE man


I know that realistically he was never going to face justice for what happened to Nancy Argentino, but it’s still a sad and disappointing end to the whole thing, knowing that Nancy’s family is never even going to get closure or the chance to face Snuka in court.

  • Hunter

    If by free you mean he won’t be incarcerated then yes, he’s got dementia and terminal cancer – he is literally trapped inside his rapidly deteriorating body. Perhaps there’s no justice, but I believe he has paid the Devils due with his end of life condition

    • Chris B

      I disagree … he’s gotten to live his life, be famous, see his kids succeed and make money for 30 years since then. He won. It’s just sad.

      PS – I’d be very interested to hear more about Vince’s involvement.

      • Hunter

        Well if there’s a hell, take solace he will surely be in it

        • It’d be the one time he’d be a main eventer too….Iron Man Match (IN THE CELL) with Benoit.

      • Big D Wangston

        Wait a minute. Snuka has a kid? Is it a son or a daughter, I had not heard ever.

        • Miko363

          And what’s all this talk about them being successful?

    • zbinks

      Living to be a relatively old man suffering from ailments that are relatively common among men his age doesn’t equate to him having “paid the Devil’s due,” IMO.

      • Hunter

        It’s not a normal thing to develop dementia, it’s a disease. And the form of cancer he has is one of the most painful as you’re extremely limited as to what medication you can use for pain relief, lying murderer or not – His body is literally shutting down with him still inside it and for a guy who spent his whole life staying in shape, that’s gotta be like death

        • Hunter

          Tldr,Snuka is dying a slow painful death

      • Hunter

        But i understand your sentiment, perhaps this is just his down payment on what he owes

  • Ary Rosenbaum

    Biggest victory for Snuka since he fired Captain Lou Albano. On a non-kayfabe note, I think even if he was put on trial, he would have gotten off. Cases like this, tried after so many years are hard to prove. While there was the Martha Moxley case, this reminds me of the Bob Crane case except in that case, there was some physical evidence.

  • I’m sure this has been asked before, but did Snuka have a taint when it came to the IWC in the early 90’s?

    • Hunter

      I think it was well known in those circles that he was a murderer

      • juvydriver

        On MLW radio, Court Bauer talked about being out drinking with Snuka and some of the Samoan guys one night. At 10 pm, one of the Samoans came and got him and said he needed to head up to his room. When he pressed them on why, they said that Snuka can get pretty crazy pretty fast (I’m paraphrasing, of course) and it was best to not be around him late at night.

    • ILikeNeville

      I think Meltzer uncovered Snuka’s taint, as memory serves.

      • Big D Wangston

        Puts a new meaning to the word “Observer” then.

  • I guess Colonel Debeers was right not to want to wrestle Jimmy Snuka.

  • Buff_Bagel

    I’m glad this legal circus show is over so Superfly can prepare for the Rumble and get his win back from Undertaker at WM33.

    It’s not the same kind of closure as his court case, but I’ll take it.

  • Adam The Reindeer

    Vince must be relieved. IF and that’s a big IF Snuka had been found guilty of Mansluaghter or murder, then Vince could end up under investigation himself for his involvement as an accessory after the fact. Even if nothing cameof the investigation the PR for him and Linda would be extremely damaging.

  • zbinks

    Pyrrhic victory for Snuka. The family doesn’t get any real closure, but his name remains tainted on the grounds that he was no longer competent to stand trial. The wrestling equivalent, ironically enough, would be his MSG cage match vs. Muraco, only he’s Muraco and the 2015 arrest and subsequent trial was the big splash from the top of the cage.

    • Look innocent in jail? I’d rather look guilty at the mall!

  • PalePieceOfPigsEar

    Scott, if you’re able to edit SN articles after they’re posted, I think you meant “protracted”, not “protected”.

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