WWF Boston Garden – June 3rd, 1989

June 3, 1989

From the Boston Garden in Boston, MA. This would be the final televised Boston Garden show.

Your hosts are Lord Alfred Hayes and Tony Schiavone

Tonight, Demolition faces the Twin Towers for the Tag Team Titles and in the main event, Hulk Hogan defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Savage


Barry Horowitz vs. Tim Horner

The crowd chants boring then Horner takes Horowitz over with an armdrag then a dropkick in a fast-paced sequence to wake up the crowd. Horner works the arm for a bit as the crowd is into his quick offense. Horowitz ends up tossing Horner to the floor as he takes control of the match. Horowitz gets two with a gutwrench suplex then covers two more times after that but cannot get the win. Horner sneaks in a small package but Horowitz returns the favor then stomps away. Horowitz continues to beat on Horner, who manages to get a sunset flip, then he gets nearfalls with a slam and a Russian leg sweep. Horowitz hip tosses out of an abdominal stretch and gets two with a jackknife cover before applying an abdominal stretch on his own and even manages to pat himself on the back. Horner breaks the hold then they end up clotheslining each other then Horner gets up first and fires away. He gets two with a snap suplex then uses a bridging reverse rollup and gets the win (11:55) **3/4. Horner gets a decent applause after the win.

Thoughts: Good opening match. The crowd got into Horner at the end and while not as good as their match at the 12/88 MSG show, this was still fun to watch as they are two total pros in the ring.


The Warlord w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

Warlord flexes after shoving Neidhart against the ropes. Neidhart then comes back with a dropkick and sends him outside with a clothesline. Neidhart hammers away then works the arm until the Warlord catches him with a backbreaker then targets the back. Fuji chokes out Neidhart with his cane behind the referee’s back then Warlord goes back to targeting the back and eventually applies a bearhug. Neidhart manages to use the ropes and fall on top of Warlord for a two count. Neidhart makes his comeback and hits a standing dropkick but Fuji distracts him and the Warlord gets a win with a clothesline to the back of the head (4:35) 1/2*.

Thoughts: Crappy finish to a nothing match as they seem to be continuing the Neidhart vs. Powers of Pain feud through singles matches.


Ted DiBiase & Virgil are in the ring. DiBiase tells us that Jake Roberts is really not here tonight because he is scared, not due to injury. He then calls out Dusty Rhodes and laughs at the notion Dusty will enter the WWF and make a name off of him. DiBiase then offers Dusty a few hundred dollars to take and have a good time because if not he will get embarrassed in the ring.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Dusty Rhodes

Dusty comes out then ends up hitting DiBiase with an elbow and takes the money, which he gives away to the fans at ringside. DiBiase is livid and charges but runs into an elbow as Dusty fires away then celebrates as the fans go nuts. Dusty sends DiBiase over the top rope again with an atomic drop then uses a double noggin-knocker. Dusty playfully puts the referee on the top rope then taunts DiBiase, who comes back with a knee smash. DiBiase fires away but Dusty knocks him down with an elbow smash but Virgil drags Dusty outside as DiBiase hits him from behind with a double axe handle. Back inside, DiBiase beats on Dusty for a bit until Dusty fights back and even busts out a standing dropkick. DiBiase manages to knock Dusty back down and hits an elbow smash from the middle rope as he is back in control. DiBiase works a chinlock on the mat but Dusty gets his arm up and powers out. DiBiase cuts off Dusty with a knee smash but ends up getting decked coming off of the middle rope as Dusty fires away in the corner. Virgil ends up grabbing Dusty’s leg and gets distracted but Dusty avoids a charge as DiBiase knocks Virgil off of the apron and Dusty rolls up DiBiase for the win (8:30) **1/2. After the match, Dusty celebrates in the crowd, who are going wild.

Thoughts: While not a technical masterpiece by any stretch, this was a really fun match. The crowd was hot for Dusty and he did a great job getting them involved. Dusty was sporting plain black trunks here for those wondering.


Boris Zhukov vs. Paul Roma

Roma is sporting all black gear here tonight and not his Young Stallions attire. Still using the Stallions theme song though. Zhukov stalls then Roma takes him over with a hip toss and nearly puts him away with a clothesline. Zhukov bails then calls for a timeout then enters and gets taken over with a headlock after a criss-cross sequence. Roma stays in control until he runs into a boot in the corner as Zhukov beats on Roma in the corner. Zhukov knocks Roma through the ropes then heads out and lands a few shots before going back inside to taunt the crowd. Zhukov lands some clubbing forearms but Roma fights back from the apron and springboards in with a sunset flip for a nearfall. Zhukov then catches Roma with a backbreaker for two then lands a few shots. Roma fights back though and hits a back drop. Roma then hits a suplex but Zhukov headbutts him in the stomach. Roma then catches Zhukov with a powerslam and gets the win (11:36) *.

Thoughts: Roma tried but Zhukov was just awful here. Zhukov was a total slug in the WWF and Roma himself said he hated working with him because he was so lazy.


WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: “Macho Man” Randy Savage w/ Sensational Sherri vs. Hulk Hogan (c)

The crowd is jacked for this match. Savage tosses a chair into the ring as Hogan opens it up and sits down. Savage then rips up a Hogan poster he took from a fan and poses on the top rope. The match starts with Savage stalling on the outside then he grabs the mic and tells Hogan he will beat him tonight for the title. He finally steps in and stalls some more as Sherri yells at the fans. Savage then throws his cape at Hogan’s face and hammers away. Hogan gets rammed into the corner then Savage hits a flying double axe handle before draping his cape over Hogan. Savage heads back up top and hits another axe handle then poses but Hogan gets up quickly and takes Savage off and hits an atomic drop. Hogan fires away before hitting a running elbow smash in the corner. Hogan tosses Savage over the top rope then grabs Savage and slams him down on the announcers table after Sherri was used as a shield. Back inside, Hogan catches Savage’s foot then uses a lifting choke and drops him down. Sherri gets up on the apron as Hogan mocks her and gets slapped as a result. Hogan is livid then Savage sends him through the ropes with a running knee smash. Hogan tries to back up Sherri but Savage knocks him down from behind. Sherri chokes out Hogan from the floor behind the referee’s back as Lord Alfred tells us she is a lot stronger than your average man. Savage applies a chinlock after a nearfall as the fans rally behind Hogan, who eventually powers out. Hogan runs Savage over then drops an elbow as Savage begs for mercy. Sherri grabs Hogan’s foot then Savage attacks Hogan from behind. He snaps Hogan’s neck off of the top rope then is handed something from Sherri as he uses it to hit a double axe handle. Savage covers but Hogan kicks out then hulks up. He takes Savage outside with the big boot then they brawl outside as Hogan tosses Savage inside but Sherri jumps on top of Hogan and that allows Savage to run out and send Hogan into the barricade and run back inside as Savage gets the win via countout (12:56) **1/2. After the match, Hogan hits both Savage & Sherri with a double noggin-knocker before sending Sherri outside with an atomic drop. Hogan then celebrates in the ring as Lord Alfred puts over his charity work and how he loves the children.

Thoughts: This had a ton of heat and Sherri did a superb job. Not much of a match though but it was still fun to watch and a way to prolong their house show feud.


Mr. Perfect vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

Bret takes Perfect over after a struggle as Perfect retreats to the corner. They lock up again as Bret hops over a single leg takedown attempt as the fans applaud. Bret works a side headlock on the mat and stays in control as he remains one step ahead of Mr. Perfect. He lands a few shots then they trade slams but Bret starts tossing Perfect down and takes him outside with a clothesline. Perfect looks pissed as he ponders on the floor before heading back inside, where he ducks underneath the ropes. Perfect then cheap shots Bret and starts stomping away. He continues to rough up Bret and boots him to the floor. Bret gets on the apron then Perfect takes him off as Bret crashes into the guardrail. Back inside, Perfect tries but fails to put Bret away as he becomes increasingly aggressive. Perfect gets two with a standing dropkick then works a spinning toe hold. Bret escapes then starts firing away in the corner before attacking the arm. He tries a crucifix but Perfect turns that into a Samoan drop for a two count. Perfect uses a reverse rollup but Bret shoves him outside during the kickout. Bret flies out with a pescado then sends Perfect into the post. Back inside, Bret hits a snap suplex for a two count. Small package gets two. Bret then hits a backbreaker and covers but the bell rings signaling a time-limit draw (18:53) ***1/2. After the match, Bret grabs the mic and tells Perfect he showed the crowd how he is not so perfect after all and challenges him for five more minutes. Bret lays down in the ring as Perfect paces around on the outside before saying how he could not beat him in 20 minutes while five more are not going to matter before calling him a “loser.” Perfect then runs in to attack Bret from behind. He climbs up top and jaws with the fans as that allows Bret enough time to toss him off. Bret then beats on Perfect and hits a few atomic drops as Perfect is bumping around like a lunatic.

Thoughts: Really good match. The story here was that Bret was ahead of Perfect in the ring so Perfect had to resort to being aggressive and using other questionable tactics to maintain an undefeated record. This also prolongs their feud.


Dino Bravo vs. Hercules

The crowd chants “USA” to piss off Bravo. They lockup as Bravo breaks then poses on the middle rope and gets booed. Hercules then copies him as the crowd cheers. Bravo bails to avoid a punch then re-enters and keeps stalling in order to prevent Hercules from gaining any momentum. They trade punches and kicks after a test-of-strength then Bravo scurries to the ropes after Hercules went for the full nelson. Bravo brags about breaking from the full nelson and grabs a side headlock. Hercules comes back with a clothesline and a slam as Bravo once again bails and takes a breather in the aisle. Hercules rallies the crowd behind him as Bravo comes back inside. Bravo cheap shots Hercules in the corner then stomps away after hitting an inverted atomic drop. Bravo works a chinlock for a bit but Hercules breaks and starts firing away in the corner. He then hits Bravo with a pair of clotheslines and puts him in the backbreaker submission then tosses Bravo down thinking that he had won but Bravo never submitted. Bravo then pulls Hercules outside and after that blocks a sunset flip and uses the ropes for leverage to score the pin (8:42) 1/2*.

Thoughts: This was all stalling by Bravo but the crowd was actually into this a bit so you cannot call it a failure and it wasnt as bad as their 16 minute long match in Toronto, either.


WWF Tag Team Title Match: Twin Towers vs. Demolition (c)

Ronnie Garvin is the referee for this match. All four men start brawling when the bell rings. Demolition win that battle then work over the arm of Akeem. Bossman tags in as Demolition also beat him down and work over his arm too. Akeem grabs Ax’s hair from the apron as that allows the Bossman to land a few shots. However, Bossman ducks his head trying a backdrop and gets hit then Smash tags in and runs wild. Demolition tries for a double suplex but Akeem breaks it up then Bossman boots Smash down and tags out. Akeem roughs up Smash in the corner as the Twin Towers are cutting off the ring. The crowd rallies behind Demolition as Bossman hits a spinebuster but instead of covering he decides to mouth off at Ax. Smash manages to get two off of a small package but Bossman takes him back down. Smash is able to avoid a running attack from Bossman as both men are down. Smash ends up making the tag but Akeem had distracted Garvin as the tag does not count. Smash is able to comeback with a clothesline then finally makes the tag as Ax runs wild on both members of the Twin Towers. Ax slams Akeem as the crowd goes nuts then the match breaks down. Akeem grabs Bossman’s nightstick and is ready to hit a member of Demolition but the Twin Towers get hit with the double noggin-knocker as Ax covers Bossman for the win as Akeem was unable to break up the pin (10:33) **1/4.

Thoughts: Decent for a house show match anyway. This would also set up for a rematch between the two teams.


Final Thoughts: Overall, it was a pretty good house show. There were a few crappy matches but the crowd was hot and much bigger than the May Boston show, headlined by the Andre vs. Studd match that drew just 3,000 paid, compared to 12,000 here.


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