WWF Superstars of Wrestling November 7th, 1987

November 7, 1987

From the Onondaga County War Memorial Arena in Syracuse, NY

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and Vince McMahon

This week we will have a Tag Team Title match as the Hart Foundation defend their titles against Strike Force. Also in action will be Jake Roberts, King Kong Bundy, and Billy Jack Haynes & Ken Patera. Plus, we will hear from Hulk Hogan and his Survivor Series team and the debut of the Honky Tonk Man’s 


“Crippler” Rip Oliver vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Oliver catches Roberts with a slam but misses an elbow drop. Roberts slams Oliver, who retreats to the corner. Roberts works the arm and they proceed to mistime up a reverse rollup sequence that ends with Roberts hitting another slam before going back to the arm. Oliver backs Roberts into the corner and rakes his eyes as he takes control. Roberts fights out of an armbar to hit a short-armed clothesline then they collide as Roberts is now tied up in the ropes. Roberts then boots Oliver and hits a DDT “outta nowhere” according to Jesse as he gets the win (2:58). After the match, Roberts drapes his snake, Damien, over Oliver.

Thoughts: Just a win for Roberts, who is back from his suspension and without anything going on in storyline.


Craig DeGeorge is on the interview platform as he welcomes Hacksaw Jim Duggan, who comes out to Harley Race’s music as he wears the crown and robe. Duggan tells Race he is sick of him as this is the United States and we have no king. Bobby Heenan comes out and tries to take the crown and robe away as Duggan grabs him but that allows Race to sneak up from behind and hit Duggan with his 2×4. Race proceeds to destroy Duggan with the 2×4, even using it to choke him out. The crowd boos loudly as the segment ends. Easily the most heel heat Race got in the WWE. This feud has certainly been off to the races.


King Kong Bundy w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Pete Lucic

Before the match, Heenan welcomes Andre the Giant to the crowd, referring to him as the next WWF Heavyweight Champion. Andre comes out and gets booed as the rest of his Survivor Series teammates (Hercules, One Man Gang, Rick Rude) follow him out to the ring. Match starts with Bundy beating down Lucic. He then hits the Avalanche and follows that with an elbow drop for the win after a five count (0:50). After the match we see Bruno at the booth stretching out a Bundy action figure, saying that could happen to him at the Survivor Series.

Thoughts: Brief segment designed to show how Andre’s team is on all the same page. Bundy was barely even on TV at this point.


Clips of Billy Jack Haynes and Ken Patera saving Brady Boone from Demolition last week.


Ken Patera & Billy Jack Haynes vs. Ray Miller & Terry Gibbs

Haynes takes Gibbs down with a hiptoss to start. Gibbs has enough and tags in Miller, who doesnt fare any better. We get an insert promo from Mr. Fuji laughing about Patera & Haynes wanting to face Demolition as Haynes puts Miller away with a full nelson (1:08).

Thoughts: Quick match to put over the new team of Patera & Haynes.


Gene Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan and Bam Bam Bigelow as they talk about the Survivor Series. They talk about surviving as Hogan puts over his team. Nothing much here other than a basic match-hype segment.


Killer Khan w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Kurt Hoffman

Khan beats on Hoffman as Fuji barks out orders. Khan then spews mist all over Hoffman’s face and sets him up for the flying knee drop and the win (1:29).

Thoughts: Same as every other Khan squash. The crowds do not seem to care much for him anymore as they are usually silent when he is out here.  This was Khan’s final match on Superstars as he left the company at the end of the month.


DeGeorge now welcomes Randy Savage and his Survivor Series Team (Ricky Steamboat, Brutus Beefcake, Jake Roberts, and Jim Duggan). Savage addresses his past with Steamboat and says he will breathe fire before complimenting his team. Before the segment, Steamboat appeared to be sulking in the background. He wasn’t hiding his feelings there.


We get a promo from Sam Houston, who tells us that he is “happier than a pig in a poke” after beating Danny Davis last week. He then tells us he did a “ho down on his behind” and hopes that we see more of him in the future. They played up his win as an upset. Jesus Christ did Houston get awful material or what.


And now the Honky Tonk Man music video. It was repetitive to say the least. At the end, they tell us we can buy the Piledriver Music Video album from Coliseum Video as it contains eight music videos.


Backstage, Jimmy Hart hypes up the Hart Foundation for the title match against Strike Force. He promises to humiliate them once and for all.


WWF Tag Team Title Match: Hart Foundation (c) w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Strike Force

Strike Force are sporting headbands here. The crowd is jacked for this match. Match starts with Bret beating on Martel. He gets caught with a dropkick then Santana takes him down with an armdrag. Strike Force works the arm of Bret until he blocks a reverse rollup attempt from Santana. Neidhart tags and slugs it out with Santana. Bret then catches Santana with a knee from the apron then Neidhart chokes out Santana. The crowd is rabid as they chant for Tito, who is getting worked over by the Hart Foundation. Bret gets two with a backbreaker as the Hart Foundation are now working over the back of Santana then dump him out to the floor. Martel checks on his partner before chasing off Jimmy Hart. Back inside, Martel breaks up a pin attempt by Neidhart. Santana tries to make the tag but Bret runs in and knocks Martel off of the apron, allowing Neidhart to beat on Santana some more. Hart Foundation hit their version of the Decapitation but Santana is able to kick out as Jesse feels that the referee counted slowly. Bret misses an elbow drop as both men are down but Bret is able to get up and prevent the tag. Neidhart is back in the ring and hammers away while Bret chokes out Tito behind the referee’s back. Bret tags in but Santana reverses an Irish whip and sends Bret into the corner as both men are down. Santana finally tags Martel as the crowd explodes. Martel runs wild and almost scores the pin but Bret breaks up the tag. Bret gets dumped then Strike Force hits a double slam and Martel puts on the Boston Crab as the ref rings the bell and we now have new Tag Team Champions (9:08) ***. The crowd continues to go nuts for Strike Force as “Girls With Cars” blasts through the arena.

Thoughts: Good match. Most of it saw Santana selling but the hot tag worked great and the titles finally changed hands. Sadly, the Strike Force title reign did not set the world on fire. One thing to note: During the finish, we could not see Neidhart tap out as the camera showed Martel from the front, thus blocking Neidhart. It was strategic camera placement for sure and this usually means it will be used as an angle for the Hart Foundation to claimed that they were robbed.


We see DeGeorge in the locker room with Strike Force. Bam Bam Bigelow, Hillbilly Jim, and JYD can be seen in the background. Strike Force puts over their win as they continue to celebrate.


Next week’s featured match will have Superstar Billy Graham take on Butch Reed. Also in action will be Bam Bam Bigelow and Ted DiBiase. Plus, we will hear from Andre the Giant and his Survivor Series team as well as the debut of the “Demolition” music video from the “Piledriver” album. We are then shown prerecorded comments from both Graham and Reed as the show ends.


Final Thoughts: An excellent show. We got to see a title change in a competitive match. Plus, the Survivor Series hype is going strong and they are doing a fine job out of the gate with the Duggan/Race angle. Nothing here sucked as the company is really putting all of the creative eggs in the basket for the Survivor Series.