Low Raw Ratings

Hey Scott, with the most recent Raw (6/29/15) getting a 2.5 rating, the show is getting perilously close to matching some of its lowest ratings ever. My question is, will we ever get something similar to that infamous moment where Vince McMahon declared the beginning of the Attitude Era on Raw when ratings were in the toilet and attendance was down back in 1997, or is that an impossibility now? I don't necessarily mean that they would turn back to raunchy content again, but maybe a declaration that they are going in a different direction and having a reboot of the current product? Surely McMahon is, if not necessarily panicking, then is at least putting a lot of thought into these low ratings.

​Well, I can't claim to be a close personal friend of Vince McMahon or anything, but I'm pretty sure he's not dealing with this very well given that he already panicked and brought Brock back to TV a month early as it is.  
No worries though, he has a plan that probably is to push Reigns to the Rumble win again and have him win the title at Wrestlemania, so clearly ​that will fix everything.