Hot Divas and a Plug


Who are your top 5 hottest divas of all time.  I would go with:

1. Sunny

2. Maryse

3. Miss Elizabeth

4. Nikki Bella

5. Maria

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I wouldn’t really call Liz “hot”, more like classically attractive.  Now evil nWo Liz, that was hot.  Classic Sunny is always going to win, along with 2006 Lita, 2004 Evil Trish, Alexa Bliss and maybe Carmella. 

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Original Sunny
    Christy Hemme

    • Greg Phillips

      Christy is a great choice! Outstanding.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        It’s killing me that I had to leave Candace Michelle off.

  • John Miller

    No Stacy Kiebler? FAIL.

  • Greatgama

    Nicole Bass
    Bertha Faye

  • DoctorEw

    Luna Vachon
    Mae Young
    Linda McMahon
    Brian Pillman in a dress
    Katie Vick

    • Supermark25

      Luna was actually very attractive without all the makeup.

      • DoctorEw

        Hence why she was on my list. I have an eclectic taste.

    • Ray Rosini Jr.

      You forgot to mention Moolah and Big Momma from GLOW

  • Supermark25

    This should really be a mount Rushmore question.

    Thick Nikki Bella

  • Brooks

    Evil trish
    Alicia fox with straight hair

    And a side shout out to bayley, from pictures she looks cute outside the ring even hot sometimes

  • CoachMeister

    Becky Lynch

  • tzunset

    Classic Sunny, Queen Sharmell, Evil Trish, Evil Lita…

    …Cameron and Joy Giovanni tied for fifth.

    • Joy Giovanni was insane. Very underrated.

      • tzunset

        I understand why people forget her, but *I* never will.

  • Rick Poehling

    Becky Lynch
    AJ Lee (Sorry, but it’s true. She totally checks all of my boxes. Giggity.)
    Miss Elizabeth (NWO or classy, I don’t give a good fuck)

    If we’re expanding the definition of diva to include indy women talent, drop Maria and Paige, add Candice Lerae and Veda Scott.

  • TheDDG

    As a kid, I remember the wrestling mags trying to pass off Misty Blue Simmes as hot. Which, in retrospect, is a lot like the rock mags of the day trying to pass off Lita Ford as hot. In any era other than the late-80’s, they wouldn’t have even attempted such blasphemy.

    • Supermark25

      Lita….Ford…..not….hot… these words make no sense when put together

  • Ms Hancock.

    • Supermark25

      was so much hotter than Stacy Keibler.

  • steveweiser

    Not putting out a list, just want to throw Veda Scott out there for consideration.

  • greaterpower99

    NWO Liz

  • Mikey

    Trish, Lita, Torrie Wilson, Mickie James, and Layla

  • Rainbow Sherbet

    Molly Holly

  • 123321Kid

    Trish Stratus
    Stacy Keibler
    Eve Torres
    Becky Lynch

  • Trish, Ms. Hancock era Stacy, n.w.o Liz, Evil Emma, and Mid/late 90’s Sunny.

  • foeaminute

    Stacy Kiebler
    AJ Lee
    Early 2000’s Steph

  • DerangedHermit

    2000 Steph. WOOF

    • Ooooh Yeeeah…

    • jabroniville

      My friend wasn’t watching wrestling at that time, and when we watched a match from that era he was astonished. She was SUPER-cute at the time, and pre-disgusting giant augs.

  • TooDarkMark

    Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan and Dylan.

  • TooDarkMark

    1990 Missy Hyatt 1991 Madusa 2015 Paige 2006 Mickie James 2001 Stacey Keibler.

  • PrideOfCanada

    1997 Sunny
    2004 Trish Stratus
    2001 Torrie Wilson
    2006 Mickie James
    2001 Molly Holly

    • PrideOfCanada

      Also, an honourable mention to 1997 Whisper who is disqualified because she was only a hired dancing girl and played no role in the wrestling side of the product whatsoever.

  • PrideOfCanada

    If there’s a “Classic Sunny,” does that mean post-Hardcore Homecoming weight loss Tammy is “Diet Sunny?”

    • Clark O’Brien

      Well currently we have “full fat coke” Sunny.

  • Buster Abbott

    Alexa Bliss
    Stacy Keibler
    Trish Stratus
    Sunny (pre-crisis)

  • daltonimperial

    Going by hottest rather than necessarily most attractive

    Kelly Kelly

  • Eve Torres, Alexa, Lisa Marie, Beth Phoenix, Eden Stiles.

  • Rovert Edoog

    Lita(2006), Mickie James(thick era), Sunny(1997), Missy Hyatt(1992) and Steph(any era but especially post boob job pre first child.)

    • Rovert Edoog

      Honorable mentions to Trish, Amy Weber, Candace, Jillian’s boobs and Bayley’s booty.

    • HITMAN7204

      Damn I forgot to include Steph. She was super cute before she turned heel in 1999. It is hard to narrow it down to just 5. In addition to my 5, I would like to add Lillian and AJ Lee.

  • Rovert Edoog

    Okay sub-question: Best boobs and best booty?

  • HITMAN7204

    No way maryse simply bc of her horrible boob job. In no specific order I would say trish, Mickie, sunny, Stacy & Kimberly Page.

  • jabroniville

    Molly Holly, Miss Elizabeth (WCW version), Kimberly Page, Ivory (hell, even now), Sable (MILF version).

  • Justin Stark

    I’m glad someone loved NWO liz as much as me.

  • The Paperboy

    1. Trish cutting them promos with tables
    2. Sable
    3. Brie bella
    4. Tori Wilson
    5. Steph

    • AnInternetToughGuy

      Brie Bella is basically a plank of flat wood with a face…

  • Matt_INDEED!!_and another !

    Miss Atlanta Lively.

  • AnInternetToughGuy

    Where’s the love for Dawn Marie? She was filthy hot.

  • ProjectBlue

    Surprised no Kelly Kelly mentions. Apparently a slut and a box of bricks would give a better conversation but looked flawless.


    Can’t get much hotter than Torrie Wilson/Stacy Keibler. Also think Terri Runnels and Alicia Fox are underrated hotties too

    • C BREEZY

      Forgot about Lana, she’s the hottest right now I’d say

    • AnInternetToughGuy

      Terri Runnels was a babe.

    • Greg Phillips

      Terri was amazing.

  • Empian

    Classic Sunny
    nWo Liz
    Evil Trish
    Kelly Kelly
    Becky Lynch

  • Matt Johnson


  • ONITA100

    Don’t even know who the fuck Carmella is.

    2003 Torrie, Trish, Mickie James 2006, Kimberly Page and Becky Lynch’s face

    • AnInternetToughGuy

      NXT, hungout with Enzo & BIG Cass

  • I still don’t understand the love for NWO Liz. She looked like an old lady with a boob job. Sunny wins. Stacy is up there. Torrie too. Other than that whatever.

  • nintydayfiance

    Mike McGuirk is the right answer, thanks.

    • Ray Rosini Jr.

      McGuirk looks smoking hot today!!!!

  • BODConscience

    Here’s one for the blog. Daphne or Paige?

    • AnInternetToughGuy

      Daphne, just b/c Paige seems to be a little legit crazy (and not the good kind).

    • Fat, Ugly Inner-City Sweathog


    • Greg Phillips

      Paige definitely. Not even close.

  • Josh

    Another one who never gets mentioned in Amy of these sorts of discussions: Velvet McIntyre.

  • Starscreamlive

    1. Sunny
    2. Trish
    3. Mickey James
    4. Molly Holly
    5. Victoria

    • Greg Phillips

      I was with you until Victoria.

  • Diddly

    1. 96-97 Sunny
    2. 99-01 Torrie Wilson
    3. 00-06 Stacy Kiebler
    4. 06 Lita
    5. 00 Kimberly Page

    • Greg Phillips

      Really good.

  • Diddly

    Bonus Nitro Girls Ranking:

    1. Spice
    2. Kim Page
    3. Fyre
    4. Chae
    5. The rest are tied because I can’t remember any of them

    • Greg Phillips

      Spice over Kim is nuts!

      1) Kim
      2) Chae
      3) Spice
      4) Fyre
      5) Sharmell, whatever her Nitro Girl name was

  • TheDJR

    Trish for me and it’s not even close.

  • Bettis

    1. Missy Hyatt (90-92)
    2. Sunny (96-98)
    3. Stacy Kiebler
    4. Kimberly Page
    Too many top candidates in the next tier down to come up with any more.

  • Don Caboose

    Stacey Kiebler
    Layla El
    Trish Stratus
    Mickie James
    Eve Torres

  • JosephM

    The fact that nobody seems to be mentioning Beaulah is insulting. There was a video on ECW TV with her set to Garbage’s #1 Crush that was so fucking sensual.

    • rxchrisg

      The fact that i still remember that video says something right there.

  • If Mickie James isn’t #1, the list is wrong.

  • JosephM

    Tell me I’m wrong-

  • BODConscience

    Barking Trish Stratus. You can close this discussion now Scott.

  • The Polish Hammer

    It’s funny, I never thought Eve Torres was that hot when I saw her on TV. But then I saw her at a house show where, in the middle of the match, she gave the crowd a wink and a booty shake that… well… six to midnight is all I can say, boys. Six. To. Midnight.

    • npavlou22

      Thought Eve was mint. Especially during slutty Eve stage.

  • Brian Nielsen

    A top 5 without Trish gets thrown in the garbage can immediately.

  • Daniel Swinney

    I don’t have a top 5 necessarily but The Kat makes it because I love short women.

  • Dino Bravo Sucks

    1. Lita in the “Rated R Superstar” era
    2. Lita’s wardrobe designer in the “Rated R Superstar” era
    3. Mickie James
    4. “Miss Hancock” Stacy Kiebler
    5. Trish

  • npavlou22

    This is actually a tough list. I’m going with this:
    Torrie Wilson
    Stacy Keibler
    Kim Page circa 98

    • Greg Phillips

      I love this list.

  • Voth22

    1- Classic Sunny
    2- Stacy
    3- Scarlet Bordeaux
    4- Alexa Bliss
    5- Layla El

    I’ll put Miss Elizabeth in a special class where I can’t rate her, because she will always be someone who I had a “pure” crush on. Also Honerable Mentions to AJ for being super cute and to Daphanie and Page for being “goth hot”

  • superjobber

    Evil Trish, Kimberly Page, NWO Liz, Layla, early Missy Hyatt.

  • rxchrisg

    How is there a whole thread about this with no one mentioning Tealor Hendrix? Is because no one knows how to spell her name,because all I did was guess.

    • Greg Phillips

      Dude, she is SMOKING. Phenomenal. She’d make my top 10 for sure.

  • Greg Phillips

    1. Kimberly Page
    2. Torrie Wilson, 2001-03
    3. Trish Stratus (if a specific version, yeah, 2004 Evil Trish)
    4. Terri Runnels
    5. Stacy Keibler

  • JJ

    Classically attractive is hot. Miss Elizabeth especially at WrestleMania 4 and SummerSlam 1988 ranks first.

    I’d probably go with Melina in 2005-2007 as number two.

    I’m too scared of Brock Lesnar to have thoughts of Sable even if it was Sable 1999 before they were married.

    Third would be Dawn Marie in ECW.

    Trish and Lita 2000-2002 would rank fourth and fifth respectively.

  • Rayner

    Liz, Trish and Becky top 3. 4 and 5 my opinion changes all the time

  • Ray Rosini Jr.

    Micky James
    Carmella from the very 1st Diva Search
    Stacy Keibler WCW 1999-2000
    Chae+Spice Nitro Girls
    Velvet Sky
    Chrsty Hemme
    AJ Lee
    Celeste Bonin
    Eve Torres

  • Obi1Jabroni

    Woman in 1995 – MEOW!

  • AmazingLarry

    Lacey Von Erich
    Dark Haired Molly Holly
    TNA Sarita

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