The Return of the Rant Archives!

I’ve had a lot of people e-mail about selling the full rant archives again over the years, so I figured I’d give it another try to help offset the costs of paying for this new site. Rather than hosting the file on my own site this time, I’m just putting it up on Dropbox, which should be easier for everyone. So what do you get? Everything! I’ve been pretty meticulous with keeping everything I’ve written over the years, and for your $20 US you get a file containing:

– All the PPV rants I’ve written!
– All the TV show reviews (RAW, Nitro, Thunder, Impact, NXT)
– All the DVD reviews
– All the SNME reviews
– All the Clash reviews
– All the Sporting News articles
– All the Kindle e-books in their original document format
– The original document files for One Ring Circus, my third book
– The mountains of stuff I wrote on WWE 24/7 while it was around
– All the other random crap and UFC and TV reviews that you’d possibly want to read and waste your life with.

Pretty much everything is in Word document format except for a few of the really old PPV rants, which are TXT files. I put everything in that I’ve got done as of today, so that’s everything up to and including the last 1996 RAW rant I did this week.

So how do you order? Just like last time, send $20 US via Paypal to with your preferred e-mail address, and I’ll send you a Dropbox link and password for the file. It literally could not be any easier. LITERALLY.

But wait, there’s MORE!  If you want the live-updated version of the archives, I’ll also send you a link to my OneDrive folder, which is where I save everything as I write it.  That way, the moment I write something new, you’ll have access.

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    So for $20, we get the BoD Network?

    • Yes. And it’s organized about as well!

    • WaylonMercy2K15

      Except Scott actually gives people the most requested material unlike a certain other Network.

  • What do you offer your superfans that have been collecting your stuff from the very beginning. Though saying that, I think I have a few Thunders missing.

  • Nathan Steele

    Hey Scott, how big is file?

  • DanimalCrossing

    It’s worth it for the Thunder rants alone.

  • WhiteGoodman

    Will you be offering an edition with all references to Hulk Hogan scrubbed away?

    • Supermark25

      Benoit, too. This is important. Reading about him makes me sad.

      • Kane as well. His wrestling makes me sad.

        • “Kane as well. His wrestling makes me sad.”

          Not as sad as his politics.

  • Corwin Haught

    I bought the old rant archive. Did I get a free upgrade?

    • Matt Johnson

      This. If we bought this the first time around, is there a way for us to get the new content?

  • cultstatus

    Does it include the Scott Sez stuff?



    • But to collect it all manually would take years.

      • Dustin Harris

        But really, if one were to get to that point, they would have way more important issues to deal with in life. (Or lack thereof)

  • It would be easier if this was being peddled to me door to door.

    • Supermark25

      Encyclopedia style

  • Ratboy

    I thought it was only $9.99.

  • John Petrie

    In related news: I’ll be selling copies of the complete run of Slobberknocker Central Monday Night Recaps for only $1! Choose between 3.5″ floppy disk, or paper printout (add $37.95 for printing & shipping costs).

    • I can’t wait till I get to the Nitro 2000 reviews and you tell us that EVERYTHING IS FINE.

    • TimeandtheRani

      Give you twenty bucks to read them all out on mp3

  • Supermark25

    Is this for a limited time only? I have my credit card ready

    This guy, he’s no Ron Popeil.

  • TimeandtheRani

    I have the last one, I’ll buy this if it comes with Mod Status!

  • WWF1987

    If your collection is $20, how much would Andy PG’s be? -$20?

  • So when does Scott officially launch the BOD Network as an On-Demand service?

    EDIT: Someone beat me to the joke. Ah well.

  • y2j420

    Is this a living document archive? Where it will be continuously updated and can be accessed?

  • WaylonMercy2K15

    The long lost Thunder rants? Hell to the yes! It’s worth $20 for that alone.

  • Anthony Missionary Thomas

    A literary hero of our time…of DOOM.

  • mike

    Ok Shudder app, let’s see what Facination is all about.

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