Smackdown – June 25, 2015

June 25, 2015
Huntington Center, Toledo, Ohio
Jimmy Uso, Jerry Lawler, Tom Phillips
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Lesnar is back and a full on hero now, complete with a knee injury
and Kane attacking him. We’re still a few weeks away from
Battleground though and Seth Rollins needs something to do before he
has to face the Beast. Other than that we have Bray Wyatt being
creepy about Roman Reigns’ daughter. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of Lesnar and Heyman promising to hurt Rollins on
Monday, followed by Rollins trying to get the Authority to help him
again. This led to the team reforming for no obvious reason and
Lesnar being beaten down to end Raw.
are Rollins, Kane and Joey Mercury (Jamie Noble was injured at the
end of Raw as Brock rammed him into the barricade) to open things up.
What an odd looking trio. The band is back together and they took a
little road trip to Suplex City on Monday, but they burned it to the
ground. Good line.
change in this business, such as Rollins going from a member of the
Shield to the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in just about a year.
Here he is now with a genius like Joey Mercury (the grin on his face
from that line is awesome), but unfortunately they’re missing a
member of their family due to Noble having three broken ribs from
Lesnar ramming him into the barricade. Tonight’s show is dedicated
to Jamie, who would want the Authority to celebrate.
one in the Authority has more to celebrate than Kane, who got to beat
up both Lesnar and Dean Ambrose on Monday because he is forever the
Devil’s Favorite Demon. Off to a completely different subject, Kane
blames Ryback for Big Show not being here tonight. After a clip of
Ryback laying Big Show out, here’s Ryback himself. He defends his
actions but Rollins criticizes him for not acting as a champion is
supposed to. Ryback calls Rollins a sellout, earning himself a match
with Kane tonight. That’s some punishment.
music plays but Rollins says cut it. He’s sick of the lack of
respect he’s receiving as World Champion, so Kane can take care of
Ryback tonight. Rollins isn’t happy with Dean Ambrose though, as
Ambrose is still walking. Let’s remedy that tonight with a one on
one match tonight. Ambrose will learn that the Authority always
vs. Dolph Ziggler
knocks him to the floor with an early dropkick but here comes Rusev.
He begs Lana to come back to him because he’ll “kiss her the right
way.” Lana, with her hair down in a ponytail, walks towards the
ring, as the match just stopped so Rusev could talk. A big knee puts
Ziggler on the floor and we take a break.
with Ziggler in a chinlock before Sheamus takes his sweet time going
to the top, allowing Dolph to run the ropes for a faceplant. A
superkick is blocked but Ziggler is able to crawl over Sheamus into a
sunset flip for two. Back up and the superkick connects this time
(Uso: “SUPERKICK PARTY!”) for two, followed by a sleeper from
Ziggler. Sheamus shrugs it off and puts Ziggler on the top rope,
setting up the Brogue Kick for the pin at 9:26.
C. Run of the mill match
between these two but it’s nice to see Sheamus racking up some wins
like this. They’re actually treating him as something important
instead of just letting him lose all the time so he can hold up the
briefcase and beg us to believe that he still matters.
freaks out in the back until Summer Rae comes up and tells him that
Lana isn’t worth it.
a clip of Rollins breaking up the Shield last year.
Fox vs. Naomi
has the Bellas with her and
remember that Jimmy is married to Naomi. Alicia
gets kicked in the head and taken down with a nice hurricanrana,
followed by a legdrop for two. They
fall out to the floor with Naomi yelling at the Bellas, allowing
Tamina to superkick both of them. Back in and Fox hits her reverse
Fameasser for the pin at 3:10.
D. This was just a way to set
up I’m assuming Naomi as Paige’s new partner against the Bellas,
which is about as uninteresting an idea as you could have. The match
was your standard Divas fair: no time to go anywhere and too much
other than the wrestling being packed into just a few minutes.
of Cena vs. Owens, including everything that happened on Monday.
Day says you can’t live a positive life if you focus on the
individual losses. They’ll overcome all of their trials and
tribulations at Battleground, but here are the Prime Time Players to
interrupt and do their version of the clap. They
laugh at the idea that New Day will be down a man at Battleground but
here’s Bo Dallas for a pretty obvious pairing. Dallas has been
allowed to join the New Day against the Players and any two other
partners. New Day likes him but Dallas can’t get the clap down.
This has potential to be funny stuff.
vs. Ryback
Not so fast though as Big
Show attacks Ryback during his entrance and
beats on him for a very long time. Show
chops him, kicks him, whips him into the barricade, steps on his
throat, and finally throws him in for the match against Kane.
Somehow this is totally
fine and the bell rings with
Kane quickly covering for two. Ryback tries some shoulders in the
corner but gets stomped back down with ease. Kane
is sent shoulder first into the post and the Meat Hook connects, only
to have Big Show come in for the DQ at 2:25.
gets beaten down and chokeslammed a few times but keeps trying to
pull himself up. I like the
idea they’re going for here, but it still ends with Big Show and Kane
dominating, just like they have for over fifteen years now.
of Rollins vs. Ambrose from Elimination Chamber.
of this week’s Tough Enough.
Day/Bo Dallas vs. Lucha Dragons/Prime Time Players
and Titus get things going with
O’Neil hitting some very loud chops in the corner. It’s
off to Young who doesn’t do as well, with Kofi driving him into the
corner for a tag to Dallas. I miss Jesse Ventura criticizing teams
for tagging their normal partners and praising heels for tagging
anyone on their team. Darren
headlocks Bo to the mat but the threat of a Gutcheck has the heels on
the floor as we take a break.
with Kofi dancing a bit before diving into a Sin Cara dropkick for
two. Woods has some better luck by stomping away, followed by all
three of his partners getting turns. It always amuses me to see
someone get stomped about forty times total and just stagger to their
feet. Off to Big E. for his abdominal stretch before
handing it off to Kofi for a superbomb, only to be countered into a
hurricanrana. The hot tag
brings in Kalisto for his hurricanrana DDT to Woods but everything
breaks down. It’s down to
Kalisto vs. Woods again with the masked man hitting a handspring kick
to the head and a springboard 450 for the pin at 10:30.
C. This was fine with the New
Day losing again, though I’m not sure if I want to see them get a
title shot after all these losses. That being said, you also don’t
want to have the champions lose so soon after winning the titles. In
other words, it would have made sense here to have New Day just beat
Lucha Dragons in a regular match, but why do that when you can have
something like this?
tells Reigns to not worry about Bray Wyatt because they can look
through every inch of this building until they find him. Dean:
“Cincinnati style!” Roman: “We’re not even in Cincinnati.”
Reigns says he’ll take care of Wyatt at Battleground and he’ll have
his back out there tonight. Dean leaves and Reigns finds a picture
of himself in his jacket with the words ANYONE BUT YOU written in
a break, Reigns searches for Wyatt but finds Kane instead.
Kane won’t tolerate Reigns yelling at a production guy so he’s
banned from the building tonight. Reigns was far more interesting
here due to having something personal to deal with and I’m digging
this feud a lot.
Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins
Dean starts with some armdrags into an armbar, followed by a
clothesline to put Rollins on the floor. Back from a break with
Rollins starting to go after the knee. Rollins
puts on a complicated leg lock with Ambrose on his stomach but Seth
laying like he’s putting on a Figure Four. Either way Dean makes the
ropes and Rollins is way too cocky. He’s cocky enough to take
forever getting to the top, allowing
Dean to slam him down for a breather.
tornado DDT is countered so Dean settles for a swinging neckbreaker
instead. Dean gets all
fired up but opts for a suicide dive to take out Kane instead. Back
in and the standing elbow looks to finish but Mercury offers a
distraction to earn his
paycheck for the night. Scratch that actually as the look he gave
earlier was more than worth it.
A DDT gets two on Seth but Dean can’t follow up. The
rebound clothesline is countered into a buckle bomb which is
countered into a hurricanrana to put them both on the floor. Dean
dives on everyone but gets distracted again, allowing Rollins to
Pedigree him for the pin at 13:03.
B-. They
accomplished the goal of showing that the reunited Authority is
capable of beating anyone on the roster, but Lesnar isn’t exactly the
same as a guy that Rollins has drawn about even with over the last
few weeks. That’s the problem here: they’ve done this match so many
times recently that they’re running the risk of taking away its
effectiveness. Reigns not being there to help Ambrose could lead
somewhere, but I really, really hope it’s not to an Ambrose heel
C. This was a totally
fine show and the best part was it flew by. The show never dragged
like so many Smackdowns have done over the last few years, but at
least they had some decent matches and advanced a few stories, even
though we’re not likely to see those advancements until Monday.
Totally acceptable show here but as usual, it’s nothing you need to
b. Dolph Ziggler – Brogue Kick
Fox b. Naomi – Reverse Fameasser
b. Kane via DQ when Big Show interfered
Dragons/Prime Time Players b. New Day/Bo Dallas – Springfield 450
to Woods
Rollins b. Dean Ambrose – Pedigree
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