Dana Brooke = …. Dino Bravo?

Dino Bravo was literally the worst ever and now many consider Dana Brooke to carry that honor. Dino Bravo … Dana Brooke … D.B. … coincidence?

​Wait, how does DB Cooper fit into this theory? And what about Daniel Bryan?

I think this needs to be workshopped more before we run with it. ​

  • Roman Reigns Winky Face

    I’m tired of Dino being shat upon at the BOD and I think it’s time to make 2017 the Year of Bravo.

    • taabr2

      Oh, a Johnny Bravo character could work as a mid-card heel.

    • Dino Bravo Sucks

      I. Will. Fight. You.

  • BadNewsBrown

    Dino Bravo never got implants that made him have to re-learn how to move around the ring.

    • ILikeNeville

      Neither did Goldust, but not for want of trying!

    • Aaron

      He just took mountains of steroids

  • Dana Brooke is just another too-green-for-TV example with limited experience. Dino Bravo was a 20+ year vet who actually could work, but got so loaded up on steroids that it made him practically immobile for the majority of his time in WWE.

    • ILikeNeville

      Am I right in believing he wrestled as a cruiserweight before being destroyed by steroids?

      I guess you could call Dino Bravo the Canadian equivalent of England’s Dynamite Billington!

  • Miko363

    Did Dino Bravo ever accidentally get a clean win over an upper midcarder because he forgot where he was and couldn’t get his feet up on the ropes?

    • ILikeNeville

      Nope, but I don’t remember her corpsing dreadfully during all of her interviews. That one little “Wow, she won!” shock moment, for me exposes the business far less than some of the other female wrestlers not managing to get through one “I REALLY DON’T LIKE YOU, REAL LIFE FRIEND OF MINE!” promo without giggling, on a weekly basis.

  • ILikeNeville

    Dana Brooke is hot, really loud and intense, and kind of reminds me of Harmony from Buffy meets Sensational Sherri Martel. What’s not to like? Not everyone can be a 16-time champion like Charlotte or Sasha.

    • ted

      What does being hot have to do with ability?

      • justicegris

        I think his point was that Dana is hotter than Dino Bravo, hence she is still slightly better. To deny this statement is to say that you are attracted to Dino Bravo

        • ted

          Or that I don’t care about their attractiveness male or female because it doesn’t matter.

          • AnInternetToughGuy

            To you it doesn’t.
            I feel you’re probably in the minority.

          • justicegris

            I can’t believe that you think Dino is delicious. Amazing.

      • ILikeNeville

        Attractiveness is an undeniable form of entertainment. A Sports Entertainer’s ability to entertain is everything.

      • ILikeNeville

        Also, why do you not ask, “What does loud have to do with ability?”

      • taabr2

        Wrestling is entertainment, being attractive is an important part of that.

        • ted

          Not really two of the biggest wrestlers in history are downright ugly. Being charismatic and good get you over.

          • taabr2

            Charisma can get you far and helps cover up weak points I agree but looks definitely should be considered when you are trying to make a drawing star.

  • Aaron

    Dana doesn’t deserve this slander.

  • Nope.

    Dino Bravo was a natural blonde.

    • Actually he wasn’t lol

      • Dwayne

        I saw him with dark hair on house show from 84. He was even a face. It was weird

      • That’s the basis of the joke.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    The better comp for Dana may be Alex Riley. Limited ring ability. Good talker.

  • SuckaFreeSince83

    Dana Brooke is hot. I’d love to sell for her and then make a hell of a comeback. It would be one of the highest rated 3 to 7 minute matches ever

  • Sean Mooney

    I can’t pleasure myself thinking of Dino Bravo (well I can but I feel like everytime I would be ready to explode Frenchy Martin would pop up on screen) so Dana wins.

  • Gregory Weagle

    Nope. Dana Brooke is just green.

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