Wrestling Observer Flashback–09.10.90

Oh hey, remember how Onita was going to do an angle with Jose Gonzales in Puerto Rico, but then everyone came to their senses?  Well, about that…

– Atsushi Onita went to Puerto Rico for a “talent exchange” with WWC, and it was done as an in-ring angle that ended up with Jose Gonzales and Mr. Pogo attacking Onita…and someone stabbing him in the melee.  Onita decided to blade himself on the chest and also bled from the head.  Of course the implication is that Gonzales, who murdered Bruiser Brody, had STRUCK AGAIN, and Onita made sure that Japanese newspapers were in attendance and taking lots of pictures of the carnage for back home.  So then he wants to stage a photo op of doctors stitching up his gruesome wound, but he went to hospital after hospital in San Juan and couldn’t find anyone who would give him stitches because the wound wasn’t actually deep enough to warrant it.  Finally they found a doctor who would give him two stitches for the photo.  And then he lost his passport while searching for a doctor, who the story became that Gonzales stole his passport so he’d be trapped in the country and could thus be “finished off”.  This is all leading up to Onita v. Gonzales at the big FMW show in Sumo Hall on 10/9, but the Sumo Association might not let them do that kind of a freakshow in their building.  (I can’t imagine why…)  The Japanese are extremely embarrassed about the whole angle, although Gonzales will be the most hated heel in Japanese history if they go through with it.

– Dave thinks the whole thing is of course tasteless and completely absurd, despite Onita’s feelings that working Gonzales will make him into the hero of Japan and more popular than Akira Maeda.

– Speaking of awesomely tasteless angles, another one you may have heard about took place this week, as Eddie Gilbert ran Jerry Lawler over with a car.  Basically Brickhouse Brown turned babyface by eliminating Eddie Gilbert from a battle royale (since Jerry Jarrett needed a black babyface to dispute the Snowman accusations) and then Gilbert and his cronies did a vicious beatdown on Brown until Lawler saved.  Eddie Marlin “fired” the Gilbert family, with Eddie doing an incredible interview, but Lawler wanted them back so he could get his revenge.  Marlin refused, so Lawler chased the Gilberts out to the parking lot to get some personal revenge, at which point the Gilberts drove at him and Lawler took a bump off the windshield.  (Dave is really underselling how great this one was.  To the YouTubes!) 



– The final end of World Class/USWA in Dallas went down in the courtroom, as the Von Erich brothers are fighting with Jerry Jarrett and Max Andrews to get full control of the company back.  An injunction was posted on the door of the Sportatorium, preventing the Jarretts from promoting or writing checks on behalf of the company due to accusations of misappropriation of funds.

– The Von Erichs are claiming that they haven’t received any money from the profits (WHAT PROFITS?!?) from television syndication fees.  Everything is on hold until the battle is finished, although the Jarretts are laughing it off.  Kevin is telling everyone that Jarrett is just going to retreat back to Memphis, like he wanted all along, and then he’ll get full control of the company again.  Gossip going around is that Fritz will get the company back and Gary Hart will be booking again, and thus the company will be saved.  (The ending was much sadder and more anticlimactic, as Jarrett indeed just leaves, but they didn’t get TV back and the company shuts down for good.) 

– Lots of heat between the NWA and radio host John Arezzi, over a fan convention last week.  Arezzi had booked Sting to sign autographs at the convention, but the contract only stipulated 12:00 – 2:00pm, so Arezzi had written in a 3:00pm end time when Sting got there.  Sting was pissed off and cranky the whole time, and then promptly left at 2:00 as stipulated by the original deal, leaving a long line of fans disappointed.  Basically there’s bad blood on both sides and Jim Herd won’t be sending any more talent to stuff like this in the future, mostly because Arezzi just kind of decided to extend the session without getting it cleared by anyone in the WCW offices.  (John Arezzi got the ultimate revenge on the entire wrestling business by unleashing the unholy one himself on his radio show a few years later.) 

– Famous trainer Larry Sharpe is suing Charles “Soultaker” Wright for not giving him 10% of his earnings, as per their training agreement.  (Kind of like a pimp’s take.  Say…there’s an idea for a gimmick…) 

– And now, it’s time for Dave Meltzer’s continuing attempts at comedy:

– Since Jim Herd is trying to find a new gimmick for Ric Flair, Dave has some suggestions for how to repackage the Nature Boy:

1.  Ric returns as a hypochondriac, with a headache or new ailment every week.  His new name is “Sick Ric”.

2.  Ric ditches the robe and wrestling boots and comes out with coveralls.  New name is “Hillbilly Cousin Ric”.

3.  Ric returns after a hiatus because his father was sick, and to honor him he’s going to be “Dr. Ric Flair, the Battling Gynecologist”.

4.  Ric goes to Texas for a month and discovers that Fritz Von Erich is his biological father, so he returns as Ric Von Erich and starts giving incomprehensible interviews, before collapsing in the middle of the ring during a live show due to a drug overdose.

– Back to Memphis, where Snowman is doing TV commercials and still carrying the USWA Unified belt around with him.  People in the promotion aren’t feeling any sympathy for his plight, since he’s always come into territories in the past with a big push and then suddenly disappeared when it came time to do the job.

–  Dave thinks they should spin the Adams family off into their own TV show.  Wonder what they’d call it?

– There’s a good chance that Mean Mark will go to New Japan and work some shows there after he’s done with the NWA, and he’ll likely end up in the WWF sometime in 1991.  For the moment his spots will be taken over by some guy called the Blade Hunter, played by Al Greene.

– They asked Paul Orndorff to do a clean job to Stan Hansen at the Clash, but he refused and left the company early, so Tom Zenk will take his place and do the job.

– For those worried about it, Sid reached an agreement to end his holdout and returned to do the TV tapings.

– The Midnight Express were both fine $500 each for missing a TV taping that they were never told about.

– The Master Blasters made their first appearance on NWA TV with a video package where they were shown as a pair of boots walking in a junkyard.  (Big Lazy probably couldn’t even be bothered to show up for his own TV debut.) 

– Although the Bash match was a disappointment, Sting and Flair have said to be doing **** – ***** matches every night on the house shows.

– With Buddy Roberts already fired after a week, the Freebirds introduced their new manager at the TV tapings:  Little Richard Marley.  (That was a dark, dark period for the Freebirds, even by their already low standards.) 

– The WCW legal team is already worried about using Art Barr because of worries that they get sued over references to Beetlejuice.  (But the rape thing is apparently no problem.) 

– Angel of Death and Al Perez are both in talks to come in.  (And both would end up playing the Black Scorpion at various points.) 

– To Japan, where the Jumbo-Misawa rematch did a sellout of 15,000 people, and Jumbo won clean with a back suplex to get his win back.  So the “fake shoot” angle was a big success.

– Back to John Arezzi, who is not only feuding with the NWA, but got detained at Summerslam for scalping tickets.

– To the WWF, where Tony Atlas debuted at the TV tapings as Saba Simba, a gimmick that “makes Kamala look dignified”.

– Sgt. Slaughter is now being managed by General Adnan, who actually was half of the WWWF tag champions in the 70s with Chief Jay Strongbow, as Billy White Wolf.

– Bad News Brown quit the promotion to go to Japan, or was fired by the WWF, depending on which side you believe.

– Shawn Michaels will be undergoing knee surgery and will be out for three months.  (He sure recovers fast from crippling knee injuries, as it turned out.) 

– The big angle at the TV tapings was Big Bossman handcuffing Bobby Heenan to the railing, which sets up a big fall feud with Rick Rude.

– Brady Boone will be repackaged as a masked wrestler of some sort and given a small push.

– And finally, the Summerslam poll ended up with 50% thumbs up and 34% thumbs down, but Dave thinks that if the NWA did the same show, it would be 80% thumbs down and thus there’s a DOUBLE STANDARD at work.  (Uh…DUH.)