Date: Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 3:04 PM

Hey Scott, hope all is well, I've got 3 topics that I'd like to pick your brains about!

OK, but hopefully there's nothing terribly dated here.  

1) Recently, I've been hearing rumours about how Mark Henry and/or Kane were offered the to break The Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania, but both refused. What do you know about this rumours? Forgetting now Henry and Kane, has there ever been serious thought given into breaking the Undertaker's Streak? Has Undertaker – as far as you know – shown interest into breaking the streak for someone? 

I'm pretty sure he's never going to have the streak broken.  I mean, that might mean Wrestlemania would actually LOSE money the following year!  That's just madness.  Never gonna happen.  


) I get that Daniel Bryan isn't the size WWE looks for, so they don't really care if they put him through a 18 second match at Wrestlemania, but – in your point of view – have tried to bury him and squash the fire that started on Wrestlemania 28, with him? Because, he was on fire with the fans, after that Wrestlemania and now the reactions are lukewarm. Do you think/know that was on purpose, or WWE just got caught up with all things that were going on in and "forgot" about him? 

Still regarding Daniel Bryan, he's very young and has years of career ahead of him. A lot of people doubted he'd make it as far as he has done in the WWE, because he had no charisma and not the size they searched, but he did manage to find charisma inside him and, eventually, became champion. Do you think he'll, eventually, "go higher on the ladder" or is this as far as he's gonna go?

​I feel like he might ending up headlining a Wrestlemania and doing pretty good for himself, but then will end his own career with reckless high flying due to a concussion after suffering a previous neck injury.  I could wrong on that, however, that's just a vague guess.