Macho Man and Cocaine


Something that has bothered me a little bit recently is the theory that Randy Savage was all coked up during some of his classic promos. I'm not sure if it's more a meme or if people really think Savage was dipping into the nose candy. By all accounts the Macho Man was notoriously thrifty  making it hard for me to believe he would willing pay to support that type of habit. There are stories about how much he loved coffee, in particular I remember Warrior talking about them downing a pot of coffee before a match. Lanny Poffo has also mentioned on several podcasts how thrifty Savage was and that he didn't blow money on drugs and partying. Now I'm not trying to say Savage was a straight edge superstar, but I think it's ridiculous to accuse Macho Man of being wrestling's version of Scarface. I feel Savage was just that intense and talented. 

​I feel like maybe Warrior was using coffee as a euphamism for "giant bag of blow", because there's been numerous people who have cited Savage's love for cocaine and other drugs, along with everyone else in the 80s.  Plus having your heart explode at a relatively young age like it did​ doesn't typically happen from coffee alone.  I mean, I love Savage as much as anyone, but I'm not operating under false illusions here.