Netflix Viewing Habits

Hi Scott!

Hope you are having a nice start to the week.

Thought this might make a good blog topic, since I think most of us are on Netflix. I'm trying to figure out how my movie watching habits compare to others. According to Netflix, I've watched/rated 3,919 titles. I'm trying to gauge whether this is a lot, a little, or average. Where are you other bloggers in there?

​You must have way more time than me.  My daughter pretty much burns through content on Netflix, which really messes up my profile if she's watching on a device that doesn't have the separate family ones.  Netflix thinks I REALLY love Barbie: Life In The Dream House and Strawberry Shortcake as a result.  
Most of my current playlist would be Sons of Anarchy (still waiting to start season 7 because my wife was a bit upset by the ending of 6) and Orange is the New Black season 3, which we just finished marathoning this week.  HE'S THE FUCKING WARDEN.​